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Guys amc is doing some nasty dirty filthy gross stuff. Today this is not bad. Let me tell you when i bought some stock. You know i oh it's just maybe maybe maybe i knew the exact plan, maybe maybe i maybe i'm some sort of who is it honestly? I was just kind of lucky, but nonetheless guys welcome back it's your boy, trey, coming back for another video, sorry that i did not post this weekend, i was out about in florida looking for a place to live once i get out of the military.

Nonetheless, today, i'd like to talk about, as you can see by the title of the video market squeeze 2.0, are you sick of getting slapped by hedge funds, market makers, institutions just holding the big fat nasty, smaller mid cap company bag very in other terms, market cap Uh, meaning total dollars in the company. Are you sick of that uh? Because i i am too right? It gets. It gets old to buy into growth stocks high uh high conviction, names that have just been getting pissed on for a very decent amount of time. Thankfully, i believe that that the time is coming very close to an end now right now on amc we're up 10 on the day.

But i think this is nothing in comparison to what i think amc will do in the majority of 2022. In short, cover positions and amc being one of what i think will be the many names within the squeeze again or the market squeeze 2.0. Now it's important to recognize that you know. Yes, we are sick of bag holding and this is getting very frustrating.

You might be even thinking to yourself did i have the wrong conviction that i buy the wrong names when, in reality, you're just facing some some obstacles that are holding you down and that obstacle very simply put our our market makers, institutions, hedge funds, that short sell. The stock and use derivatives to pin down price now the most important factor of a short seller, as as many know, is that they're later to be confirmed, buyers and when that confirmed, buy, does take place and things start turning around you're going to witness what i Think would be a squeeze again now. Amc on the day is up. You know, like i said, 11, it's it's still in this falling wedge, it's it's potentially in a bounce sort of zone, but this isn't even worth getting excited over.

Yet this is just like a nice. Oh let's get this swipe, wipe the sweat off our brow and take a breath here for a second. In reality, uh shorts haven't even covered this, yet right, shorts are still pile drived into this freaking stock, and if i pull this up and show you here really quick or text, you can see uh that we are currently sitting at 20.81 short interest of free flow. This has been going up consistently for quite some time now.

This is one of many different names that are in that sort of situation. So why is this important to talk about right? Because i said that i think you're going to see a market squeeze 2.0 and to have a squeeze means that you need shorts to cover, which means that i personally believe my conviction is that smaller mid cap companies are at the pivot point of being. True value. Buys now a great example of this is today amc released news, uh projecting for their fourth quarter revenue right and they actually had a push based off of fundamental news.

Now, there's there, we've swung back and forth with amc, specifically so many times like i've, seen it where you get good news and stock actually goes down. It's like what are you? What do you want? You know? No one cares, apparently the algorithms don't care, but today we have the opposite, which means to me that you watched a value by actually come to fruition. I choked on my spit a little bit, but i caught it that was good, uh and a value by meaning that i currently think this is a fundamental play. So if you apply that same sort of thesis right where amc got good fundamental news and it's running on pretty decent news right now to other stocks such as perhaps gamestop such as bbig such as prague, such as fuel cell plug power, any of these small mid Cap companies uh link to the video.

Where i talk about this in more detail up above uh, you can see the same sort of thesis playing out, and i said these are all value buys right now, they're, really cheap. These stocks have gone through an absolute ringer, ader being probably the worst of it. I mean they were up at 48.99 down to 245. This is just a value, buy same as amc right now.

So when you approach value, buys your your obstacles start to become an obstacle for the other team. Well, it was an obstacle for you, which is. This is being naked, short soul, it's being short, sold it's being pushed down by derivatives, whatever uh that gets more and more and more risky the closer this comes to a value buy, and that's where amc is currently sitting, i still believe even at 17.60, which is Why you saw the amount of buying pressure that you did off of fundamental news, so as you reach that divergence right, you get to the point where a stock is worth more than it's currently trading at shorts, don't have as much upside. You see that across the board of small and mid-cap companies i'll draw it up, for you very simply.

Right now check this out. I'm gon na pull my handy dandy. Microsoft, whiteboard, i'm gon na drop this divergence. So if you were to look at something uh, such as fundamental value or overvalued price right uh, it looks something like this: you got one line crossing another line crossing and then somewhere here in the median.

The middle is where you want things to be. Let's just say this is this is price, and this is value v equals value, right middle means, there's not a lot of risk for either party, but as value continues to stay up and price is down right. You watch things, sort of flip back and forth so value. This is value.

Oh, you got a little bit of a value by right here right, you kind of see my drift doesn't really match where the stock price is heading, so you get risk that goes in both directions for these stocks. You really really want to see the value eventually catch up to stock price, and that's currently, where we're sitting right now is a value buy. So i'm going to keep this decently short. I don't want to waste too much of your time, but the takeaway for me is very simple.

I cannot i'm not going to give you a date, i'm not going to give you a month, i'm not going to give you a dollar sign. I think that's irresponsible. I'd get pissed off when people do that. I i don't think it's the right thing to do, but i will tell you this.

I do think that 2022, you are going to see a couple things happen, i'm going to give you my guess in terms of what the catalyst will be. I do think you're gon na see shorts cover in small and mid cap companies, meaning that i think you're gon na see a repeat of what happened in january uh a year ago with amc gamestop bed bath and beyond nokia blackberry. It might be different names, but the premise will still be the same, and that premise is that shorts are gon na get anally fisted by longs retail money. I think what's currently holding it back is that a lot of retail money is sort of in a position where it's already tied up right.

It's already, maybe in it for amc. For example, in the 30s, the 35s, the 40s people are just waiting for their time to come, where they're at break. Even so, you know retail every two weeks they put in more money, they put in more money, but the end of the day. What you're, really waiting for patiently uh is either a institutional money or b sure it's the covered positions, and how do you get either of those two things to happen? That brings me to my second point.

What i think the catalyst will be these small mid cap companies are going to have fundamental news that is greater than uh the current value, which is why i think it's a value, buy it's a value play at the current moment or you're going to enter another Raging bull market led by some sort of economic growth. Currently, i think we're still in some wish wash area right. You look at the spy. You look at the last couple days or so uh you're getting a little bit of a bounce.

Still in a it's a little bit of washi territory, this could be a continuation of a bear market. So what i think you're gon na be watching for is what could be another roaring twenties and that's uh, that's something i! I can't believe i'm saying this when jim cramer said this, i don't even think this is what he meant, but he stated uh very blatantly that he believes that america is bound for another roaring 20s esque sort of uh run, and i think that that's actually a Fair point to bring up in terms of especially if you're looking at 100 years ago, the similarities between the industrial revolution and what i would consider to be the technological revolution. A lot of absolutely disgusting growth in sectors such as tech, which could lead to another economic push, we'll see right either way. Those are the two things that i'm watching for you're watching for institutional money, uh to get retail back to a point where, where most of these names, such as amc, gamestop, bed, bath and beyond blackberry, aider bbig, prague wish, whatever uh microvision, even where they're back above Their break-even point right and you want shorts to cover positions which i think comes from - that divergence between fundamental value, the value by right and actual stock price.

So that's where we're at, i think small, mid cap companies are all uh value buyers right now. I think they're under undervalued - fundamentally, i think, amc, gamestop, aider, bed, bath and beyond all these different names are uh are due for some boom boom candles, and i think 2022 is that year so get excited about today. My friends right, it's a good day. It's a good day to have a good day.

It's nice to see some break. It's a good three-day stretch of actual green candles, which is a break from the madness uh, but there's there's more to come and you're just gon na have to be a little bit patient to get to get where you want to go ultimately at the at the End of the road and then, if you want to wipe your hands clean, the small mid cap companies, man, i wouldn't blame you at all and that's what i've got for this video so i'll catch. You guys on the next one as always much love, light taps and peace.

By Trey

23 thoughts on “Squeeze 2.0”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KryptoKnife says:

    Love how it didnt move pass 17 later in the day when the Snp and Nas ripping but AMC stays at 17

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Let's Go Brandon says:

    Not a squeeze when we've been to $72. We should be higher than GameStop. If you're selling at this price you shouldn't be buying stocks

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars marco bertolini says:

    What a great video Trey. You are an inspiration for every Ape. Thanks brother !

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vince LaMantia says:

    Shouldn't this video be re-titled Squeeze 1.0 since there hasn't been a first one….

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JDthaMC says:

    Not sweating my captain. Calm cool diamond handed smooth brained ape here just chilling til MOON TIME BABY

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Galin Krastev says:

    I don't understand why they just don't cover…..Jesus Christ already…..can't wait till this is over

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  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hector Rueda says:

    Gonna predict will be back in the lower teens again and not touch 20 for a while ..god i hope I'm wrong

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrCaptainCrazy says:

    How in the hell was there over 1/5 of the share traded today and it not skyrocket?

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    It's good to see Trey smile again, and it's good to see you back, my friend.

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    I havenโ€™t sold, this is my retirement. Letโ€™s get those suits!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glizzy W/Mustard says:

    Your intro song and then say squeeze 2.0 it wouldโ€™ve went so well

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    That's awesome. That means this gets to stretch out another few months and AMC jewtubers get to bank more $$$$$$$$$$

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