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Today we will talk about AMC and watch the live price action!
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Part two guys part two: we're rocking ho ho ho how's everybody's day going right now, it's an absolutely filthy day in the market, we're seeing some crazy, crazy, crazy price action on a lot of different stocks. Looking absolutely beautiful, rob dupont first post. This is awesome. Let's go part two welcome to the chat good to have you here we're coming back for another round.

I got a little bit of grub in me. We're ready to rip uh a little more here with amc. I got back into noke we're sitting real nice on blackberry, double down on some of these uh some of these stocks, and we are looking really really good faisal bb rocketing, heck yeah. I added in my position.

I definitely 100 added to my position here. I am going to pull up my uh overall positions and portfolio to here and uh. We will keep it like, so i'm gon na pull these charts down. That way, you guys can see a little bit better.

Can everybody see the screen? Okay, let me know if you can see the screen fine. I hope that you can what a crazy day in the market huh. This is absolutely uncharted territory. This has never ever ever happened.

This is by far the filthiest day. I've ever had currently setting up 22 000 on the day, absolutely insane we're riding real good on bb i got back in the no current dollar cost average on noke sitting at six dollars and eighty cents. Two thousand shares we're in bb, with uh dollar cost average of 22 16 485 shares sitting in amc with a dollar cost average of 821 2100 shares rocketing to freaking space insane day crazy nico. Do you plan doing educational videos teaching how to read indicators and chart patterns? I have been putting those out uh every single weekend.

I try to put out at least one or two, and i will continue to do that. Mallory, yo, trey, yeah man, that's a woman. I should say it's an insane day: let's go moose versus bears and bulls abgr cbrp, it seems all buyers are distracted with amc and gme i'll be patient with the positions i have you're not going to go wrong by doing that today is a buying opportunity if You'd, like a more conservative approach with the market, uh you're not going to go wrong by doing that. Welcome back.

Thank you rob i got in at 11, 60 on amc already up already ready up sheesh up 30 30. I'm so excited i'm slurring. My words. I swear.

I haven't been drinking my boy. What is up everybody? What is up everybody absolutely insane day today, just crap just cracking it's your boy, don baloney, you are crushing. Thank you appreciate it. Debating a bb, buy right now, thoughts.

We did just get a pullback. I'm considering on adding to my position here to see if we test 30 dollars, we came very close 28.77. I would likely take profits on bb, but we'll see i feel the most convicted, with amc currently uh, we'll update as we go, but absolutely crushing it right now. This has been an insane day in the market.

These kind of days are rare. This doesn't happen very often, what's the plan for noke i'm watching for a re-test on nine dollars with noke. So if we zoom out here, we can see that we're coming up very, very close to the recess of nine dollars, we'll see. If we can refresh this that we can get a better view, changes to the two day, change back to the one day, so noke currently sitting at seven dollars and fifty two cents watching for the retest of nine fifty we had a nasty gap right.

There looks pretty crazy. Uh is naked, a good entry. What is the target for this week? I haven't looked at naked, yet recently we'll change over to naked. Can you guys see the charts? Okay? I know this is smaller, but this helps me out for sure i can scan more things at once.

Naked is just pulling back right now. Nothing bad ctrm, bullish flag. This is super super bullish. If we get a break above this top trend line right here, it should be filthy.

We're currently hooking the bottom trend line, but if you see it bounce and it starts another push, it should be a crazy, crazy run up 17 on the day. Looking beautiful, we're gon na change this back over to um noke watch the price action here, pushing 769.. Absolutely not 770. amc, currently testing 19 again filthy bb sitting at 27.08 sitting up 23 000 on the day, almost 50k in the total account and that's within 11 000 negative on snpw, pretty crazy amc.

I love amc too amc. Ah man - i i i love nvis death, but i love the amc a lot today now that we're killing this i have a friday bb call. Do you think i should take profits now, you're never going to go wrong, taking profits, it might continue to run, but we don't know for sure right. Everything happening right now is very atypical of the market.

It's going to be hard to predict. Gma will hit 1000.. I would not be surprised in the least bit: is it running bullet? It's forwarding a pinning right now, so it's tightening down on price action. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit to see it start squeezing and pushing soon amc is flying.

Yes, it is. Amc. Is dirty we're looking for a push over, we've got candle wicks at 19. 19..

Let me see if i can get this here. 1925 push over 1925 will re-test 20. love. These live videos, heck yeah! That's! What's up talk to me about the play for noke.

I will do that justin, so my plan for noc is to watch for a re-test of 9.50. If we see price rejection, i'm gon na take profits and get out currently sitting up about 1800 bucks. 13 um. If we see price rejection, i'm not gon na be mad at taking profits here.

The one that i am going to be holding is amc amc i will keep holding, because i know what the intention is here, whereas noke and bb isn't as clear. So i would be 100 taking profits on both of these and re-establishing at a later point ccrm. I did cover that, but ctrm is forming a bullish flag break above the top trend line is going to be disgusting, it'll be real filthy all in on gme at 293, you're, not looking bad. I don't.

I don't recommend betting, the farm on anything by any means, but if you're sitting good you're sitting good price target on amc, i would not be surprised in the least bit to see this close near that 25 that we saw in the pre-market. It's looking real nice right now we're about to test 1925 again. Let's watch this, let's zoom in watch the price action coming very close. We got a couple a couple different candle wicks here.

If we don't push 1925 you'll, probably see a bounce back down to 17.55 looks like there's a little bit of selling pressure, but we'll see how it plays out yeah. So we do have some selling pressure coming in right now. Why don't we take profit on amc, you're, never going to do bad, taking profit. There is extreme extreme risk involved by getting into these stocks um anytime, that you get into these be willing to lose whatever you put in, because this is extremely extremely volatile.

If you want to get out right now, this stock is up almost 300 percent on the day i'm not nobody's going to bag on you for getting out of 300 percent. What do you think about zom zome is probably in a big buy zone right now. It probably got hammered a lot of people took profits to get into these crazy plays currently trading at 90 cents. That's a good buy.

Zome is a 4-5 banker by march. In my opinion, gamestop amc blackberry express, i haven't even looked at express recently. Let's see how that's doing oh yeah forming a nice clean bullish flag, that is that's getting ready to rock it for sure. Thank god, you're back, why is ctrm going high people are trying to to squeeze it.

It's got a lot of short volume and uh the wall street bets uh. They are trying to squeeze some of these stocks that have a lot of short volume. I can see them fine. I put the cat the cast on my 60 inch tv.

You know you do you man. I appreciate that rob wins profit on amc whenever you want to get out, i'm nobody's gon na bag on you for that um. It is up over almost 300 on the day, which is absolutely insane uh. It's completely dependent on you.

I will continue to hold, but there's extreme extreme risk involved. If you do decide to do that, so just be cautious, love how giddy my guy gets it's exciting. I don't know how you couldn't be excited with a day like this. This is insane i've.

Almost man just crazy: it's been a crazy day for sure uh. What do we think about zome zoma is a good stock. Today is a good buying opportunity if you want to get into zone right now, you're not going to do bad at all target for amc. I would not be surprised to see this recess 25 today, so, as we talked about it, did reject it off of 1925, we're likely to see a re-test of 1755.

Now we're going to be looking for a bounce. If we see the bounce we'll be forming a nice looking uh w formation, a double bottom, the george, w, abgr and or crbp we'll take a quick look at abgr abgr. If we take a look at the one month, shark, quick doing a little bit of correcting, not bad um looks like pullback to 160., hey jerry tan. Thank you for the ten dollars.

I really do appreciate that you don't have to do that. You know what it is, though, every time people donate, i got ta take a little poll, so we're gon na break out the woodford reserve. Looking good anyways abgr is just doing some retracing we're looking for a bounce off of a buck 60, and it does look like we got that so not looking bad, we'll come over to um tto. Also, a good stock good buying opportunity uh retraced a little below the 61 percent.

I know that because i looked at this earlier, but now is a good buying opportunity. I think tt00 will be a good stock in the future. We're going to change it back to noke and just keep up with everything here, so amc is looking good. I like these really long wicks.

I don't know why this is happening. It seems like a little bit of um market manipulation, but it's holding up very very well. I think we're going to see it bounce but we'll see what happens. Bb is looking like it is getting ready to do a double bottom, which i call the george w.

George w for win - and it looks very good right now - we're gon na change noke over back to the one day chart really quick uh, just watch everything here currently sitting at 762 portfolio. Looking at forty seven thousand dollars up twenty one thousand dollars. What do i think about arrows to take off? Let me take a quick peek. It looks like there's a double price rejection.

It looks kind of kind of dirty. We saw head and shoulders here head two shoulders, neckline broke down, came back up, re-tested looks like it's. Gon na bleed a little bit. I'd expect to push back down to seven dollars, and it is doing that right now hit that like button, what spencer said? I appreciate that um.

What do i think of idex idx is a good, buy and hold stock set it and forget it. This stock is gon na double triple quadruple. Oh it's going dirty today, dang, i wouldn't recommend buying it now, but it is running crazy. If you want to buy in today for a quick flip, look for a pullback to uh this 38 to 50 retracement 407 to 419., all right we're gon na come back to noke.

The reason that i want to do this live stream is so that we can all keep track of amc. Give you my real-time thoughts on the price action. That's happening, bb, taking profits close to thirty dollars, i'm thinking so i'm sitting up pretty decent on bb up. Two thousand dollars twenty percent.

I would not mind getting out at that point and uh taking taking some profits. I mean we've had a crazy day. We can't get too greedy here um. As soon as we see some price rejection, i will probably cut it and move on chilled grooves man.

Thank you so much for the 10 donation. It's your boy, don baloney! From the discord you make me money! Love! You, brother, hey! I love you too man. I appreciate that so much you guys don't have to donate, but it is very highly appreciated. Thank you so much, i hope you guys are all crushing today it has been an insane day in the market.

I know that uh the regular plays like i know a new for me is down 14 mbis is down a little bit. Uh snpw is down a lot, clwd is down, but these crazy plays where the money's moving right. Now, as long as you are mitigating risk and not investing money, you're not willing to lose uh, they are running right now. So just be careful be careful, there is risk involved.

I don't want you guys to get into this and be a bag holder because you got caught chasing, so i just want to always always always say that as a disclosure be willing to lose whatever. Whatever you put into this nokia nokia is running, it is very smooth movement too. I'm looking for a retest of 9.75. I think that's pretty likely the way this is going.

Amc hold overnight, i'm planning on it naked. I know naked had a crazy run-up today, but i don't know what it's doing now looks like it's coming up for another retest of 95 cents, uh retraced from the base here held up pretty well at this uh 50 retracement. So i do like to see that that looks very, very clean. I appreciate everybody watching uh.

If you can drop a like, it really does help support the channel. I do appreciate that. Oh shoot. You know what don bologna, i don't think i took a poll for you, anytime people donate.

I got ta take a poll. Thank you. My friend yeah, but naked looks good. It's bouncing right now watch for a retest of 95 cents.

That's my take. I'm gon na come back to nokia. Still running 754. critical level is gon na be coming up here pretty soon.

I think we've got a gap of price action here between seven dollars and 54 cents and then again at 7.73. So i anticipate if we push through 773, which we see a little bit of price rejection at that you're likely going to see some pretty hard and violent movement up towards that eight nine dollar range, but we'll see what happens of course like i said there is Risk involved so be very cautious. Getting into these plays amc and bb and nook are simply short-term squeezes for more money into gamestop. Don't sleep guys buy gme? Oh man, gme is so filthy, it's so so filthy.

I can't believe what this is doing. Honestly, it's holding up really. Well, that's! What's surprising, i can't believe that i don't plan on holding bp or no for very long amc. I do think i will end up holding overnight.

I am up over 100 on that, so the risk for me is low. The reward is high, noke will decide. I want to see the price action at the end of the day. I can trade in the extended hours.

So if i see something i don't like i'll take profits, but um nope for me is just gon na, be a quick money grab to to add to my portfolio amc load, the spring killer monkey. You know your stuff killer. Monkey for the win i bought 75 shares amc at 13, 30, uh, 13 and 30 cents. Should i sell or hold tomorrow it depends on what you want to do.

Uh, if you're comfortable, taking profits, don't be mad at taking profits right. You can't ever be mad. Taking profits um, i do think it's going to continue to run, but there's extreme risk if you are not up a large amount of money, because this is extremely volatile. If we look at the overall chart on the day, just zoom out quick, this has had a lot of swings.

We opened the day at uh. 21 dollars went all the way down to dollars, so pretty gnarly rips in here uh, so just be cautious. There is risk involved, i don't want you guys, get stuck holding the bag, i'm not gon na be mad at you whatsoever. If you decide to take profits, would expr go to go in and run up more? I'm not gon na get a position in the xpr.

I i'm pretty well extended at all my plays. I want to be able to just track what i'm in right now, but expr does look like it may be breaking down below this bullish flag right now, uh we have if we drop the trend line. The bottom of this right here it does look like it broke that so it might bleed a little bit. Let's draw a retracement and just get an idea of what we might see, change this to white yeah, so you're likely going to see a retracement to 902.

If it does not pull back here immediately sundial i heard sundial was running man up 10, i'm guessing this has something to do with wsb, i'm gon. Na be honest, i don't think it's running out of nowhere um. If i had to guess, because we got a huge pump in volume right here, so i'm guessing this is going to be one of those short-term get in and out plays make some quick money. Uh we'll come back over to noke.

Did i sell bio? I did sell bile. I will be getting back into that. Eventually, i'm taking advantage of this super crazy, volatile market. I kept my new nvis clwd and bb for me is a midterm play, but i will likely take profits and get back in when everything settles down.

That's not a noob. I love a noob. They've got an intent, key feature which i think has extreme extreme potential in the future uh. It should be a big big game player uh, it's pulling back right now.

So, if you're looking to get a position, it's down 15, this is a good opportunity to make some cash jag x. I love jagex. They have a lot of potential they're pulling back today. Like i said most of the market, i think people are taking money out of their positions in order to get into these crazy plays, but this is a buying opportunity if you're looking to improve your position uh, this isn't going to last forever this crazy day.

This is very, very abnormal. This won't last forever. So jagex is a good player to get back into in the future g news. Uh genos is very up and down, but it's rocking right now, up 43 dang looks like it's doing some retracing, so we're going to watch for a pullback adjust.

The bottom here looks like it might see a bounce at 241. We do have some green volume. Stepping in um, but it's going to depend very highly on whether we see it bounce or not. So if we see it bounce uh, you might consider getting a position, but 227 is a 50 retracement and that it does look like it might bounce.

But we haven't seen for sure yet um hmm, we do see a candle wick under here and buyers step back in. So i think you're likely going to see a bounce here, that'd be a pretty solid entry point, but risk mitigation in and out in and out in and out. I can't urge that enough. I feel bad for keeping bile now i thought the webinar tomorrow would have pushed it up today.

It normally would have this stuff is altering the market and as as weird as that is to say it is the truth. Um the market is doing some crazy things that it normally would not do so. Just keep that in the back of your mind, um, oh thank you sabaton. I appreciate the donation.

That means a lot man, as i said before, you you guys make a call. I i take a shot so keep it light. I want to keep cognizant gme under 300. Now it looks like all these crazy plays are starting to pull back a little bit.

Yeah 307. It did see a little bounce. So that's a nice level of support. It's going to depend on what we see here, but it does look like some of these.

These wsb players are starting to pull back a little bit. I'm not stressed yet currently sitting at 7 18 on nokia. Who is a position in any of these stocks? How's everybody doing oh man, brett hayes. We got to read this after me and my big miles made my wife mad.

With my comment about you making me more money, then you i had to promise her botox and i couldn't need a nuvo. That's funny an amc to fly, hey man, well, whatever you got to do as long as you're making cash i'm happy for you, sup welcome, jay, crazy. You know problem investing investing noob. I appreciate that your thoughts about bngo great play, i think it says, potential to touch 20 in the near future, not within the next week or anything, but this is a good buying opportunity.

It's pulling back. I made a video talking about bingo and i said if you see us pull back to the low tens. Uh that's a buying opportunity and it is presenting itself today. So that is my thoughts on uh bngo.

Besides wsb influence, what do you think of bb in the next few months? I actually love bb. I think it is a great opportunity for a midterm hold and maybe even a long-term hold they're getting into the autonomous driving game by introducing some new technology, and i think it's got a lot of potential to be a big disrupter in the future, so uh. I i think you know i'll probably likely take profits if we see a peek out and some price rejection. We haven't seen that yet it's a healthy pullback right now it does look like we're.

Seeing some push back up but i'll likely take profits and get back in when everything settles down. I'm gon na scroll at the bottom to keep up with everybody. Eight 450 share amc. Oh man, that'd be nuts good good good for you juan no! No! No! I won't be drunk, i promise you damn you're funny, moose vs bears and bulls staying out of this billionaire pissing contest.

You know i get it man. I understand, there's a lot of risk here and i don't blame anybody for not getting into this. Like i said, if you want to get into these, plays, you need to recognize that you have the risk of losing it all and unless you're up a huge lump sum of money i recommend getting in and out, because there is extreme risk involved with getting into These plays so just keep that in the back of your mind, um i i will be watching these closely and if i see any sort of price rejection where i feel like i'm going to lose out on my profits, i'm getting out, i am a bot. Thank you, man.

I appreciate the five dollars: that's sick, okay, so we're hitting 30 on amc or what uh we'll see. I mean a lot of the price action on amc has happened in the pre-market or after hours. If you look at the last five days, pre-market after hours pushing it's just insane a lot a lot of steam, so i'm going to continue to hold my position, i'm up 120 percent! So there's not a lot of risk for me. If i do decide to hold uh it's completely up to you, there's no, no shame whatsoever in taking profits.

Eventually, we will have to take profits right. This can't last forever after hours will be nuts. I do plan on holding amc in the after hours. I i'm with you for sure fed's talking now hope he doesn't bone us.

Oh man, yeah we'll see what happens, we'll see what happens. You're an nbis at 400 profit carlos, that's disgusting! That's filthy, good! For you! Man mvis had a nice little push today. Up to 840., i'm honestly surprised they're not pushing this because um it is a pretty heavily shorted stock, and i know that's what they're focusing on right now, but that's not the end of the world. We take it for what it is.

I appreciate everybody watching. I hope everyone's making some good money nokia's coming down 6.91, so we're going to watch the price action here for a sec. Amc is going to gamma squeeze friday and monday debbie nuts in amc since 212.. That is an insane dollar cost average man.

I i'm happy for you, that's insane! No dropping. Are we? Okay, it's doing a pullback. It's it's uh! It's part of the market. We are still stair stepping right.

So if we look at the overall trend here, it's going up. We see. Touch. Point touch.

Point touch point, and that is good. So as long as we keep in this upward moving channel, i think we'll be okay. It is doing just a little bit of correcting right now, but it's not the end of the world. I'm not stressed too much yet uh.

We are setting higher lows and higher highs. So as long as we keep on this upward movement, i'll feel pretty good about it. Had 8 000 shares of amc yesterday sold it, but he had 4 000 cash out today, 57k brandon, that's insane! I can't believe that good for him. That's insane! You can't be mad about that whatsoever.

All right, um trx went insane today. I haven't checked it out ti rx. Is it not showing me anything changes to the shooting 18 bucks up to 50.? You can't be mad about 1 150 increase what the heck that's insane good stuff, all right, so nokia's back up to 710. Now it had a nice bounce, so that is reassuring, we're looking good there.

I do want to try and keep this mostly focused on the plays that that that are popping right now. I i do like giving uh feedback on everybody's stocks, but um. The purpose of this live stream is to talk about. You know all the different uh stocks that are hitting right now.

I have a bot. Thank you again, my friend. Ah man, you guys don't have to donate, but it really is appreciated i'll pour one back for you once i sell amc going back big on nbis heck, yeah man me too. What other long-term stock do you recommend now? This one doesn't have quite as much proven success, but i do think anub is going to be a great player in the in the industry, and frx frsx is going to be another big player.

Currently, a pretty bearish day like i said, i think a lot of people are pulling profits from stocks in order to get into these really hot plays. But i think frsx and mbis have potential to 5-10 x in the next year, and i i you guys know me if you watch the channel. I am very conservative with my estimates and i think that is 100 possible jonathan. I am not currently holding zom.

So what happened is i do plan on getting back into this? I want to say that, right now, as a disclosure uh, i got out of zone because um i got absolutely murdered in snpw. So what happened is i was day trading the stock. Yesterday i got in for two trades made about 1800 bucks, or so i opened a third trade, and i got a phone call regarding some personal family business and i'm not gon na disclose that just for the privacy of my family but um, i ended up having To and i i didn't realize that i had a trade open and - and i came back an hour later - just completely emotional - you know that wasn't on my mind. I was thinking about my family and i came back and saw that i was down.

You know. Eight thousand dollars - and today it's just been bleeding more and i'm not going to sell for 11 000 loss, there's just no way. So that's why i got out of zone to dollar cost average down to improve my position in smpw uh, we'll see what ends up happening, but i do plan on getting back in zone william taylor. Thank you so much for the 10.

That really does mean a lot to me man. I appreciate that a lot. Your knowledge and advice has been invaluable. Since i've joined the patreon.

I am so glad to have you there. It's honestly, a ton of fun uh everybody there's making a crap ton of money. There's some people today that i mean i had a guy message me and his name was tyler and he showed me that he made 400 in the last month, which is absolutely filthy, so i'm glad you're a part of the crew. My friend, i pulled my blackberry.

This morning, oh man, you can never know you can never know. If we look at the i'm gon na pull up the discord really quick and i'm gon na show you the most talked about stocks currently on all discord. So if you pull up pop, this will show us the most talked about stocks currently across all discords and i'll. Let that load we'll come back.

I'm assuming there's a little bit of a lag right now happening just because of all this crazy action, that's happening, but i anticipate that no bb, amc and gme are all top of the list. So absolutely nuts, what about expr expr? We checked this out a little bit ago and it did have a bounce, so i i projected it with bounce off of 902. We did see that happen currently trading at 980.. It looks like it just broke out of this uh pendant formation.

So we're looking to come back up and see another another rip uh, it doesn't look bad right now. I don't have a position they're up over 223 percent, which is absolutely nuts. This is uh. Somebody commented it earlier, but these plays they're.

Ripping right now is an opportunity for people to make money to really get after gme gamestop. So i think that's what's happening with the xpr. It's pretty crazy. Come back to noke nokia, nokia, man, just filthy, pretty crazy stuff! Oh bray hayes! Thank you so much.

I appreciate the five dollars my friend, i'm stuck behind the eight ball. Only one day, trade left help me out lieutenant tray where, when is amc going to peak uh wwtd, what would trey do? Okay, there's a lot of risk in holding amc. If you want to lock in profits, if you're up a lot of money, brett um, i recommend you take profits because holding overnight this is going to be extremely extremely volatile. I do think we're going to see a push in the after hours, but just be careful, and the nice thing to keep this in mind is: if you hold this overnight and you hold into tomorrow.

Uh, you save your day trade right, but i'm not going to condone you and say hey. I told you to hold your shares and then you lose it all right. So if you want to take profits right now, you're up a crap ton of money. There's absolutely no shame in that.

I would not be mad whatsoever if you decide to take profits. So that's my two cents. I think it has potential to re-test 25 and then maybe push 30 here in the after hours, but we will see what ends up happening. I'll update you, nby moose, it's cool that you uh, that your youtube channel's rocking.

I appreciate you uh you doing that. I've checked out a couple of your videos and it's been fun to watch. So it's doing a little bit of bleeding right now down. Six percent today would be a good day to buy.

I don't know a lot about the company, but it's a pharmaceutical company and that sector is extremely hot right now a lot of money is pumping into the pharmaceuticals. So i don't mind nby goodbye day, join the patreon today. Welcome. Should i keep my 100 and vine or take my loss and put more to amc? Vine is a good plate.

I don't think you should take a loss in vine. I think, if anything you should dollar cost average down. I think that in a couple of weeks, maybe a week two weeks, you're gon na see a really solid amount of potential there, so i would hold man. Smpw is just crushing right now, it's not doing good at all.

Ah painful bb is starting to make a good comeback. Nice bounce looks like we're breaking out of this downward channel, which is good, heck yeah. All right, hey, no problem, brad, i'm glad i could help. What do you think about ocugin waiting, fda approval? Ocgn is going to be a stock that has a lot of upside.

If that, if the approval does happen, i mean like double three times four times potential in a day, it'd be a quick in and out kind of play, but there's definitely opportunity to make money. There uh, i actually brought this stock to other people's attention sometime in the last month. It would have been about here, i said: hey they got approved for uh. You know kobe vaccine in india.

Second, most populous country in the world saw this huge, ripped up with four dollars. I think some people cashed out and we're looking pretty good, so very solid play come back to noke. Did nokia halt, i'm not entirely sure it doesn't look like it looks like it's still moving changes to the one minute zoom in yeah. It's right, not a very nice upward channel right now you can't sell off in the after hours bowl.

That's a good question. As long as your your brokerage account allows you to do so, you can do that. Fidelity does. Let me sell in the after hours, but it's totally dependent on your brokerage link to the discord good question.

I will drop a link to the discord right now i'll log into my patreon and drop that and pin it in the comments bar patreon come back here. So i'll pin this at the top and if anybody wants to get in - and i will pin this and if anybody would like to join the patreon, that is where the discord is at. It is five dollars a month, not not needed whatsoever. But if you are interested, it is there for you to do message pinned all right.

What was your approach on making videos scripting is too time consuming. I actually don't script at all. I just i just roll with it. I see uh, you know i i've got.

I know things that i want to talk about and i try to be as informal as possible because i feel like there's a lot of a lot of youtubers out there that try to make things as perfect as they possibly can. That's just not my approach. I like to i like to just go with it and let my personality come into things. So, if scripting is your thing, then go with it, but i don't personally script.

I i create my videos and uh i've got it. I got things that i know i want to talk about and that's about it most of the market. Just dip, not amc. Yeah amc is looking pretty solid right now.

They're, not looking bad noke is dipping a little bit, though we're looking for a hold here. It might break below this downward channel, so we want to see that hold. That is going to be a big game. Changer.

I have an amc. Five dollar call option that expires this friday, should i exercise it or just take in profits. I also currently have 35 shares of amc. I don't think you're gon na do bad whatsoever in taking profits on amc right now and keep in mind.

You can't exercise an option during the extended hours, so we might see this run up a little bit. Maybe you can watch this if you see some price rejection at one point, uh take your profits on the option. I don't think you do bad. What's up, i mean you're up a lot on a five dollar option, so you're looking pretty good um.

What is the worst case scenario best case scenario for amc well, worst case scenario: this dumps back all the way down to four or five dollars, and you get stuck with a lot of bag holders. That's worst case scenario, best case scenario. This gets squeezed and that's what we're looking for. That's why this stock has been targeted because we know there's a huge amount of short volume coming into amc.

So there are big institutions that are betting against that this grows. People think it's gon na go down, and i think that's why we see this run a lot in the after hours, because these institutions aren't shorting the stock during the after hours. I i i can't tell for sure we can only speculate, but that is what i think um and i'm gon na continue to hold. I mean i'm up over 120 right now.

I did average up as well up to 8 and 21 cents um, currently up a pretty decent chunk of change. It's been a pretty good day. Trey. Have you heard about td ameritrade restricting gme trades? They i did hear that, and that is that sounds super unfair.

I'm not gon na lie uh. I don't understand completely why they did it, but i know they did uh and i know there's some people out there that might be in a little bit of trouble because of that, so that really sucks to see milo. Thank you for the five dollars. Thanks for what you do brother, do you think you can check out long term for adx s.

You called it earlier and i think it looks good. I will look at adxs. I don't know a lot about the company, but i will look at the charts and tell you what they look like so right now. This is a good buy zone.

Rsi macroscopically speaking rsi is uh trading a little below neutral. It's making a good comeback right now. Volume lower than we've seen in the past, but it is i it's not a good growth trajectory um, a davis incorporated. So if we come over here - and we just draw a quick circle - we do see the crossover between the 15 vomit 200dma, which is a bullish indicator.

I do like to see that a good entry point. I think an entry point is now this didn't retrace very well and if you believe in the company long term, i think it's got some good potential like i said, though i don't know a lot about the company, but the charts. You know it's bearish right now, but it is making a good push in the upward direction. We are kind of we we have a little bit of an inverse head and shoulders here so head shoulder shoulder uh.

It does look like we're setting a new higher low, i'll retrace. This mini run up and we'll see what we're looking at for a pullback. So we did pull back a little bit below the 61 retracement, but it we'll see what happens. I.

It looks like a good buying opportunity if you're gon na hold long term amc is running. Oh, i better look at this. I better look at this. That's dirty! That's so dirty today is the craziest day in the market.

I've ever seen in my entire life. Absolutely insane, let's come back to the discord and see what the most popular stocks are. Most popular stocks currently amc at number one bb at number, two nokia at number three. I have a position in all three of those stocks, feeling very good about that.

Amc looks like it's about to do some dirty running: let's take a look at the one day chart and look at some significant levels. We do see that we have a level of resistance right here at 19.53, currently approaching that what we're going to be watching for is a push over 1953 and then beyond that all the price action remaining is in the after hours and it's a big stretch difference The next level of resistance, we're looking at is 23.43. That would be a very, very big difference between these uh current price price valuations. So that looks very good right now.

I'm excited i'm excited for sure to say to say the least, very excited. Looking good. Do you think bb will squeeze? I don't know what the short interest is like on on blackberry right now, we can come over to the discord and i'll type in short bb, and this should give us an idea of how many outstanding shares are being shorted at the moment. It does take a second for this to load, but once it does, i will show you.

Oh we have it right here. Seven point: one: three percent short float: uh overall float not very low, so the demand isn't super crazy, but this is having a lot of volume it's getting pumped pretty hard. I think that bb has some really solid potential and people are talking about it right now. I think this is being targeted, bb, noke and amc, i think, are all the big big runners, but be cautious, i'll, say this over and over and over again there's a lot of risk getting into these plays.

You could potentially lose the money that you put into this, so don't invest money you're not willing to lose. If you can drop a like, it really does help the channel out. I do appreciate it so much just so. You know come on nope catch up to amc, noca's, dipping a little bit down a little bit right now, 270 dollars, but amc is ripping.

Blackberry looks pretty good. We're gon na look for a bounce. So let's zoom in on noke, really quick. We do have a level of support sitting right around here at six dollars and if we zoom in really quick six dollars and 44 cents looks like we may stop running down here, 672 73 we'll keep an eye on it, but we do have that fallback.

If we need it, it's trying really hard. It's trying really hard to run. Can i see the short floor on amc? It's 63. I know that off the top of my head.

I checked it out. It's uh, it's looking very good. Lucia says your voice is a gift of god. No, no! No! No! Oh man! That's nuts is attacking shorts.

The overall market trend right now. I've got nothing against shorts. I've got nothing against you shorting the market. It's a way to make money right, but lying in the market is also a way to make money.

It's just the way that things are rolling right. Now i try to trade with the grain instead of against it and typically if a stock is going up, i try to long the stock because that's the macroscopic trend. When we see a very red market in the future, i will transition into shorting stocks, but for the time being things are looking pretty green and i'm going to roll with a green market. So that's my personal take check, express it's winding up.

It's good to see. We saw a double bottom here: that's usually a bullish indicator, but we're struggling to push through this level of resistance right now, so we're going to watch for a push over 10 and that should be a pretty good day. Mia khalifa is rocking with noke. What that's interesting, dang uh pringlebus says i'm up 40 on bb.

You think it's smart to keep overnight and sell market open tomorrow. It's totally up to your risk management right. So if you feel comfortable uh holding a stock when it is uh when it's up that much and you think it'll continue to run - that's that's totally fine, but i personally think that bb is more of a get in and get out kind of play. I will likely lock in profits if we see a recess of 28 and it bounces again, but i could miss out on profits.

It's tough to sing. We don't know what the market's gon na do. All we can do is speculate, so it's all up to when you want to take profits, um anyone in the chat or tray able to recommend a stock broker platform available in the in europe. I actually do not know i'm going to be completely honest with you.

I i just use fidelity, i am from the states, so that's not something that i pay a super close amount of attention to uh. Does anybody else have an answer for them, because i definitely don't know i'm gon na be honest. Will i stay live for after hours um? I would like to get some dinner. I i probably will not i'll try and do live for at least an hour to an hour and a half.

I wanted to get you guys this action. While we were rocking with amc because it does look pretty filthy, they are starting to slow down a little bit we're seeing some consolidation, but that's not the end of the world, i'm very happy with consolidation, because consolidation is typically getting ready for the next leg. Up. Jonathan lyon said found your channel today.

I got an amc yesterday at the four dollar mark put another hundred dollars in today to bring my average of six with 50 shares small time. I can't wait to see the profit in the am. Thank you jonathan. I appreciate you being a part of the channel.

It's absolutely awesome. I uh i'm very very grateful for everybody that takes the time to watch my videos and they absolutely mean that when i started this channel back in mid december january or not not january december of 2020, i did not anticipate any of this. I thought you know. Maybe if i do this for a year, i get a thousand subs, and here we are just over a month later and uh - we're we're almost at 15 000, which is absolutely insane.

The support you guys have given me is incredible. That's that's all that i can say. I really do appreciate everybody all right. Green thumb says i could really use opinions on selling gamestop, i'm so new to all this.

Well, if you're, pretty new to trading man, uh gamestop is a very risky play. I think you're going to be extremely happy walking away from gamestop with profits. So just because you're a beginner - and i want you to walk away with money, i would recommend taking profits on gamestop. It's a very volatile stock and the last thing that i want to happen to you is for you to be bought in and then it rips down 100 to 150 and you're caught holding the bag i'd much.

Rather you secure profits and walk away a happy guy. That's just me personally check naked with a dab. I love that that's cool! Oh it's running! It went off again. That's sick, naked's! Doing! Oh my god.

That's so insane. Can you imagine being the ceos of these companies right now? What are they thinking? What are they thinking? Like? That's cool my stock just quadrupled today, direct offerings coming up the wazoo soon, ah, absolutely insane naked looks good. I used to have a position to naked, but i got out of it what's up with bingo. Oh bile i'll cover bio.

First, bio is going to be fine. This is a a midterm plate. They're bleeding a little bit right now, just because the rest of the market is going absolutely insane. So don't stress too much.

I do think it'll come come back to nulk. Just keep an eye on this currently sitting at 6.90, want to zoom in see the price action here. A little bit of consolidation buying power, 681 bb's holding up really well, and so is amc. I like that.

A lot nokia, i'm not enjoying the price action, a ton yet we'll see what ends up happening, i'm not stressing too much yet uh. I covered bio just a second ago, but i look at tto. Tto is presenting you with a buying opportunity. I think this company has a lot of potential to do some good things in the future and it's currently retracing to the 61 retracement line.

So if you're looking for an opportunity to get in, it's probably right about now, 228 is a great buying opportunity. I, like that, a lot all right buy a lot of amc now and tomorrow make 100 that'd be pretty crazy if it continues its run. I wouldn't be surprised, but it's got to end eventually right. Oh man we're just living in some crazy times.

I can't believe this is happening. I've never ever ever ever seen this kind of thing in the market. In my entire life, it's pretty wild stuff, and this we're having a good day, even though snpw is absolutely killing me and the rest of my plays aren't doing very well either. I wonder how fuel cell's doing today i saw that they were up earlier in the day, yeah they're still moving pretty good capped out at 24.

Bucks looks pretty smooth no sitting at 674., hmm up 42 on the day zone. I am not still holding zone, but i will get back into zom in the future uh i got out of zone because i needed the dollar cost average down on snpw. So i i talked about this earlier in the live stream but uh. I i had a trading mishap.

I got a phone call that i had to address and uh. I had an open trade that i didn't realize and it came back down a very large sum of money, so i'm currently a bag holder and i'm going to be waiting until that recovers people said gme would stop at 30. Just saying i didn't think it would run like this either man, i'm gon na, be completely honest, i'm gon na be honest, amc is looking good. Bb is looking good as well.

We currently have a squeezing of price action, so this could be a predictor of upcoming movement right now. It's just cooling off a little bit markets a little bit tired! That's not a bad thing, though amc is doing the same thing. Ah, my fidelity logged me out i'll get it back going. I don't know why it does this, but sometimes my fidelity active trader pro will log me out if i've been on the computer too long, but we'll get rocking.

This shouldn't take too long. All right. So pull this back over layouts i'm gon na have to set that all up again, but this shouldn't take too long change it back all right, so we'll set up noke amc is good. Bb pull these up, make it a little easier to see for everybody.

Alrighty pull this down and then amc hope everybody can see this okay, i try to make it as uh clear as possible. I know it's not as easy to see if i've got full screen. I know it's easier that way, but um that's how we're looking right now so we're gon na change this back over to the one day chart change it to the one minute currently having a nice bounce on noke, that's good 687 689 687 looks like this could Be the beginning of a head and shoulders pattern, though. So if we see a rejection here, i'm going to take profits rejection at 7 35 i'm going to take profits, i'm going to put another couple shares in the noke and if we see a price rejection, i'm going to take profits, i'm going to rock with uh How many shares of milk do? I have we'll do 200.

order type market preview? Hey no problem cs! I'm glad you made some money. What happens to my mvis? Oh man. It was one of those situations where so i looked to get into bio and i wanted a quick in and out play right and uh bio didn't end up doing what we thought i would do and mbis ran out the exact same day. So i plan on taking my profits from bio and putting it right back in the mvis right, but it just didn't end up happening.

So that's the situation, i'm gon na place. This trade in at 6.95 dollar cost averaged up a little bit. I'm going to look for a bounce off of 738. That is the end goal here.

New dollar cost average is adjusting. We will show that, as it comes change this over here up two thousand two hundred thirty dollars: twenty one percent on bb up a hundred twenty four percent, twenty one thousand dollars on amc, i'm pumped about amc because we brought this up to the channel about uh. Four days ago, before all this hype happened, so we were able to get into this way before and new. I know this has been brought up a couple of times.

Um anub is a good stock. It's a buying opportunity right now. So if you get into a new, i think you're gon na have a lot of opportunity in the future. I really like their intent k feature which is uh really targeting on advertisements um carlos.

To answer your question, i think anub is still a hold uh. If you want to take profits and get back in when it when it drops some more uh, if it does end up doing that, that's not a bad thing, but i still have my position in the new, and i know that i'm down 17 on the day. But i do think it still has a lot of potential, so vanguard is in this stock and honestly right now, all it's doing is some retracement right. It ran up a lot and we haven't really seen a pullback yet, and this pullback is happening now, so we got a nice bounce off of the 61.8 retracement.

I think that's going to be the basement. So if you're looking to add to your position, this is probably the place to do it at a buck. 35.. That's my personal opinion.

Amc currently trained at 18. 19.. Oh man! It is running right now, absolutely insane what a crazy day this kind of stuff is. So rare you just don't get this happening very often, nope looks pretty good right now.

By the way we've got a nice wide range candle bar, followed by a doji red bar. This is a this looks like a four bar play. It should break here. If you see a push above 6.95, i think it'll start running.

Let's see what ends up happening, i missed a sell opportunity for bile. Should i hold, or is it better to take profits now, while i can still make profit buy will run up again? I think people just took profits like i said earlier, because uh the market's absolutely insane right now and people are trying to capitalize on the crazy, crazy gains that are happening in different various uh sectors, such as bb noke, naked ctrm amc. I think people are just trying to take advantage of that, but bile is what it is. I do think it's got a lot of opportunities still here in the future, so i would continue to hold.

Personally, i will be re-establishing my position in bio when all this settles down, i plan on reestablishing bio and mbis likely ctrm if it pulls back, which will probably happen but uh. Those three plays for sure and then probably frsx. No almost reaching one billion in volume. Yeah noke is going insane right now.

I think people are shorting the stock. I don't know why anyone would be taking profits at at this level, especially i mean i suppose i shouldn't say that i just looks to me like we're, seeing some shorting happening. My thoughts on modern, i don't know what moderna is. I'm gon na be completely honest with you.

If you drop the ticker i'll check it out, ctrm, that's a dirty gap up, look at that testing: 48 cents again, man that looks filthy. That looks really really good. Volume's picking up again too, i wouldn't be surprised to see ctrm run right now, bb tightening up on price action, we're seeing it funneling. This is typically a bullish indicator, especially when we're in bullish territory.

Like this, i like this a lot. I expect a pretty hard move either up or down in the future here uh, no, we're gon na change back to no quick, just see how this is looking currently sitting at 684.

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