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It don't get much more decent than that. Look at that big fat nasty disgusting george davian set up that we got rocking right now, guys holy toledo. What is up everybody woman trace right. Three freaking talk fast and don't skip class like their preference by saying that i'm gon na find advising our experts so take what i say: the great assault, let's get into the video.

So today, my friends, my family, my fellow guerrilla, gang we're gon na, give you updated ticker symbol, amc here and it was a freaking solid day up 8.66 percent and pretty much. What i thought would happen today did happen, which is good, and it didn't quite get that 4850 test that i was talking about, so i'm not going to consider it a 48.50 test. We are still waiting for that and it's hanging out just beneath that. So if this is your first time watching a trade video, i will talk to you about what this for test trend is what i'm talking about, but i do stand by what i've said in the past right.

I do think there is a big move for amc. Coming in the very short term, uh to back up some of the bullish sentiment and bullish moves that have been happening here so before we get into that we're gon na go over the ortex data. It just gives you the idea of what the short interest is. Looking like on the stock on any given day, then i'm gon na go over the options flow on this using a tool called unusual whales, because this is also showing a backing behind a bullish sentiment.

Options can show you future price action. Big moves are going to happen based on big buyers going into calls or puts on any given day and we'll finish it off with a technical analysis and give you kind of a wrap-up of what i expect moving into the rest of this week. And it is good things, i'm not telling you. These are the times that i love making these videos uh.

You know obviously i'll always be here on the right days too, but man these are the moments you live for right. These are the days that you really are excited for when you're holding through the freaking trenches, so without further ado, let's get into the video, so we're going to start off here with the or text data. What we got cooking up here is a small change to the downside in terms of the actual short interest down about 1.98, which gives you 18.64 short interest of free float or 95.32 million total shares. Now i've mentioned this before.

I said that i think there is more lending going on with stock than you've seen previously, and i do think that is backed up by the utilization going down just the hair in the previous day. But the shares on loan going up significantly to show you this. In a pretty easy to see way, i'm going to show you the on loan right here. You can see that huge uptick in terms of on loan versus the actual short interest going down just a hair, which tells you there's just more overall supply versus the demand of the the shorts coming into this stock.

I hear you buddy alpaca left, he's uh, he's kind of he's got a bump, that'll pack, his gun, but nonetheless, you've just got more shorts that are slamming into this thing and it's backed up by the shares on loan and the short interest going up a pretty Decent freaking amount. I mean that is a parabolic move to the upside 19.01 for interest. That's nearly an all-time high in terms of short interest. I wasn't even that high when we ran up to 25 back here.

It was just barely that high. We ran up to uh 70 back here, utilization's, not even maxed out i mean i'll. Show you this really quick. I really do think there's more damage to be done with these short positions than there is being done right now.

I also want to show you the average days on loan in a generalized trend. You can see that it's currently sitting at 56 total days, which puts the average short position somewhere in that 50 to 5 range, which means that we're coming to the pivot point, where the bulls are really gon na start causing some damage to these shorts. That are just freaking diamond ball and overing. This thing for whatever freaking reason, despite the fact that you got some pretty solid momentum, i mean this is just disgusting, solid momentum coming into the stock right now and you can you can just look at this for the first time not know much about charts.

You can see this is going really really smooth. I mean that's a clean trend, pretty predictable one things are looking good, so you've got that rocket. Failure to deliver is not much to report here in terms of what's actually coming into the stock, but as always right, shorts haven't covered their positions based off of 85 percent of the exchange reported data shorts have not covered their positions, in fact they're adding to their Positions, you can see that simplest day, clearest day, looking at the overall chart and and what you see here last thing i want to talk about is the cost to borrow, because this is starting to go up once again, the days to cover going up just a Little bit the cost of borrow just slowly starting to ramp up, but where you really see that pressure come in is when it gets back into those high high ranges. That 18 range 15 range that maximum cost of bar i've seen in 100 plus range before and that'll come when the utilization is maxed out.

Put simply right, all that uh, all that you're looking for is a lack of supply with a huge amount of demand. So that's what you got rocking here with the uh, the utilization and the short interest data the flow. This is probably what i'm the most excited to talk about guys because you had some really massive massive bullish orders. Coming into this, i mean come on come on, so these are 50 000 premiums right.

I'm gon na show you the filters that i've got set on this. You can see. The premium range is fifty thousand dollars mean that all these orders are worth at least fifty thousand dollars in premium, which is in this column right here. If you're interested in the strikes you wan na pause the video, you can look at the strikes right here as well, and these are all ask side slaps, meaning that these are long call positions or long put positions, they're not bid side, meaning that you're not looking At covered calls and that sort of thing - and what you see here is a huge amount of bullish activity that came into the stock.

You've got some 55 dollar strikes: 50. 50, 45, 47, 40, 45, 45, 43, 41, 41, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda yadda. You get the whole point here: a lot of bullish activity, you've got 149.3 million dollars of call premium versus 40 million dollars a put premium, and you can see that in balance right here on the charts right, 91.3 percent calls breakdown and premium and call versus put Volume. 76.4.

I mean that is absolutely nasty, so that's across the uh, the 50 000 spreads. If you look at all the spreads here, you can see it's actually 54.3. So a slight favor to the bulls, slight favorites of the bulls and just a bare bare bear of slight favorites of the bulls here with that 51, but uh. What i like to see is those big buyers right.

You can see, there's some really big buyers, stepping into this in the premiums of the fifty thousand hundred thousand dollar plus range, i mean it's just super freaking bullish. You can't can't say anything about that and typically when you see that sort of stuff happening, it can be a predictor in terms of big moves that are going to come in the near term. And i would say, that's a pretty good one and i'm going to tell you why right i've been here through the trenches i've seen the freaking tough days, i've seen the good days. I've seen everything the shadow realm guys.

I mean just some tough tough times and you can see that you know during those tough times there's a lot of put orders that came in right. There was a lot of heavy shorting short selling that took place and the sentiment wasn't there. But now you do have that sentiment. You do have the big buyers stepping back in this.

You have huge freaking options plays coming into the stock and it backs up the trend, and what is that trend? My friends, it's a very simple one. I've said this before i'll say it again, which you're watching with amc is what i would call a tesla like squeeze. Now i don't mean this: we live in a vacuum right, we're not uh. We're not gon na see the exact same thing that happened with tesla happening with amc, but what i do think you're happy you're watching is cycles, essentially a big move to the up and down side, and i called this back in march - and i said back in March, i think this is going to squeeze like tesla in terms of having huge moves, correction phases, consolidation phases and rinsing, and repeating and right now you are in the next huge bull cycle, uh moving to the upside, i mean it's pretty freaking beautiful and where i Think you're gon na see the next big move happen is after we get the ford test trend break over 48.50.

Now. Why is that important right? It's the same move that brought us the break over 37.50 to ultimately get us up to that. 48 dollar range. One test two tests: three tests: four tests, hard push to the upside and you're, watching that same sort of trend play out almost picture perfect to a t, again: nasty george w setup test test test, break right, it's common, i mean this just is this is just As good as it gets, you've got the exact same freaking pattern playing out back.

To back i mean that's, just the beautiful cup and handle set up. You've got a triple top set up for a potential fourth test coming into the next uh trading day. Maybe two trading days right, but it's there i mean it is absolutely there. When you get that break over 4850 guys, it is going to move hard now.

How many touch points have we had here right? That's one! That's two! That's three! This is not quite four. It didn't quite test that 4850 level, so i'm not going to consider that one yet hanging out just beneath it. So i can see a couple different things happening here right. You can see potentially some sort of pullback down to this.

This upside trend line, where this upside level of support and then ultimately a retest back up to that 4850 range to actually get the true test of that level and a break through or it's gon na do some consolidation. It's gon na hang right beneath this. Maybe do a little wobbling back and forth the fluff in between right and ultimately come back up and test that 4850 level for that hard push through now, how are you gon na know? How are you going to know if it's a false breakout or if it's a real break right, you won't have to think about it? You don't have to think about it. It's going to look something like this.

That's the kind of move you can expect over that critical level of uh resistance. I mean that's just as simple as you can put it. You will have a hard move. It happened right here at 37.50.

It happened way back here at 14.50. Right you get. It feels like freaking forever going. It looks like it's not even a big deal now, but the same thing happened in 1450 right, you got that hard break over 1450 and it just freaking ran and that's what i'm expecting.

I'm expecting the true momentum of this stock, where you really see some freaking hard moves start to happen after you break that level over 48 dollars and 50 cents. I've watched this stock for nine months, guys right. I've been here for a while for a while watching this thing go through uh, all the things that our girl amy does, and this is predictable right. I'm telling you right now.

I've i've had days where i put up videos, i'm like guys. I don't know what to tell you this thing: it's just doing what it's doing it's in a downtrend, you know, but this is beautiful. I mean it's really freaking decent. So to all you guys out there, i i you guys should be pumped.

I'm really excited for this. I think it's going to make some pretty freaking decent moves here down the road uh and that's kind of what i've got for this video, so titans. In the background, i don't know what the hell he's doing, he's freaking being rambunctious, i'm getting him, i'm getting him neuter tomorrow. Hopefully, hopefully he's okay, we'll uh, we'll take care of him, but that's what i've got for you guys blah blah blah.

I don't drop like some screwdrivers catch, the next one, much lovely tips and peace.

By Trey

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    Have the SHORTS covered their positions – NO!
    Do Counterfeit shares number in the millions, billions or trillions? YES!
    Has AMC fully squeezed yet – NO!
    Is the Stock Market still corrupt – YES!
    Do the APE's still love AMC stock – Overwhelmingly YES!
    Are the APE's and Institutions still in control of the retail shares – YES!
    Will the Hedge Funds HAVE to pay the APE’s price per share? Absolutely!

    HOLD – HOLD – HOLD and Keep HOLDING until it reaches YOUR price NOT theirs!

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  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Williams Anderson says:

    There's an opportunity for newbies to capitalize on, it's quite a shame people can't see this, cryptocurrency is far better than any digital trade now.✓✓..

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