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AMC Stock - Today we go over the daily ortex data, shareholder count, and technical analysis.
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Look at this look at this. We all knew it. Oh, we all knew it baby. The apes are so freaking genius.

Look at this we're getting into this more, but god that was a freaking blessing coming from the skies of ortex baby. What a beauty anywho! What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, it is your boy trey coming back here again we are freaking gon na talk fast and skip class today, not playing we're just going to run through some different things here. So i want to go over five different topics. Today was obviously a red day.

I'm going to start off with the technicals and the options chain got to walk you through the whole process. Obviously, i'm not financial advising that financial advice. Just read the disclaimer in the freaking box down there, uh we're gon na go over margin debt, because i think this is a pretty interesting topic about leveraging and how deep these freaking hedge funds and big firms are. You know kind of colluding with the dtcc and some of these entities that are supposed to protect us quote unquote, but i think there's more to come on that than you could ever know and i'm very excited to talk about it.

Nonetheless, this kind of leads into naked short selling and a lot of what i think is coming you look back at 2008. You look back at the dot-com bubble. I think you were about to watch in real time. Some pretty significant stuff happened similar to what happened in 08 and the dot-com bubble.

Then i want to talk about the shareholders, meaning because, obviously, that freaking uh, that information was released today about the shareholder account the average hell uh held share with each individual retail investor. Each you know investor whatever it may be, then or text. I want to finish it off with this freaking or text tweet, because i actually made a video talking about this. I take no credit for the freaking beautiful dd that came from late chuck.

Credit goes where credit's due, but nonetheless i got to be the messenger so without further ado, let's start off with the technicals and the options change. So, as you can see here guys, we ended up breaking on the downside. Just barely this ascending level of support right. So i said we had a beautiful bull flag.

I said eight or nine times out of ten. You get a setup like this and typically you'll get a break for the upside on this sort of setup and we ended up getting the opposite. Obviously we got a small downbreak for the downside. Now you could have a false break similar to what you had right here.

When you can get it, you know false break for the upside. You can also have a false break for the downside. You just have to wait and see if we get some sort of pull back up to get back into that overall direction for amc stock. To get back into that, you know 50.

55. 60 dollar range. But with that being said, if it needs a place to bounce off, if you got a decent level of support right here, sitting at about 42 uh 43 bucks, even right so between 42 80 43 bucks is that zone of support right so you're. Looking for a bounce off of that significant level of support right there, i'm gon na prepare you right just because, based on the way this is technically set up, you typically will see a follow-through for a test of significant levels right, so you could end up seeing A downside test of this level of support into tomorrow around that 42.80 43 range.

That's okay, right, you're, gon na have swings up and down up and down throughout this whole journey, and i want to anybody right. So don't be surprised if you see a test of that if it breaks beneath that level. You've got the next level of support sitting down here in that 31 dollar range, which is obviously significantly lower. So we prefer not to see that.

Ideally, this is what i think happens right. I think you end up seeing a bounce off of this level of 42 bucks or so to ultimately get a retest of this descending level of resistance, with a million billion kajillion different touch points right. So, looking for a break over this decent level resistance after after a bounce off that 42 dollar range, if it was to come down up to that 42 level of support at 42, 70 43 level of support. So as we got cooking up right now, i think it's interesting to look at the options chain as well.

So if you look at this right now, you can see that there's currently about 648 000 call options on amc stock. It's a very, very heavily! You know leverage stock in terms of options and on the put side of things, you've got about a point: five four put to call ratio, meaning that currently there's about 350 000 call options. I did the math right compared to the 648. 000 total call options right.

So most people think this is going to be bullish, and i don't think it's by coincidence that if you look at the options chain, there's some big big, big, big money. That's getting put into this. I mean just just look at this right here. 30 000 calls at that 60 strike.

You've got 20 000 calls at 70.. You've got 10 000 calls at 80.. You've got 10, 085, 20, 000 and 100 right. Where is where are these coming from 47 145 bucks? Maybe these are retail investors right, but i'd be more inclined to believe that all these retail investors combined are not contributing solely to these call-offs.

I bet there's some big money out there. The tooths institutions means toots right that are playing these calls as well june 18th. Even more bullish, you've got a crap time. I mean 125 000 of those 40 strikes alone.

23. 050. 20. 000.

20 thousand. I mean you can just see the volume on this. It's a lot of the quitting a lot of leveraging that's taking place in the options chain right now, trying to take advantage of the current market conditions. So i'd say it's more bullish.

You know in this this near-term short-term future right now we're just in the consolidation phase right. I've said this a million times. Health is wealth in terms of rips, followed by consolidation and that's where you're sitting right now. It's a large scale, consolidation right.

It's swinging up and down five bucks, 10 bucks, but that's because this is a whole different price zone. Right consolidation at 10, a swing between 950 and 11.50, is a lot different than consolidation. In that 50 range. You're gon na get swings up and down 10 bucks.

That's just how it is right. This is consolidation. It's okay, regardless of the fact that they are manipulating corrupting and committing to fraudulence on amc stock which we'll get into right. We're still howling on my friends, and this is looking just fine.

So next i'd like to talk about margin debt, because i think this is a pretty fascinating topic and you might have asked yourself a couple of times. You know how do we know this sort of malpractice is happening and i've got this for you right. So you've already seen melissa lee come out to cnbc and say naked shorts. Yeah i'd get her freaking just i honestly i commend her.

It was. It was probably a mistake, but nonetheless it ended up creating this movement that that people kind of woke up to right. They're, like holy crap, that just happened on last national television - that's nuts right! It is illegal, it's an illegal practice if they are purposefully committing to naked short selling, and i've got some ideas as to why this could be happening. Now i want to talk about margin.

Debt, because this is coming from over leveraging, so what would be an instance in which you might want to you know either a hide some of your short, you know: interest data, the fact that you're shorting a stock or be commit to naked shorting. Would it be because you're over leveraging a stock, because there are instances right where you can only put so much money into a certain security in terms of shorter there's only so much available? You only have so much. You know so many dollar signs that you can put in weibo, for instance, right will have maybe like a 0.5 leverage ratio, meaning that if you have a hundred thousand dollars, you can actually only short 50 grand into a given security. It depends entirely on the risk management and the risk uh.

You know exposure to a certain security, but nonetheless, you've got a huge spike in this potential because of the over leveraging happening in the us economy check this out. This is absurd. This is not even being talked about, which is nuts look at this huge amount of margin, debt 847 billion dollars. This is not made up numbers.

These are facts. Coming from finra data it could be higher could be lower. This is what's freaking given to them right. We know there's a billion finra reports that come out that fine people slap hard on the wrist with a hundred thousand dollar oopsies.

Fine saying look, you messed up, you didn't give us the full picture. So this is what we get as a picture: 847 billion dollars and what's crazy, is it's up 188 billion dollars in the last six months, 61, year-over-year and 55 from february of 2020.? That is substantial numbers. To put this in perspective, guys, let's look at the dot-com bubble in the 2008 market crash right, the dot-com bubble back then he had about 150 billion. You know 300 billion dollars of total margin.

Debt now you've got the financial crisis, saying just over 400 billion. Look at us now 850 billion dollars. Now, where is this stemming from right? Where is this money coming from? How are they coming up with the freaking liquidity, to get this sort of leveraging well think about the federal reserve as an opportunity to print unlimited capital? Now you just recently had stimulus checks that helped to fund. You know the 99 percent.

To some extent right. You got stimulus checks which, which did help boost the economy to a certain degree right. It was a necessary thing to be done. I will never dispute that, in fact, i'm so glad that it happened.

The only thing that i regret is it took so long, but in the same way you have the federal reserve that was helping out these big corporations and i think that's where the majority of this liquidity is coming from. Look at this. It's not by coincidence. That march of 2020, when freaking, coven 19 got really bad in the united states.

You had this small dip, followed by a huge, substantial increase in margin debt, and what do you think these? These big hedge funds and firms are doing with this stuff right: they're pissing into the market they're over leveraging, they're they're shorting stocks, making short silly stocks colluding with stocks. I mean there's this freaking allegation right now out there that the dtcc citadel it's in this document right robin hood and a bunch of other different brokerages colluded together to limit short seller losses. Think about that! That's not a freaking! This is huge news. I mean this.

Has to be something to do with the fact that you've got this crazy margin, debt, this stupid over leveraging and they're getting caught pissing on the electric fence and the apes have turned that thing on that's as simple as it gets. This is huge, huge, crazy stuff. I mean you, don't even have to put on a tinfoil hat to see how freaking wild this is the dot-com bus, big market, pullback financial crisis of all weight that was pure. You know corruption, fraudulence, huge market pullback.

What do you got rocking right now? What do you have rocking right now? I think there's some crazy stuff to come. I don't even have to tell you you just look at this chart right here. If you have any inkling of trend, you can see what's coming man i'll tell you that, as straight as it gets. So, where does this leave me? We've talked about naked shorts before, but the instance in which you want to make it shorter stock is when the economic supply is not met with demand.

So if these people want a short stock and they either a are not allowed to send any more liquidity into the stock or b, don't have enough liquid to send into the stock. This is where over leveraging comes into play right. They can take this extra liquidity that can short it into the market. If there's not enough supply, they can they can make it shorten to the market.

There's a bunch of different ways that this can happen. This slides directly into failure to delivers, which happens when call options that were previously out the money run in the money. The market makers that write up these contracts can't deliver on the stock when these get exercised right and they can't deliver. They send out ious both of these things.

Naked shorts and ious are bad news. It's not good, and this happens on a regular basis and cnbc was so freaking casual about this. They just the melissa, elitas came out and said yeah naked shorts, yeah just casual. It's illegal, it's illegal! Oh, how can you say it so casually? It makes no sense.

It's freaking wild. So now i kind of want to talk about the shareholders. You know count the total shareholders out there, the average count, and just some of this math right, i'm gon na give you the best case and worst case scenario. I'm gon na leave it up to you to decide, because i honestly don't have an answer for you in terms of who directly.

This is applying to so we'll give you both scenarios either way. The math doesn't add up so check this out, as previously to close as of june 2nd they're about 501 million shares. We call it 501 million right as of june 2nd. You currently also have about 4.1 million individual shareholders eligible to vote at the upcoming shareholder meeting.

The average position held by each individual investor is about 120 shares, as it is right now now. What i don't know is this right: they say that this is including the united states and other countries that are of eligible for voting, so there inevitably are going to be a small minority of people who get left out on this. I can't quantify that. I'm not going to try to quantify that, but what i really don't know is whether this is replying to only the retail investors or if this also includes the institutions and the insiders and any sort of shares on loan or short sellers right.

We don't know that. I'm going to assume that this is not including short sellers, because short sellers have no right to vote on a stock that they're trying to destroy right. But nonetheless, let's just do some quick, math right best case scenario, worst case scenario, we're gon na take the worst case scenario. First, let's say that 4.1 million shares is applying to every single freaking investor out there.

The institutions, the insiders and the retailers 120 share average gives you 492 million shares, even if that is the worst case scenario, you've got all the legitimized shorts. 89 million is what you have according to ortex back on june 2nd. So, let's just look at this right june, 2nd! You can see right here estimated for interest percentage of free float 17.48, which comes out to 89 million total shares. You add that up it's more than 501 million simple as it gets.

That's just the god, honest truth. Now, let's take the best case scenario right, let's say best case scenario: i don't know which it is. I can't act like i do, because it doesn't really disclose that here, just as individual investors, which can be interpreted in a bunch of different ways, adam area goes on to say that more than 80 of amc shares are held by a broad base of retail investors. So maybe maybe right this is applying to everybody, but we just have to give you both scenarios.

I'm going to prepare you for both so best case scenario is. This is only retail investors. If that's the case, 492 million is owned by the retail investor. You know, and that would leave institutions with over 100 million insiders with 10 20 million.

You know shorts at the time with 89 million and ortex just recently came out and said that hey look, we're gon na get into this more there's likely more shorts out there than actually exists. Wow. It's almost like we've been saying that forever, i'm gon na love talking about this here in a second, the last thing, i've got to say about ortex, but nonetheless to me the map doesn't add up. I tweeted this out guys specifically because i it just doesn't make sense in my head right.

So, let's just let's just show you this here really quick. I want to show you my tweet, that i sent out talking about these shareholders. What about institutions insider shares on loan shorts feeling there might be some naked shorts here now. I can't tell you for sure right, there's no way to know unless he was to directly come out himself and say this is every single investor out there, including institutions, insiders and retail investors, but even worst case scenario.

If that is the case, the numbers don't add up: you'd have to have algorithms scalping stocks, one stock, one stock, one stock, one share one share one share over and over and over and over and over and over hundreds of thousands or millions of times a day To get the sort of volume that we have every single day, just look at the volume. It makes no sense. Look at this daily volume right, it's freaking in the hundreds of millions it has been for two straight trading weeks. It doesn't add up the map.

Doesn't add up i'm staying true to my conviction, because until things make freaking sense, it makes no sense it's as simple as it gets. If you have to ask yourself huh, this doesn't make sense, it's probably for a reason, that's as simple as it is right. Ortex vortex recently came out and basically confirmed some dd that i was the had the pleasure of getting to relay to the average investor. You know all the apes out here.

It's awesome. The exchange report is short interest check this out for may 28. The exchange is reporting short interest at 102.3 million shares. This is a larger number than expected and indicates a higher than anticipated short interest in amc.

Ortex gives you 85 of the exchange, reported data in terms of short interest right, so that very likely could be higher. The unexpected high short interest implies that the shares return in this period were a typically, not shortage shares, but instead shares that were borrowed, but not shorted. I made a video about this. Like i mentioned a couple weeks ago saying this is pretty likely going to happen.

You're going to have a forced, recall, they're, going to be people out there who are lending stock for loan who decide hey, give me that back this is some risky. We don't want you touching this right now and they forcibly recall these shares. Why else would you return it if you're not going to show it into the market? You don't want, you don't want to hold it right, there's a reason for it. It's risk and it's exposure simple as it gets right and ortex has come out blatantly and confirmed it with their own data.

They can get in a lot of trouble by saying things that aren't true, so they s them saying this says a lot man. It really really does so i'm pretty freaking jacked about that. I think the short interest is significantly higher than we we know, and that comes back to the untangibles right. We've talked about this before they're unquantifiable factors about amc that we may never know, and i'm okay with that, because i absolutely trust the amc community.

I trust the apes due diligence. I trust every single person out there who is huddling for a reason bigger than themselves, and i think there's so much more on the table for this. I'm jacked to the teeth about the day, i'm jacked in the teeth about the information that have come out and that's what i've got for this freaking video, so blah blah blah. I know those people drop a like and share subscribe.

Whatever i want to do, my friends, thanks for tuning in you guys hold on keep the community strong, kill that freaking fud much love and peace.

By Trey

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