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SHIP Stock Analysis: Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (SHIP) operates as an international shipping company specializing in the worldwide seaborne transportation of dry bulk commodities. It focuses on owning and management of fleet of Capesize bulk carriers. In this SHIP Stock Analysis video, we discuss a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades traders, where we got technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the premise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take What i say with a grain of salt, the reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard To invest my money and i am happy to say that not only am i now financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me, make the community a little bit better off than it was before. That's all that i can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind drop a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day now, i'm just gon na give a quick update on ticker Symbol: s h, i p ship synergy marie time holdings corporation the ship has left the dock.

I've had that joke. In the back of my mind the whole day, oh man drop a drop our whiskey glass in the comment section. If that was cringy as heck. I do have a position in the stock.

Currently, i am in at a dollar cost average of 86.6, currently down 33, a little less than a percent, but there was a point in the day in which i was up to about a dollar five, which would have been a pretty solid margin of return. About 30 percent - or so i was up about a thousand dollars, but i did not take profits yet and uh. We did see a pretty a large amount of selling pressure, so we're just gon na run through all the price action and whatnot. But first i'm just going to give you a basic rundown on the fundamentals of the company, but before we do that, i'd like to give a shout out to the guys around the patreon.

We are 202 members, strong, uh, alvin, bau, broken thief: cole, cosmo, kx, casey, dan kim aaron. Thank you guys so much for supporting the channel and joining the community at the private discord uh. They will have access to my live uh trading and also an amazing community. Where we do pick up a lot of awesome plays, there were some guys that, at the discord that hit us on on bio, ticker, symbol, biol that hit off on clwd that hit off on uh a bunch of great plays.

So if you want to join an awesome community, the link is in the description down below and watch out for the scammer. This is not me. Watch for the great box by my name: don't buy this guy's crap, don't call his number report. If you can so ship, if you are not aware uh just give you a quick rundown on the company, they operate as an international shipping company specializing in the worldwide seaborne transportation of dry bulk commodities.

It focuses on owning and management of fleet of cape size, bulk carriers, and if we look at them quick on uh stock twists, they do have 39 000 followers. The message volume is up, extremely sentiment is up, price is up and uh. It's looking pretty solid, so um it's good to keep in the back of your mind. The reason that we saw the run-up early in the morning today - and this was posted today on january 12th - was synergy.

Marie time holdings announced uh a successful completion of 179 million dollar financial restructuring, and i will leave a link to this in the description box down below. So you can take a look at this more closely but just to touch the bullet points. Restructuring of 117 million of senior secured loan facilities and 62 million dollars of junior loan facilities and convertible notes, no outstanding debt maturities before the fourth quarter of 2022. So there is a lot of promise here.

You know i am holding this as a swing trade. I am still in my position. I want to watch the price action on tomorrow and see what we're looking at, but we're just going to give you the quick rundown on what we're seeing on the day. So, let's start off by drawing off some levels of support and resistance that we're going to be looking at.

We are currently looking at a support right here at 74.75, followed by another level of support, and i like this one, a decent amount of 82.61, and we did test this with a pretty long. Candle wick and wicks are very indicative guys, so i pay very close attention to the wicks on candles, as it does indicate a very large amount of uh. You know weakness and selling, especially that long of a red candle wick, so 82.6 cents looks very nice and it does line up with a previous level of resistance. So there's double confirmation there and then we are looking at another level of support at about 86 cents and we are holding above that pretty decently.

Currently, in the after hours, we are at 88 cents. So i guess i'm technically up probably about one or two percent. You know in the after hours and uh we're looking pretty decent man. My voice is starting to get all cracky.

That's what happens when you make 10 videos a day. Oh man, i mean i shouldn't - have laughed that hard, but that's how we're looking right now on support currently looking at resistance levels in the immediate side at 89.69 and then again right around here at about 93.36, and we did push over a dollar with pretty high Ease so we pushed through that dollar mark and did cap out at about one dollar and five cents, or so on today's trading day, uh the volume looks extremely nice. You know there was a lot of red bars, so that's something that does raise a little bit of concern right, but the volume is up. We did see a large spike up the beginning of the day, followed by some selling pressure right, a pretty harsh pullback, but the overall trend is still bullish on a macroscopic scale and i always just try to keep things as transparent as i can.

I will show you both the bullish and bearish action here, but we do still have the voma the 15 day vomit the volume adjusted moving average trading over the 200-day ema, the exponential moving average and if you're not familiar the 200 ema, is just a 200-day moving Average trend line based on price action and then the 15 day vomit the volume adjusted moving average is a 15 day average trend line based on price action as well as weighted volume. So it does take the volume into consideration. We are currently trading just above the vama in the after hours at this moment, which is a small bullish confirmation, and there is a large gap between the vaman and the 200 ema on the one month chart, which is also a bullish confirmation. So, on the one month chart, this is still extremely bullish territory we are still trending up and something i'm paying attention to right now, right off the bat.

Is this nice looking upward channel so leading into tomorrow? If you do see us push again and test this trend line right, i would expect another run, another bullish movement and another spike up in in margin. That would be very nice and then actually looking at this again, it does appear that we are hanging very tightly here right. The lows have been getting higher, so we're setting higher lows and higher highs. The guys i can't make this up.

I can't make this up. Look at this, this is an upward moving and ascending bullish flag, that's beautiful! Oh that looks nice, so that is actually a bullish indicator. You know we we were up on the day. It was only about 4.88 percent, but there was a point which we were up about 30 and then we did see a very slow bleed into the day.

The rsi indicator. We did approach 70 and the correction was back to neutral, actually just a hair above neutral 54. and historically speaking, looking at the charts. You know we do see, you know kind of a mixed bag, so we have seen it correct down to 30 before, but most of the time you know we're looking at a pretty neutral correction, so i do anticipate that the correction shouldn't be too harsh on this.

We're looking at probably about an 80 chance out of five out of five times one two, three four, you know maybe five one, two three four five out of five times: one of them corrected back down to thirty, so um, maybe an eighty percent chance of uh. You know a neutral correction which would not be too harsh, so i'm gon na be holding this into tomorrow, just based on what i'm seeing currently on the price action. I do think it does have potential to keep running, and i will be watching for that. Retest on one dollar, so if we can retest one dollar and hold above one dollar, i do think that's gon na be very significant.

I think that's going to give you a very similar result to zone now. If we take a look at zone, we did hold above a dollar. We pushed through that effortlessly in the in the pre-market and we are currently we had no trouble whatsoever and holding over a dollar throughout the day. So that looks very nice.

So we come back to ship, you are going to be watching for a retest of that one dollar and if we do see price rejection a second time, you know that might raise a little bit of concern at that point. I'll, probably exit my trade at a dollar i'll be very happy, locking in a 15 gain or whatever it comes out to and i'll move on to the next swing right. That's what we do. We collect nickels and dimes here, nickels and dimes there and uh.

You can't be mad whatsoever with profit, so that's really how we're looking right now, if you are not in the stock and you are looking to get into this stock, i did recommend in my previous video, as well as a private discord uh getting in at you Know somewhere between this 82 cent and 86 cent range, it is a very solid, acting level of support and if you catch it, slipping below that down to 74 cents. I like that even better, now um something that i've taken note of in myself, and i try to be very transparent with you guys and give you all of my lessons learned so that you can so you can. You know learn from them yourself right. Take from other people's experiences is try your best to take emotion and fomo out of the equation.

There's going to be a million plays to make money on right, but if you buy into early because you think you're going to miss out you're, just shooting yourself in the foot, so today, for instance, my dollar cost average on on ship right. I'm looking at a dollar cost average of 86.6 cents and it touched down at 82 cents i missed out. I could have got this at a lower price right. I bought it at 86 cents because here, oh, we see a little bounce.

I thought oh yeah. This is looking good. This is looking great um, but it did come back down and re-test so um. You know i could have probably timed that a little bit better, i could have gotten it around 82 cents or so even 80 cents.

We touched down at and right now, i'd be sitting up. You know 8 10, so that would completely change my game right, instead of being just a hair above break, even i would be up 10 and if it touched a dollar i would have been up 40. You know it completely changes the game, so if you can have some patience, control the emotions. Look at the stock with complete logic.

Look at the charts. Look at the numbers, get it at the best possible entry. Point that you can. You are just going to absolutely start changing the name of the game on your investing and it's going to completely change your margins.

It's going to limit your losses, you're, going to capitalize on your gains and you're not going to end up chasing stocks guys. So that is my piece of advice on ship, just based on a lesson that i learned myself today. Right, there's always a lesson to be learned in the market and i always want to be as transparent with you guys as i possibly can so. We're gon na change this to a two-day one-minute chart really quick and just take a look at some different action.

We're seeing here, i did drop that uh, that ascending bullish flag, that i noticed we did have the pole right here, followed by the upward movement, so we are still trending up. This is an upward channel right, we're setting higher highs and higher lows. So, even though we're only up four percent today on a swing trade, we're still up four percent today on a swing trade right, we're stair, stepping and that looks very, very clean uh in the after hours. Here we are currently up from where we were at close.

We closed at 86 cents, currently trading, just the hair under 89 cents, and we did have a crossover back on the 15 day vomit over the 200 ema. There is a small gap and if we continue to see that run up, i would expect you know the pre-market tomorrow to continue that trend. Of course, i can't guarantee anything, but it is something to keep in the back of your mind. Now the majority of the davis sides - probably the first hour we did see you know quite a bit of uh.

You know action on the vomit underneath the 200 ema you know there was. I would call this a little bit of consolidation. The bleeding was right around here and then i would say right at this point if we just draw a little line here and split that down at this point, we're looking at some consolidation right, the the price zones that we're looking at we're pretty tight. We saw some movement up and down, but for the most part, it's stuck between a very tight window and actually, i think, you'd be able to see this better.

If i draw it with a box, but i'm just going to draw these trend lines, real, quick and i'll take a box out for you. The price action was very tight. We stuck in this area for quite a while and uh consolidation is not bad right. Consolidation is loading the spring.

It gives buyers confirmation that the stock is not just going to pump and dump it's not going to just drop. It's not going to absolutely. You know, that's a good word. I get so pumped up.

It's not going to absolutely plummet um. It's it's consolidating and that's not the end of the world. So i like to see that on a stock, i, like the overall price action. The the correction was not too bad.

You know we did touch down under 30 a couple of times, but it did hang pretty neutral throughout the day. So it really wasn't that harsh of a correction, especially for a penny stock trading under a dollar. I do like the current price action on this um, and that is how we're looking right now, so i will be looking to exit my trade once i am up. You know anywhere between 20 30 40 or i see a very extreme trend reversal in which the bears are taking complete control.

I was not sold that has happened yet because, looking at the one month chart, this is still extremely bullish territory and for a swing trade. You know you're looking at two three four five days and a lot can happen in that time period. So, unless i'm down five or ten percent on my trade, i do feel comfortable in uh. Trusting what i see on the charts, trusting the news, catalyst and trusting that there is potential with the company, so that is currently how i'm sitting on ship right now uh.

If you guys got into the stock, i made a profit. I am very, very happy for you. We've done really well at trace trades um on hitting some great stocks. We've hit it on jagex.

We hit it on bngo. We hit it on pte, we hit it on zome uh. We you had a potential to hit it on ship azrx made a great bounce today. I know some people in the private discord made.

It made a pretty filthy on azrx and made a good trade. Acs tno had some awesome opportunities. They were up in the pre-market. We've presented, you guys, a lot of opportunities and i hope that you've been able to capitalize on them.

As, as i know, a bunch of people have messaged me saying dude. I am so happy that uh that you made me this money. Let me send you a bottle of whiskey, you know what i tell them. I love whiskey man all right.

That is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box for tubebuddy. Now tubebuddy has an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month.

Membership for - and it's highly what i attribute growing from zero to six thousand subscribers in a little over three weeks. So, if you're a content creator or looking to become one, i could not recommend this highly enough. It is a great tool to help get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience and if you do use my link, i will receive a commission off of your purchase at no extra cost to you. So there's a great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine, i'm just glad to have your support by taking the time to watch my videos.

So that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i will see you all next time. Peace.

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