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Um vaseline should still be coming too. Okay, oh, didn't see you there what's up guys, how are we doing what's up with all these apps? What we just started we just started hold up. Let me finish my sandwich. You guys ever give me enough time to eat.

I swear i swear. I swear. Welcome back it's your boy, trey, coming back again for another uh live stream. You already know how we like to rock and roll baby uh, just just coming in to go over what's happening with the the broad stock market.

Amc our girl amy, you can see today there is a sea of red, we're gon na start off here with uh the spy, the s p, 500 top 500 large cap companies with the united states, going through a pretty harsh knife right now coming off of some News talking about rate hikes and some rumors about ukraine, because there's some pretty gnarly rumors uh kind of flying around right now, and i think some people are likely overreacting to uh, to sort of what that would mean in the the grand scheme of things. If there was some sort of conflict between russia, ukraine and the united states got involved in the short term, i think it would have a some form of an effect, the long term. I think it would actually be beneficial to the economy. Uh, morality aside, right, obviously there's it's never great to benefit from war for your economic standpoint, but, as is the way apparently with uh the economy across the world, i must have made that sandwich too fast.

I got the hiccups, i don't know if you guys can hear titan as well, but titan is chilling right now in uh the bedroom. So let me pull up amc real quick here. I'm gon na show you guys what we got rocking on the day. Amc is green by 0.38 amongst a sea of red, the vix up massively, which means there's crazy, crazy amounts of volatility and uncertainty in the stock market.

Right now, game stopped down about 0.79 bbig down about 6. All this changed basically in the blink of an eye. I mean i scheduled this uh. This live stream about a half hour ago 40 minutes ago, and within that small amount of time you can already see that uh, the the markets flipped even more bearish than it was uh previously the spy iwm both of these having massive massive knives right now, iwm And uh spy trying to get some form of a bounce.

You can see right here this small bounce, coming from the spy, uh and amc the rest of the stock market kind of reflecting what's happening with uh these two tickers. So uh, that's that's not surprising man. I mean you're kind of just looking at the fruits of uh the labor of a lot of uncertainty that hasn't been dealt with in uh in quite some time. So that's what we got rocking right now.

I got to just grab my keyboard. I'm going to play video games. Remember no russian, oh man, so got a sandwich down, got a diet on the table, let's dive into uh sort of what is causing this market-wide situation right. So i'm gon na pull up stock market news and take a peek at sort of what you're dealing with right.

Now right, the dow is sliding, as inflation fears, linger you've got the rate hikes, which is kind of being talked about. A bullish stock market story is quietly unfolding. Nah fed rate hike bets keep stocks in check, that's what it is right, fed rate hike, bets, pull stocks lower 10-year yields rise to 2.05 percent titan. I can hear you buddy, but you're being a dick.

What do you want me to do? Huh huh? What do you want could be an asshat goofball jesus you're, a brat little brat, don't know how to he's not very good. At being alone, he's always got to be hanging out with people, but that's sort of the madness right, uh the stock market. Finally, reacting to what we've all known, what we've all talked about for a very long time, which is the fact that uh there is in fact going to be some rate hikes. There is, in fact gon na have to be some sort of pullback and we are gon na have to deal with the ramifications of of what the economy kind of looks like right now, trey always late.

What can i say? I know i'm never timely, i'm not a timely kind of guy. Apparently apparently i can't tell my ass from my my face. I can't tell my face from my ass. You just got ta make do with what you can.

I guess it is what it is. Does trade do coke? The world may never know? No, i don't you guys want to see titan titan come here come here, the last hole, i'm also on uh day. Three of no nicotine still surviving there. He is here's the man of the hour he's already trying to grapple me and bite me right now.

What's up buddy, hey, hey, i'm just petting! You come on now, where's the other cat anthony, unfortunately franklin passed away. He uh he caught fip. It's a rare cat disease can't really survive it get goofball yeah china just banned. I feel like that's uh, that's cap, but i guess who knows anything's possible, anything's possible uh straight crack with this government.

Oh man, that's funny stuff, just double down on caffeine. That's kind of the plan russia are invading ukraine me cool check me out, not selling amc because of it yeah. It doesn't really affect amc. In fact, i think in the grand scheme scheme of things that russia on ukraine conflict, if the united states is to get involved, uh would actually boost the united states economy long long term right if you're looking at uh five years six years, seven years of time, Uh, i think the united states would actually benefit economically from uh.

You know a conflict between russia and ukraine. Is it moral? Is it ethical? No, but maybe maybe not. Who knows that's war. You know, war is war and uh.

It's it's not really whether or not people are right or wrong. It's uh, you you win and you live. You know it's a crazy situation that unfortunately countries can benefit from economically, but that's the way things go. You know regardless.

Ah spy is really suffering from uh. Just basic talks of uh rate hikes and whispers rumors of the the conflict between russia and ukraine, you're gon na look over here at news within weeble. If you're patient, you can't go wrong with the spot. That's a hell of an article, interesting interesting how they talk about that interesting.

They say you can put your money into the spy in the sp 500. You can. You can make some pretty decent cash. Well, i don't know about you.

I think you should put your money into paypal, maybe facebook - maybe maybe a firm. I told you guys, i said a firm is going up up up up up and what do you do? You all sell it at the same time. You're trying to sabotage me makes no sense at all down 21 percent. You guys the joke's over.

It's done. You got to move on so so goofy dude. I just can't even believe that that's a pretty funny uh pretty funny little headline blah blah blah. You all really think they are gon na.

Let normal people get rich off this off the market. You guys are selling dreams and poor folks are still buying them. Smh uh, you sound, pretty uneducated bro, i got ta be honest with you. Stephen here is uh here is where i can already tell that you had your your mind made before you even clicked on the live stream before you clicked on the live stream.

Before you listened to anything that i just had to say, uh, you didn't think about. Perhaps what i'm talking about which isn't pitching a stock? It's not pitching this! It's not pitching that! It's talking about broad news! It's educating! It's uh! It's discussing what you look for on a day-to-day basis from an economic perspective from a technical perspective from a data perspective, you're doing it for a couple days, and you actually listen to what we talk about here and i think you're gon na realize that you just Came in here with an opinion that you had made up before you even listened anything that anyone had to say. I don't have to tell you bro. I don't know what to tell you bro you.

Do you, though long as you're happy that's what matters! That's! What matters, how do you feel about sends sensonics? I still think it's gon na be a better uh, better company than uh dexcom. In the long run, it's pulling back very harshly right now, 20 wow 29 uh diabetes device maker lands, crucial fda approval. After a year of covet delays, i'm not sure why it's down so bad. That's pretty gnarly wow heavy volume, too heavy volume sell-off uh.

The big thing that you'd be you should be watching for with sensonics. If you're nervous is whether or not this fda approved uh glucose monitor is the same product that they pitched if it's still the same product, it's still, you know, night and day better than uh dexcom. I think in the long run, it'll do what it's got to do and you're gon na have to be patient with it. But if you don't have patience, remember or if you do have patience, remember the spy etf because always there for you, the spy is always there for you.

It'll. Take you it'll, do exactly what you like to do. That's some funny stuff dude likes to tell people. Go your mom ah! Well, i'm not from new york.

I'm from minnesota. We like to be a little bit nicer. It is what it is different styles right, different strokes for different folks. I've been feeling trey.

You know everyone uh everyone lately has been telling me. I look like and uh. I want you to know that i actually feel the best that i felt in a very long time. I went through a couple months of a really dark mental uh state of mind.

Without a doubt. I won't lie about that. You know. I won't lie and pretend that uh i didn't go through a couple months of the ringer because i definitely did uh, but i feel happier than i have in a very long time and that comes down to ultimately confidence and uh.

The fact that i'm back, you know i'm back, let me tell you guys something the world's not ready for when trey is full-time, full-time you're, going to get to witness 30 days, while i'm on leave chilling, i'm at the desk hey. This is for everybody out there right now when trey's full time and he's uh he he can do whatever he wants. You ain't ready. You ain't ready for it all right, because i'll do it better than everybody in the game, and i won't charge you a nickel.

You aren't ready for it. It's gon na be good time. I'll. Tell you that right now, all right so uh i've got spy up right now.

I want to pay a lot of attention to this, because this is really going to reflect what happens with a lot of the small mid caps you can see by the the thumbnail by the way. I do want to discuss this briefly. Why is it that amc is green, while the rest of the stock market is red? I do not think it's a coincidence right, remember how we talked about in a previous live stream. If you're here before uh, we talked about the utilization rate being as high as it is right, it's going to be huge now, let's talk about this 22.05 by the way new all-time high in terms of short interest utilization maxed out, why is it all of a Sudden that we don't have a huge increase on shares on loan, in fact, it's a decrease compared to seven days ago, but all of a sudden we're maximum utilization.

It means that there's not as many shares available to lend out there on the market and there's some pressure on shorts uh and those shares that are lended out to uh get returned at some point right. Well, if you have the entire market bleeding the way, it is right now, but amc is hanging in there by by a thread still green point: six five percent, while everything else blood red i mean you've got nova vax, which is okay, so fine, okay, ggpi, okay, Zillow up on the day, surprisingly right, but nonetheless amc one of very few stocks that are green on the day. Well, i think it comes back to this right. We come back to this data.

You can see the utilization is at 100 right now. You can see that there's likely some form, i would guess of shares, being returned and pressure on some short positions. It could even be it could be because we've got higher volume uh comparatively to what we have in the past couple weeks could be a handful of the really small uh small guys returning some of their uh their shorts. They could very small amount.

We won't know for a couple days right: uh hindsight's, always 20 20., but this comes down to the fact that uh you're approaching some some uh dangerous waters for this stock. You know you really don't want to be holding a a short on uh on most of these small mid caps as the spy continues to pull back here. I wouldn't i wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it lots of risk you're assuming a lot of risk man.

I changed the channel from nbc to you as soon as i got notification. Much should i listen to you than uh jen pasaki duck duck grey duck. Baby old minnesota gang minnesota gang uh. I'm gon na pull up two two charts here.

I think this is actually pretty helpful. We'll have uh afc up and we'll keep the s p 500 up as well. So that is a available for you. Let me get uh my basic indicators up v-mac the rsi.

That's about all! We really need beautiful beautifully. This all right, ah, how do they have 6.5 million borrowed shares as i type this volatility is thick right now, so the volatility is so thick because if you look at the vix, basically what you're witnessing is uh insane amounts of market uncertainty. The vix is up 20. This is the volatility index market volatility index.

As i like to call it. It's the fear index anytime, this thing's ripping you know. People are freaking the out they're, not having a good time in the market and uh. That is what you are witnessing in the current market conditions: lots of people panicking big, big, big, big, big, big panicking and that's affecting basically everything man.

That's it full-time trade will dominate all the other youtubers who rest on their laurels have show rules dude, i'm chilling man. I just like hanging out. That's it we're talking about stocks, we're uh, we're popping back some diet. If we want to show you guys dwayne, the rock johnson will do it baby.

That's it all right i'll! Tell you what, by the way, i will give you guys one wheel spin today: do you want it now or do you want it later? You tell me derek lee: i use weeble solely for charting. That's it they utilize payment for order flow. I would not. I would not use them for fills.

I use thinkorswim. I just don't like thinkers from starting, so i use weeble for the the nice looking clean charts. That's it yeah my setup's good later now. You know we'll run a pull on it.

We'll spin now or later now later have at it chat, adam aaron tweeted. What do we got? What do we got from big big man, uh, big man, a i think that twitter was down earlier. Wasn't it did you guys, see uh twitter down at all earlier? Oh here we go in january. The officially reported short interest in amc rose by 13.8 percent from 94.8 million shorts shares uh on december 31st, 107.8 million shares.

I still have an interest in 2.3 million amc shares, so i hope those short sellers are wrong wrong wrong. Only time will tell oh in january, the officially reported short interest in amc rose by 13.8 from 94.8 million short shares on december 31st to 107.8 million shares on january 31st. I still have an interest in 2.3 million amc shares, so i hope those short sellers are wrong wrong wrong. Only time will tell damn kind of a little bit of a hype hype.

Tweet he's trying to get people jacked a little little uh a little bit of tit jacking going on here right. We all like a little bit of tit jacking. Thank you for that kind, sir. You never really talked about that interesting to see a a commenting.

On short interest, like this nah richie, i'm chilling bro, i'm hanging in i'm hanging, i'm having a really good day. The last uh. Let me tell you, spy has been really fun. Spy's been fun today, stop drinking artificial sweeteners with an autoimmune disorder, not good, always makes them worse.

Love you bro. I appreciate that man one day one day, i'll be better about it. I know i have to be. I know i know i know i know all right looks like people want a wheel spin now huh am i going to ukraine? No! No! I will not.

I will not be going to ukraine. Don't worry, uh you're, looking for ants to hold this white line on the day white line of the day and uh this box, that's pretty crucial. This would be considered a demand zone for those who don't know demand zones are points in which you see price action. Typically, reverse off of small periods of consolidation or choppiness.

I consider that to be a pretty strong one, so you really want to see it hold right here. Bounce would be ideal that would be a quadruple bottom or two big fat nasty, filthy, disgusted, jit dampie. Yes, as you already know, you already know the name of that right. George dabia, all right, we're gon na rip the wheel now i'll do it now hold up hold up.

Ah, let me get this up picker wheel, all right, let's get some fresh, fresh picks for the day. What are our fresh picks today, chad? What are we thinking? You tell me one of them i'll, say: 20 burpees, we'll add in there uh two chip, two of the one chip challenges, w yeah marketing. Looking good, it's looking pretty gross, it's looking pretty nasty cory shout out to you, bro yeah. I know it's.

It's it's gon na be a hot hot, sweaty nasty power hour man, not a good power hour. It's gon na it's looking really dumpy really dumpy. I mean the spy, not a lot. There's no real support here, break when he's 440.

You can see this really uh hammered down. Pretty hard time will tell time will tell raw egg, i don't really have any eggs, but i can i can get some. I guess uh eat a can of sardines, one minute plank, get rid of your chair and buy a new one. Fine donate and buy a new one, buy an amc share and we'll say: uh amc 801 tattoo in march a backflip.

I can't do a backflip. Do i look like the kind of guy that could do a backflip shot of kraken all right mail, the ape kong dong to kenny, buy a kong dong and send it to kenny g hq. Oh guys, you gave me a great idea. I would actually do this.

I would buy one of these massive ass freaking, dwayne, johnson rock babies, and send this to cinderella. I would personally fly to citadel to drop off one of these uh one of these monstrosities at their front door. That would be entertaining all right. We'll make this a four we'll make this a two we'll make this a three make this a three make that a four make that a one make that a three make that a a four here we go chat.

Let's see it, man piss on burpees, that's brutal! All right, i guess i'm doing burpees, i don't know what the best way to do that is uh. Let me get my camera all set up hold up. You guys will get to watch this in the. In the background, i guess my my pants are kind of stuck that's all right.

You guys will get to see my humble abode and titan. Ah, let's check that check in on uh the screen. I got ta point that down a little more all right. Let's see how that looks all right now now you're gon na go in my room for a sec.

I know you're gon na bite me you're gon na bite me in the middle of this one, two, three four, five: six, seven, eight nine ten eleven 12. 13. 14. 15.

16. 17. 18. 19.

20.. I don't know if i'd missed one, so i'm gon na do one more there. That was so hard. Oh man, hey stop, get get buddy all right! Oh that wears you out all right! That'll! Do oh cat! Stop! Why do you do that? Huh? All right, sorry guys! I got ta, i'm gon na put in my room, i'm not gon na.

No, i'm not dealing right now. You can sit there and meow meanie all right power hour. It's 158! Sorry about that guys. I uh titan.

I thought he gets in this habit of uh biting my kneecaps and i don't i don't around with that when he starts doing that. I just put him in his my room, i'm out of breath bouncing out of that green box. So far it could be a quadruple bottom could be. I should not be that hard holy crap emotional damage.

I guess titan likes to play rough negative beta, i mean amc, is uh, is holding up pretty decent amc is still up on the day. It's green point. Three two percent bbbc news titan. I don't feel bad you're, an you're being mean you bit my kneecap yeah.

I've got a spray spray bottle. He doesn't learn, though he just keeps doing it. He didn't see the adam aaron tweet. Yet let me pull it up.

I'll put it up for you, this is the adam aaron tweet and it's full glory. Let me make sure i actually retweeted it there. We go yep all right. This is it.

In january, the officially reported short interest in afc rose by 13.8 from 94.8 million short shares to 107.8 million shares on january 31st. I still have an interest in 2.3 million amc shares, meaning he owns 2.3 million shares. So i hope those short sellers are wrong wrong wrong. Only time will tell essentially he's just saying he recognizes that uh the stock has been heavily heavily shorted for some time now and that uh he.

He believes that these guys are wrong. He's betting that they're wrong because he owns a pretty decent amount of shares. Titan you come out here and you bite my kneecap and i put you in my room and you sit in there and meow until i let you out and then just come and bite. My kneecap again what what what do you want? What, if you come over here and you bite me again, i'm gon na have no sympathy, leave my knees alone.

I'm done bleeding! No, no! I'm not around stay off my desk. He has destroyed my knees, they're, so bloody, oh yeah, yeah, it's brutal, it's brutal brutal. I can't do it, it hurts it's very pain, you're being a crime. Jamer i'll, accept that i'll accept that it is what it is you are.

You are what you are: titan wants, some catnip, maybe i'll just give them a can of wet food. Maybe they don't calm down. Is that what you want, huh that way, you're being a dick? You want some of this. You bite me again, it's over.

What can i help you huh? What do you want? What now you better leave me alone chill out all right, titan is dwayne. Yeah, look at this bounce on our girl. Amy touch this green box and it's just been hulk dick and since that ain't bad, that's a nice little move right. There yeah up 1.3 percent of the day, while the spy is down literally more than that which is pretty gross.

If you think about it. This is an etf. This is a big big, big boy, big hoss, big uh amounts of money that move this thing uh, and this is up well. This is down more gross, pretty nasty, my friends amc getting a nice bounce out of that demand zone.

That is, in fact, so far a quadruple bottom, which is a good look. Free, trace knees from this abusive. You guys, y'all are so goof. Y'All are goofy as hell.

I love it though i love it. That's funny juan you, don't let those cats out they get stolen, nah yeah! I can't let him out he's an inside cat he's. An inside cat yeah he's got toys in a scratch. Post.

I've tried it he's just an that's literally it titan is just an. I accept that i still love him he's just an believe me. I've had lots of cats. I've tried everything.

I've got a bunch of toys, he gets all love in the world. He gets all the attention in the world he's just a little brat. There's no other way to put it. That's it yeah uh did someone recently poke ctrm with a stick.

I don't know what we should be asking ourselves is if someone just recently poked amc with a stick, because this bounce is gross, that is a george w right. There right out of that green box that we drew up earlier here in the day. That's pretty dece that looks nice. That looks real real good.

In case you didn't catch earlier. The uh ortex data for amc was showing an increase in short interest up to about 22 percent, which is uh good to see, shows uh. Basically, why we've seen the pressure today that we've seen, which is uh, that shorts have been piling into this thing alongside the spy uh having it's gnarly gnarly red day, iw, i'm having a gnarly red day. The volume on this is incredibly high on this selloff, which is uh worrisome for a true breakdown, which i believe you are uh witnessing right now on the s p.

500. Amc, though, in a nice rally hitting a real nice rally, that's important titan is a little crim jammer. Sometimes dude tell me about it. Tell me about it, i'm i.

I totally hear you clucking big chicken. Believe me, damn you only bite and scratch the ones you love. That's true, that's true. He does love me, but he's a little.

I still love him too gamma. We could see a little bit of a gamma ramp on amc. Yeah i mean if we pull up the options chain on this right now, let's come back to uh all the way, all the way to here 19 bucks right. What do you see? This is 11 february 13, 000 and 15 000 contracts between 19 and 20 dollars.

Those were in the money you could see a decent little pop. You definitely could it's possible. It's highly dependent on broad market conditions, which are uncontrollable, though i mean the spy iwm struggling the way they are right now on heavy heavy heavy volume. You really want to see a big rally.

I mean look at this. This uh, this s, p 500, is pretty much just reflecting what amc is doing. You see that red candle red candle, green candle, red candle, wick out right, it's just the same thing. Only thing is this is a little stronger, amc's stronger right now on this w spy is a little weaker for sure.

Trey kramer call me whatever you'd like baby. It doesn't matter to me. I love him. He's a good dude he's a good cat he's.

This is how he is, you know, he's just crazy. Titan come here, hey you wan na, say hi to everybody. Come here, buddy hey come here, be nice now just say: hi can you say: hi, hey ma'am, oh yo, yo you're good. I thought he's about to throw up.

Are you just hungry, damn he plowed that food down what a goofball vixx is up 30. Now yo yeah i mean this volatility. Is nuts look at this lots and lots and lots and lots of fear right now in the markets? Anytime, you see, i mean this is a hulk dick of fear. What you're watching happen right now is literally just massive market-wide panic and that market-wide panic increases volatility.

Uh, which can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing right now. It's not ideal. It's a it's a pretty rough thing for uh for the broad market to have this much volatility in uh the situation of a fearful market. You know so it is what it is: amc hoping to hold this green box right here, as it sits, uh kind of pulling back alongside the s p 500, the spy, so that is uh.

I've got these pulled up side by side. Just so, you can kind of see what's really happening here. Trey puts on trey's burpees. Those were good, burpees come on come on now.

Give me a break. Give me a give me a break. Those are good. Burpees siamese cats sometimes don't show affection.

He sleeps with every night. That's the best affection that i get from him. He sleeps with me every night. That's all i can ask for at the end of the day he still chills out it's a whole dick of fear man, i'm telling you that's it hulk.

Dick fear not ideal for uh for broad market conditions, typically the lower that i mean it's great for traders great for traders. If you love volatility, you love when the vix is doing this, but it's not great for uh. For those who are who are trying to hold through the the panic through the volatility it can get can get kind of crazy. You know stocks like tesla and video.

There's nothing! That's really surviving this market wide panic right now, nvidia hard, sell off, uh you've got banks even wells fargo. I mean this is typically something that you could consider to be a hedge, no stay down. You can't be up here. Why do you do this? Huh every time you come up here, you know i'm just gon na toss, you back down, so why do you do it huh, huh? Why why all right get down now uh, but wells fargo, which you could considerably be.

You know most of the time you consider this to be a hedge against, probably the broad market, because it's more of a value stock than a growth stock. You just know what wells fargo is you know what a bank is right, uh still still down, i mean everything's, just getting wiped tesla iwm everything looks pretty much identical right now, it's uh! It's pretty wild. It's pretty crazy to see so amc holding a green position. 1.13 guys that is worth a big nickel.

It's worth a big nickel to see amc, holding the way that it is today, game stop also green yeah game, stop also green, which is a beautiful thing to see. We'll pull it up here for anybody who may be uh a game, stop guy or gal up 0.27 percent, which is drastically better than the s p. 500. Right now s p 500 down 1.87.

Having some nasty nasty doom dome candles you can see! The sp500 is down to about 440 dollars and 96 cents uh you zoom out on this, with the 30 minute chart coming out on the 30 minute. You can see that it's kind of holding on to this spot right here as i sort of imagined it would be. It is a demand zone. So a bounce out of a demand zone would be bullish and knife through this demand zone, you can really see it.

Come down to 437 42, which is sort of the next level to be watching for on this b500. Why does this matter right? Well, the s. P 500 has more downside and you're holding a small, mid or large cap company uh, such as amc gamestop. Any of the above you that you know a lot a lot of nada.

You know you go down the list. That means that there could be more downside associated with other names as well uh game stop holding on pretty well, though, up 0.31, despite the market, wide fear and panic in the disco, we got rocking right now. So cats, like to shadow you uh when you're focused on something i could see that that makes sense. I mean it's any time.

I'm at my computer is when titan is just always pestering me for sure he uh he loves hanging out when i'm on. My computer, are they going to get another kitten, then we're going to eventually we're giving a little time, though i think it's the hype, a possible war with russia, also china, russia, announced their new world order plan, nothing. That sounds straight from a movie. I mean if you guys, think about how crazy it is.

I have this discussion last night on twitch uh, which i stream on every night in case you're, wondering sometime between 7 8 p.m, central standard times when i hop on twitch, we were discussing this earlier right. It's it's the current state of the world economy right now, if you think about how crazy it is that we have uh superpowers so to speak, such as russia and china that are in a constant conflict all the time when you think about the the crazy amount Of unemployment that we see in states like new york and california, currently uh, if you think about the current state of the stock market in the economy and inflation, how bad that's really going to be, i wouldn't i bought myself a a burger and fries and a Coke for mcdonald's and it cost 10 dollars. I can't remember when, when that used to cost me like five for all those things and things are getting so expensive. Now, it's incredibly strange to me to watch.

It really is to see the real ramifications and effects of inflation taking place in real time. I mean, if you think, about how crazy it is when's. The last time you can buy a five dollar foot long from subway they for a while. This is how you know: inflation's real olive garden, almost got rid of unlimited breadsticks.

Can you imagine a world without unlimited breadsticks from olive garden? Dude, it's nuts, it's crazy stuff. I don't know man, i don't know, but i do know one thing: i'm gon na take a good sip of this that and i got ta use uh the pista real quick. So give me a brief second i'll. Be right back! Do me one favor, while i uh, while i'm taking a quick piss, just drop a like on the live stream.

That's all i ask of you. You don't have to subscribe. You don't have to do anything. You have to share with your friends.

Do whatever you got to do right, but just drop a like? I do appreciate that it helps my self-esteem right. All right, i'm done i'll, be right back. Give me give me like 60 seconds, bring it along okay, you! So, whenever i go to take a piss, titan is always uh biting on my freaking ankles. It's brutal, brutal, brutal little dingus for sure all right.

If amy goes to 300 right now, does trey stay live. Yes, sir, i would why the wouldn't i. Why would i why would i hop off if this thing went to 300 right now, that's golf silly chicken, as of today, i officially have telegram and whatsapp bots on my page where the clay's coins fake account. That's how you know you made it man, that's how you know you made it emotional, damn it yeah man! Oh it's good! To see good stuff.

Let's see what's kind of popping on twitter, we'll give this a quick, peeky, wiki kind of see what's happening, uh dippy dip dip today, yeah then laid back, say spy calls yesterday, who the heck is laid back. Anyone know who that is laid back is that a twitter account. Oh this guy man. I don't pay attention to that.

The duty of the leaders to serve their people, not for the people to serve them as facts that makes sense. We'll come back to this. A couple of topping tails on uh on a girl amy right now rejecting off the v-wop. So you see this volume at average price.

It's a gold indicator. This is important uh on a day-to-day time frame less. So if you're just sitting here, uh you're waiting, you're, hot and you're chilling out right, but as a as a trader, you can use this as a uh as an as a hint, because this is respected by all stocks. The v wap volume average price is gold trend line anytime.

You see, rejections on either side of this. It typically means you're going to see more pressure uh in the direction that it's rejecting from. So you can see these rejections, rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection that five minute time frame likely means that amc in the short term is gon na, come back down and re-test this green box down here at about 1856, currently up 0.91 on the day our girl amy, holding Strong, while the rest of the farm is basically crucifying their animals getting slaughtered sent to the house to feed the family, man you've got some nasty blood in the markets. Today it is, it is uh, it's looking tough to overcome spy down about 440 and 70 cents, or so amc yeah coming back down with it doesn't look like much is surviving the the fear today, volatility index up to 20 uh has pulled back a little bit.

That's actually pulled back, that's a sign that you may have seen the peak in terms of uh volatility for the day. Unless this can continue, it's it's massive hulk, dick of fear, but i don't know man i mean that's, that's some pretty gnarly uh, pretty gnarly stuff that we've seen if anybody has anything from twitter, any news articles any whatever, whatever whatever you drop, that and i'll check It out for you, it is your boy trey here for the the traders podcast appreciate y'all tuning in you already know how it is: we've got amc pulled up, we've got the s. P 500 pulled up uh both of these, reflecting, i think, a pretty uh important lesson on on what's happening in the broad market. In case you missed it, we'll give you a basic rundown uh in terms of what's happening in the stock market.

Right now you have fear of ukraine and russia uh doing their thing. Basically, a conflict between those two countries, the united states, may get involved in uh. There has been express expression from uh joe biden, who is who has said you know. If it came down to it, we will take action uh with the conflict between russia and ukraine, and i think we both know which side the united states would take there with uh russia and ukraine, so that is affecting the broad market as of right.

Now we also have had talks about rate hikes, these rate hikes uh being important, because if there's more of them you, you can expect a little more of a pullback, a little more of a retracement from the broad market. If there's less of them a little more dovish a little less hawkish, you can expect the stock market to be not as brutal with its uh corrections so uh. That is what we kind of got for expectations for the day, adam aaron's tweet. We also did look at that.

We can pull it up again if you'd like to uh, to see that you haven't seen it quite yet. Adam aaron did tweet out today talking about uh short interest. It's the first time. I've really ever seen him do that.

We all like a little bit of tit jacket. Thank you for that kind, sir, interesting, to see adam aaron, commenting on short interests like this and he's talking about how short interest has gotten up 13.8 in a one month period of time how he still has a 2.3 million share stake in the company uh, which Is some good stuff to see the printer? Is overheating yeah? It's it's uh run out of ink, let's run out of ink to say the very least, sorry i'll take out my gum, that's probably pretty gnarly. I apologize i'm chewing gum because i i'm trying not to think about uh the the the nicotine withdrawals. I'm going through it's helping out a lot.

I've got a normal fixation. I i i can recognize that that's probably not fun to listen to so my bad took it out. Well, i let you guys chill without having to listen to me chew. My gum market will make most people sick if you're not playing, puts in these uh sort of conditions.

It's pretty tough to be winning the s. P 500 is down to 440 and 10 cents right now. Amc is at 1866 gamestop holding just barely under the green, along with amc, the vix starting to spike up again very indicative of more fear that seems to be taking root in the market. As of now top of the vix is 30.99.

You see it come back up to that 399. You could see a little more downside for the broad market, we'll wait and see. I i have no expectations in terms of what that's going to look like, but it's uh, it's not looking promising. He doesn't have 2.3 million shares.

He has 200 000. The 2 mil are incentive shares be clear when talking to 3 000 people, so apollo god, those incentive shares, are still his shares right. He can't sell uh, sell, sell shares, he doesn't quite have in his grasp. Yet i i mean, if you, if you want to talk about uh the semantics of it, we can do that.

That's totally okay, but that's uh! That's that's! That's! That's really! Just semantics is what it comes down to. He can't sell shares that he doesn't quite have yet he still hasn't sent it for those shares to do well. I think that's really the ultimate moral of the story here, isn't it. I don't know it's up to you.

Go you know if you uh, if you want me to be more clear on that, i can chill's against gum. It is what it is. I don't care, i'm chilling guys, whatever, whatever whatever or fixation yeah. You already know you already know, i'm being straight with you right, everyone's got a weakness.

My weakness is uh, i'm very fidgety, i'm a high strung guy. I i i have to have things to do or i go pretty crazy and uh. That's. That was one of the things that i like to do is is just uh rip rip vapes.

That's it just play golf with mr beast's best friend chandler. I told him about how you were trying to reach out to him. He said he will talk uh. Mr beast hope reaches out to you live.

I live next to them. Dude, that's crazy! If that's legit, dude that'd be pretty wild. I'd appreciate that a lot if you got that hookup that'd be sick, that'd be crazy man. Thank you.

Uh vgamers puts on uh puts on the spy i've played puts today. Third day was hardest. For me, good luck, man! This is day three. I believe i started uh.

I started on wednesday at six o'clock p.m: central standard time, so it's almost been a full 48 hours just about just about a full 48 hours without nicotine uh, i'm definitely still going through withdrawals. I've got a headache uh. I feel a little bit shaky. I'm definitely having a hard time, but i've just been uh chewing, gum, drinking diet and i've got some sunflower seeds and that's the best that i can do.

You can't really control the the the the headaches and the the withdrawal symptoms, which is just being being true. You know being straight, but you can't distract yourself and that's what i'm trying to do. So. That's it adam needs to hit targets to get those shares, so he doesn't have them bro.

Yet, currently, right you can we can. We can talk about this all day, long bro, apollo god. I got you right, uh, i'm reading his tweet out loud. That's what i did.

I read his tweet to you. He has interest in 2.3 million shares. The fact of the matter is he's got stake in the company uh in the realm of what he believes to be 2.3 million shares. I got you man, but i'm literally just reading a tweet dude.

I don't know what to tell you. I vaped that was it yup amc at the time being uh, it's just kind of chopping around. It's not gon na, be a fun fun. Little chart to read today, uh we're keeping it a little more chill it's friday, it's friday, i don't know what you guys have planned uh.

What should we typically like to do on fridays, but fridays after a good week? In the stock market, after we've kind of done everything we set out to do for the week, we've talked about whatever we've learned, some things uh we've we've discussed, we've made some, hopefully uh, some people a little better off. They were before right. What i like to do is go to a place here in town called back porch. I don't know if anyone's ever been to uh latin oklahoma, but there's a back porch here that i enjoy quite a bit.

Uh there's a couple of them, not gon na tell you which one to go to that's that's besides the point, but i go to one you know most most weekends, it's a good time and i get myself a couple drinks and a burger and uh yeah. We're regulars there we enjoy it. The people like having us out uh the the servers, the managers, they all know us and we always hang out and have a good time. So hopefully you got something you typically do on a friday or saturday spin, the wheel.

Ah, nah, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! I don't know what you guys are talking about super bowl weekend. Yeah yeah, that's huge too! That's huge too blaze and jerk off teach their own jen. I mean, if that's what you enjoyed doing, that's what you enjoy doing now. There you go i'm in stillwater.

Oh, that's, pretty cool hell, yeah, vicks, printing yeah vixx is up heavy 24. Maybe it'll just continue on. I don't know i mean it's looking like it might. It could it could man's got sponsorship with coke.

No that ain't, true, that ain't true, ah pray for ukrainians, yeah they're, my they're, my thoughts, man, it's a tough situation. It's a very tough situation right now, uh! This is the five minute yeah. Did your mom ever ask why you wanted to borrow the dildo nope, a firm accidentally, tweeted earnings before it's due on usual, show heavy puts activity right before the tweet thoughts amir? This is a great point. Let's, let's talk about this right? What do we think this is well? If you saw there was heavy put activity immediately before a firm released, the tweet talking about earnings accidentally releasing the tweet talking about earnings.

What do you think actually happened there right? If you think that there was heavy put activity immediately before you see uh that news get released, do you think that it was just somebody making a bet which is possible or do you believe it was somebody internally from the company that knew that it would affect Earnings and how the stock price would would trade and uh they decided to leak it, so they played some uh. They played some puts release the news. Knowing what would happen? I don't know what do you think seems kind of goofy seems like it could have been planned. I'm gon na move my mic back, so you don't have to listen to me.

Uh chew. I know i just put gum in again. I know i said i'd. Take it out, but it really helps.

I added you on grindr. Thank you for that. My man well coordinated yep could be. I don't know i mean we're all taking our best educated guess at the end of the day, but it's hard to it's hard, not to feel some sort of way.

You know what good affirm what happened? Well, you can see basically where the tweet was released. Bam. Tweet released stock goes up then, all of a sudden huge plummet, stupid, stupid plummet. Right, i don't know.

Man feels pretty fixed, that's pretty wild to me if you knew that was gon na happen. Why would you not have you seen dixie norma's uh tweet? What what was uh, what was the tweet who's? Dixie norma? I don't know if that uh, who that is for sure to be to be straight with you, give me some guidance. Senpai was ah back off. Trey is mine.

All mine chris, you get all of me. Dude, emergency rate hike monday equals markets falling thousand percent yep. That would definitely do it. Have you have you thought about making peo? What's that, i'm not sure what peo is nah, it's just orbit.

It's orbit gum some normal stuff. I think it's sugar-free too. I don't remember for sure i think it is contains phenylalanine phenylalanine soy, lecithin yep, that's about it check out the mma vids from phil for real you'll get a good laugh phil for real who the heck is that amc fights luna found lou. What the that looks.

Insane, i don't know what the hell this is, but i'll check that out at some point, you guys want to watch this right now, you let me know i'll give it a sec i'll give it a sec. You let me know if you want to watch that yeah always for the it's really asmr fans. That's it! That's simply it we're chewing gum to keep you guys entertained. Uber ceo says: apple accept cryptocurrency at some point.

It's funny to me right, it's funny to me how adam aaron came out. Amc came out and they were gon na start, accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for uh for popcorn for tickets. For this. For that everyone said it was dumb.

Why pay for anything in cryptocurrency, then everybody else starts doing it too trendsetter trendsetter? No, yes! No! No! There's a tray versus mass investor, no spin, the wheel! We want to see you spin that wheel, yeah or a bunch of lunatics god, damn it fine. I don't really want to do 20. Burpees again. What's up with all this exercise, huh what why do? I have to start working out all of a sudden chad.

You don't want to see me, do a one minute plank you, don't you don't trust me! Trust me, you don't want to see me do a one-minute plank. You don't want that. Let's just be real bargain with me here for a second chat. Do you actually want to see me do a one-minute plank right now? Let's think about this.

Do you really want to see that you really want to see that? Is that what you want? You want a one minute plank of all things. That is absurd. That's just being silly come on come on now. No, no! You think about.

Let's just be real here. You know you don't want me to do one minute plank. That makes sense. No, i don't yes, no! No! Yes, the wheel has spoken nope spin again.

Do it i'll plank with you, everyone plank nope, yup, nope, cringe, nope respin, see look at that. We got a lot of nopes, so the chat has spoken. We will get rid of the one minute plank. What a plank, i will add.

Let's say uh tweet at jim kramer and say i like your haircut, hey everyone's entertaining and uh, then we'll do let titan bite the side of my head. That sounds entertaining there. We go spin that wheel winter is coming there. It is that amc bye.

Oh, you get 100. filled at 1867 on my think or swim. There you go cowabunga. That was a pretty good.

Little dip buy the shares that i bought at 15 and some change those uh. Those were those were timed pretty. Well, i'm pretty happy with that. Can't lie, i can't lie.

Let me pull this up too. Average fill price 100 at 18.67. Let me drop this real quick. Oh no, i'm chewing into the mic, my bad, my bad guys.

My apologies! Oh my butt! Cheeks! There we go and i'll pull this up. Save fill that doesn't work. 100 shares bam failed at 234 in the night and it seems jeff. I don't know what to tell you i'm trying to get over.

My nicotine problem give me a break. Give me a break brother come on now brother, all right, but you got your wheel spin. That's probably gon na be the last wheel spin of the day. To be honest, cassidy, hey you like the green screen brother! Thank you for that.

It's helped out a bunch. I enjoy it a lot. It helps out a lot. A lot d lauer was uh retweeted by john stu.

Really, let me look at this hold up what did uh what did dave lower to sweet out hey. Let me check this real quick, uh march starts the first one, hey it's your friend, john stewart. We got more shows coming out more apple tv plus. The problem is this: is it is this what you're talking about you're gon na love, what we got? Oh, what are we doing? We got wall street and little game stuff climate, little race, little media, we're gon na be knocking it out.

Uh march starts the first one every week for the next four weeks come on people. Apples, oh plus, not just apple tv. It's the one, the plus, i think, you'll enjoy it yeah. I won't talk about that.

I won't i i i have a pretty good idea, but i'm not gon na spoil anything. So you guys wait patiently to see what that's all about you watch. You wait patiently i'll tell you that'll, be worth your time. That'll be worth your time.

I think that people will be very pleasantly surprised with what uh, with what dave lauer just retweeted. That's pretty sick thanks for sharing that wired by the way. That's pretty big! That's big news: amc right now: testing out the red box spy is hanging out in the uh uh the green box. I should say this: the demand zone spy hanging out in that demand zone at the same exact time right now, you're really waiting to see.

If it's going to hold this, if it holds it you're sitting pretty decent. If it doesn't, you can really see a downside on the spy down about 437 amy real talk right now. Greg is uh. It's it's held down by the rest of the broad market.

I mean there's really not much else to say when you look at the s p, 500 and the spy, the the s p, 500, top 200 company or 500 companies in the united states. Stock market is down two percent of the day, but amc is is only down 0.22, you know what's happening right, you know exactly what's holding down your stocks and why things are doing what they're doing there's not much else to say. You know the grand scheme of things right now. If everything is taking an absolute bazooka like bad big bazooka, not much else, you can do.

No, i know i'm wired, wired, wired, wired, wired, trust me when i say i, i know it's a big deal. I know it's coming. I just uh. I cannot talk about it.

I can't i'm not. I should not talk about it. Trust me when i say i know it's. It's big.

It's big big! I just cannot talk about it. I got ta wait till it comes it'll. Come you'll see you'll see you will see soon enough. Amc is testing out this green box.

It looks like spy is really wanting the knife right now. This is either a bear trap or a pretty gnarly knife in the making we'll wait and see. It looks like this could be a bear. Trap is amc done, running uh for the day i think most things are probably gon na bleed into clothes to be straight.

So, if you'd like to uh, if you'd like to step out and over the last 20 minutes of the day, you do what you want to do. Ultimately, i think you're watching a bleed sesh. I think the market's going to be one big bleed and, to close to be straight, you know dwayne big dwayne dwayne, the big rock johnson. Look at this thing instead of the chart right, if you want to, if you want to look at nothing, you want to look at anything look at dwayne, because this will protect you if you want something that will keep you from being crucified by the red candle.

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