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Ocugen Stock Analysis: Ocugen (OCGN) is a company that is expected to roll out a COVID Vaccine (AstraZeneca) to India, the second most populous country in the world, in a couple of weeks. Ocugen consequently was expected to see an immense amount of buying pressure and is trading over 100% higher in pre-market on Monday, Jan 4 2021. In this Ocugen Stock Analysis video, we cover the macroscopic and microscopic view for both mid-to-long term investors, and swing or day traders. We also establish levels of support and resistance, analyze daily trading volume patterns, bullish and bearish trends, volume moving average, and potential entry and exit points for this stock on market open Monday, Jan 4 2021.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trey's trades, where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i'd like to premise by saying that i am not financial advisor nor expert. I am just some random do on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because, a couple years ago i was about 30 000 deep and some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money In the market - and i can now say that i am a financially free guy and furthermore, i'm doing pretty well for myself.

So if i can pass along any of the information, resources or tools that were given to me and change your lives, even if a little bit for the better, that's all i can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind drop a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day multiple times a day with that being said today, we're going To be giving an update on ticker symbol, ocg and oxygen incorporated, and this was a subscriber recommended stock that is doing absolutely uh insanely. Well, it is going really well. It was recommended by hugo romo and this guy could have potentially made a lot of guy people.

Some money - and you should be patting him on the back, so give him some love in the comment section. I just want to give an update and talk about where this stock is right now, so we have gapped up an insane amount in the pre-market. I did predict that we would see this stock uh shoot up pretty high. However, i did not see it touching 460.

uh. What was it? 460? 459 yeah. It went over 460. so, regardless this stock has given some people, some filthy returns, and i am very happy for anybody who was invested in this company.

So we are going to look at first, the fundamentals of the company. What they are octogen is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company which focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of transformative therapy. Secure blindness diseases. The company's pipeline product includes ocu-200, a novel fusion protein that is in a pre-clinical development stage for the treatment of wet amd diabetic retinopathy.

I probably said that wrong in diabetic, macular edema they're doing very well. They have a pretty large following on stock twists 56 000 people. I will leave a link to both of these in the description box down below if you'd like to look closer at them, but we're going to take a look at the technicals uh. What kind of trading action we should expect for the day and we will go from there, so i've got these the uh.

I think this is a 10-day chart, pulled up, yep 10-day chart pulled up here and we're gon na establish a level of support right here. Three dollars and four cents and let's zoom out six months, quick, you can see that we are exponentially higher than uh. We've ever touched for ocg and they're doing absolutely fantastic. So, let's go back to the 10-day chart, set it to a 15-minute window.

We've got an immediate support at three dollars and four cents now, since this price valuation gapped up so much in the pre-market, it is possible that we re-test this 304, which is a prior level of resistance. As a new support, i can't predict the future. I'm not a wizard, so i can't tell you for sure if that's going to happen, but if you were in the stock yesterday, you have 100 percent margin, your return on investment, which is absolutely insane. I am very happy for you guys.

That is awesome, so we have a near side of 304 and for whatever reason we do end up dropping back down from there. We do have a second, probably stronger, support level right here at 272, which was a prior level of resistance. We have one two three, four, five, six seven different touch points here, so it is a very strong level of uh support. We did have a breakthrough this.

I would call this a false breakout. You know we did retest this. After had a little bit of price, rejection came back up price rejection and then here we are today sitting at 386.. We are doing absolutely well, it is, it is fantastic, and you can see here the insane level of volume that was traded when we went from 30 cents all the way up to 283.

I would imagine that we see you know pretty similar volume come in on this stock uh throughout the day. Today, it is hard to say, as we we have dropped off pretty significantly, but i think there is going to be some hype and some fomo that uh that surrounds this stock and i would not be surprised if we see this shoot up even further. Of course, we are going to be looking at 460, which was the high of pre-market so far 465 as the level of resistance to push through, and if we can push through 465. I would not be surprised in the slightest if we go over five dollars.

Of course, five dollars will be the next acting level of resistance for this stock, so do watch for 465 as the next potential uh mark. If we do approach this 465 again, we are currently trading at 388 below the volume weighted moving average and the volume weighted moving average is a little bit different than the volume moving average. It is very similar, however, the difference is that it takes into consideration the overall volume that is trading on the stock, so it does slightly correct. You can see here that we would actually still be bullish if we were taking the vma into consideration, and i would argue that we are still bullish.

However, we are having a little bit of consolidation right here. The overall trend is a little bit bearish. I would not be surprised in the slightest. In fact, i would expect that we do push up above the volume weighted moving average uh later in the day, whether it's pre-market or in the regular market hours.

Excuse me: i need to drink more coffee, my throat's getting dry, um 465 watch for that price target, and i am going to pull up the rsi for us just to see how this stock is doing in terms of being overbought or oversold and, as you would Expect it is extremely overbought, so um it's not guaranteed that it'll happen today. You know i do expect this stock to have a very solid day, even if it does drop a little bit. You know it's still going to be very green compared to this dollar. 79 price range that we were at previously, so we shall see how much it drops down to.

I do like these support levels. I think that is going to hold up the stock very well, however, with as much run up as we have seen in the last 10 days. You know 7 days 10 days. I do expect a pullback to eventually come now.

It might not come. You know today or tomorrow or wednesday. However, this stock is in overbought territory. There is a lot of hype that is surrounding this stock.

They are doing great things and uh. You know it's awesome to see. People get a return on their investment, but do be wary of that right unless you're a mid to long-term investor, and you do plan on holding this stock for a couple months or a couple years, i would consider taking profits if you do see a pullback on The stock approach - you know this 3.4 range or 272 a great way to do that is to set a trailing, stop loss on the stock uh. Personally, i like to stick with 10 for penny stocks, especially if you're up you know 30 40, 50, 100, 150 percent.

Giving back 10 is really not that big of a deal um, you're, still gon na, be up an insane amount on your margin, and that is absolutely incredible. So it's currently sitting in a little bit of overbought territory, so just be just be mindful. If we do see a pullback to 304 and you are looking at getting into the stock as a mid to long term investment watch to see if we hold 304, if we drop down to 272., if we hold 304, you know that may be a pretty solid Entry point: if we drop down to 272 an even better entry point and if you'd like to hit both you know just by the off chance that we hold here and then end up dropping you know you can dollar cost average this out? So maybe you put half of your position in here. Maybe a quarter of your position here and just by the off chance that we drop even more from 272.

You could keep a little bit of dry powder on the side for if we retest some other support levels. You know we do have another support at previous support right about here. I like this, a lot of dollar 77, which is a pretty drastic difference between 272 and 1.77, but we do have a fair amount of price action in here. So i think reaching a dollar 77 is pretty unlikely.

However, this is uncharted territory right. This is a gap up. This is a major gap up, so it is likely that we fill the gaps in this area right here, 465 to 272. So i do find it unlikely that we drop down all the way 1.77, at least in a day or two days right.

It might happen over the course of a week, but if you're, amid a long-term investor, that's just an opportunity to increase your position, improve your position and overall, your returns in the long term. If you are a day trader and you're, looking at getting into the stock, we're going to change it to a two day chart and set some current levels of support and resistance, we do have a support right here at three dollars and thirteen cents and another level Of support sitting right here at about 382 we've got a couple contact points here, uh. I would say that this was a acting level of resistance in the past. We did break above that and we are holding this line very well um.

I would you know it's hard to argue. This was a level of resistance here, as we did gap up pretty heavily and shoot past it. So i'm not going to say that, but it is a secondary day or swing trade level of support that we can that we can use at this given time if you are looking to long this stock, you are looking at an immediate resistance at 441, with a Secondary resistance and the breakthrough likely coming at 4.65. So if you would like to day or swing trade, this see if we do come back down to 3.13 um.

That does seem to be a very solid entry point for a trade you are going to want to watch if we hold that and bounce back up. If we do, that is a great opportunity to long. However, if we do drop below 313, as you see here, the next level of support that i really like is 1.77. So that would be an opportunity to short the stock.

However, with momentum with hype with uh, the immense amount of buying pressure that we're seeing right now, i would imagine that the stock is going to be green today, so i would bet with the stock instead of against it. Personally, however, i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so make sure that you uh you make your own financial decisions, but that is what i see as the best way in making this money this stock, you some money. What was i just saying? That's the best way to make some money off this stock. That's what i meant to say man! I really need some coffee what's going on here, guys, no good, no good, so that is how i would personally dare swing trade this stock.

I hope that was helpful. Uh, that is what i have for ocgn as an update today um. I was pretty spot on on my prediction on this. I did think that we would see a pretty massive increase.

However, i did not estimate that we we touch 465. You know it's uh, a good thing to be wrong about, but it's awesome that we're making some people some money. I hope that you have a position in this stock. If you do, let me know in the comment section down below.

Let me know your dollar cost average. Let me know how much money you're making let's uh, let's share some positive vibes down in the comments section. So that is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel. Consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day, multiple times a day. And lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for tubebuddy. Now tubebuddy is a seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month subscription fee.

For so that i can optimize my videos in the youtube algorithm and i would highly recommend it to anybody who is a content creator or looking to get into the content creating scene. I wouldn't recommend it to you guys. If i didn't love it, they do have a couple different options depending on you know what you're looking for in search, optimization as well as a free option, with a few less resources than is available for the membership. So if you do use my link and sign up, i will receive a commission off of your purchase and that is a great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine.

I'm just glad to have you here as part of the community part of the crew, and that is what i have for you today. So thank you for coming to the video today. My friends and i will see you all next time: peace.

By Trey

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vincent Castillo says:

    Hey Trey, what your suggestion,,,have a small portfolio,, and all tied up in NGOG ,, and waiting to take off ,, do u suggest option plays to build dry powder??

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    Is it a day trad???

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    This kind of movements always amazes me.. Also. I hate watching it go up and missed it… Now contemplating if i should FOMO this shyt…! ๐Ÿ˜…

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    Very informative video again like always . Go OCGN ….

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    I donโ€™t think itโ€™s done….

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