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Charles Gasparino is a man that must be stopped.
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This whole cogan of a man must be stopped. This toaster oven has gone on too long. His push-ups are too ferocious. His vodka sipping is too nasty to be able to endure, and i just cannot sit by the sidelines anymore.

I got ta talk about him and i am gon na dig into a lot of different stuff regarding this guy and the role that he has played in the stock market over the last 10 months, and i think the best way that i can show you the Character of this man is to show you this video above my screen, right now with charles payne and charles gasparino and you're, just gon na be able to see sort of the thesis in which he stands by, regardless of any information. That's put out in front of him. This was recorded on january 29th, the day after or two days after all, the nonsense that took place with agency and gamestop when they took away the buy button and people lost a lot of money now watch this here. Really quick and we're gon na get into the rest of this guy right and then let me tell you one thing: charlie.

Let me tell you one thing: let me tell look at the short thesis on charlie, charlie charlie. Let me just tell you one thing, though: let me just tell you one thing i bought blackberry in my own account in my own account a year almost a year ago, makes no sense this morning answer. Let charleston answer go ahead. Who cares about your thesis? Who cares about your thesis? Who are you? Who are you? Who cares about your thesis? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you, god dang? The jekyller just went straight for it guys charles gasparino in case you're, not familiar with this guy.

He is a fox business figurehead, so to speak, who has been very anti gamestop in amc, i don't even say gamestop so much as amc over the last 10 months ever since everything that took place back in january, he made it very clear what his stance was In that whole debacle - and it was that shorts and short interest can be over 100 such as you saw with gamestop very clearly on signified data right without there being a problem, because it is legal per se where you can have one share, that's lent out the Person who's then lending out to another person, who's, then lending out to another person, which creates four shares in the place of one share to me that doesn't sound like a fair market. That sounds like purposeful, uh targeting of a stock right, but nonetheless he stands by that. He believes that shorts serve a role in the market to defraud companies, and while that is true right, it is absolutely 100 true that there are times in which it may be. Okay to short stock, the weapon itself right, depending on how you use it.

If you're going with a knife to a kid and you're, you know doing something: bad, that's a whole different ball game than defending against crime, defending against a fraud right, that's entirely different! If that's not what you saw take place with gamestop and amc now he is an american journalist, a blogger, a radio host blah blah blah an author. You can see all his his stuff here, but he joined fox back in 2010 after he left cnbc and this guy, as you can tell by charles payne right here. In fact, later in the interview i went through the whole thing he actually goes on to say: i'm gon na leave this interview because he just keeps talking over me. Uh he's he's not a cup of tea that a lot of people like to sip on.

I like sipping on kraken, but if i was to drink tea, i'd probably spit that right in the freaking toilet i'll tell you that right now, but nonetheless, charles casparino has been a public basher of amc stock for a very long time. You can go back on his twitter and look for months and months and months and months and all of his arguments against what the apes stand, for, which is more market transparency, to dig into shorts that are specifically in maliciously targeting angie stock and a lot of The bad practices that have taken place within the stock market for a very long time, for instance, payment for overflow - is this an issue within brokers? I don't think i think it's a top down it trickles right sort of thing where you have brokers, who are forced to use payment for order flow, because that's the market that's built around them, which derives from the people at the top market makers who incentivize payment For overflow, he believes this man that payment for overflow is not an issue, and he also goes against everything that the apes stand for. In fact, he has this reply in which he slapped down. On one of my tweets that i said i said this, i got ta say liz clayman.

You are one entertaining chicken that segment with charles gasparino with some freaking gold stop screaming. In my ear, i'm not saying anything. I freaking love that, but nonetheless i i just told her, i appreciate her and he comes back with this. He has the the kahuna's, the nut stack to say the sec gov and he tags the sec by the way, just prove beyond a doubt.

There's no widespread naked shorting abuse, no moass, no dark pool abuse all these stuff. I don't know if that even makes sense all these stuff all these stuff, thanks for coming and replying to me, and not even being grammatically correct, that's like uh, okay! I'll take the time here to uh just type up some message: it'll take me 20 seconds yeah. I showed this guy. I showed this guy.

I showed this freaking monkey, but nonetheless, all these stuff you guys have been touting, is now off the table, and i replied with this, and i do believe this to be absolutely 100. True, charles beyond a doubt, implies absolute substantiating evidence. Failing to provide evidence against the claim doesn't prove the claim. False i've been i've, seen a piece or two about madoff who, by the way, pioneered your beloved payment for order flow and recall the sec being slow.

Then too, you'll see now made up bernie madoff in case you do not know who this guy is. Is the man who pioneered payment for order flow, bernie madoff was also behind the us's largest ponzi scheme to ever get defrauded right? He stole hundreds of millions and potentially billions of dollars from regular everyday people right. He drew in a bunch of people into a scam and he won and the product that he pioneered payment for order flow, which is widely utilized by many people within the stock market. Such as citadel, who, by the way back in 2004, did not support payment for order flow.

All utilize, this right, it's a tool, that's very readily utilized where people get a kickback market makers. Getting kicked back. Uh are not not. Market makers brokers get a kickback to route orders to market makers, because that is a way that they make money right now.

He is against all these things. I'm actually going to show you this with this little short clip right here with liz clayman. This guy is making a very bold statement. He says the sec is never going to do anything about you guys.

He doesn't care about what you have to say: he's not giving a about retail investors you're not going to see any change, there's no negative abuse. There's no problems with the stock market. He thinks it operates absolutely fine, and i cannot wait for the date that this freaking silly meatball is proven absolutely 100 without a doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt wrong, because i know that day is going to come. There's so many eyes on this, so many people that were cheated just like back in 2008.

Now guess what do you think? Back in 2008 you had the federal reserve, the sec and all these big freaking politicians and mainstream media figureheads coming out and saying yep. That's fraud, that's uh that they got robbed. They got stolen from no absolutely not there's not a chance that that happened, because nobody wants to admit when there's massive fraud within an entire country and you're watching that same sort of thing happen here again now watch this clip with liz claiman, because she she's got. Ah, some diamond ovaries i'll tell you what oh liz i'll give you.

My number give me my number. If you want it i'll tell you that right now masters, i think that's great, but i pointed out some facts he's not protecting anybody. Here's the irony, the the so he he's referring to gary gensler gary gensler in case you do not know - is the chief of the sec he's backing all he's sort of the figurehead right. You can think of him, as the president, so to speak, quote unquote of the sec he's in charge of watching a fair market, protecting investors that sort of thing and he's making a statement here that he does not care he's not doing anything he's sitting on the Sidelines this 45-page report that came out about gamestop and amc and all these different meme stocks, blackberry bed, bath and beyond they reference a whole bunch of different stuff.

In a paragraph in that right, gamestop is the majority of it. Nonetheless, he is saying that he doesn't care gary gensler is not going to do anything he's sitting on the sidelines and that all these conspiracy theories quote unquote are garbage now watch this. This is this is really something interesting: the apes, the apes think that he's protecting him. No, you shut down all their conspiracy theories.

You got it all wrong. They do. They think he's like he's going to end he's going to end payment forward to flow he's going to bring down kenny g he's not doing anything that report was. It was basically said: the markets are working, fine and there's no conspiracy theories, there's no naked short selling.

There's no dark manipulation period, charlie, okay, cut them up quickly before that's some gold. I love that. I love that come off get get this freaking get this get this toaster oven out of here man, oh dude, i i wouldn't be able to handle his. I was gon na, say freaking, but then i set the f word.

It kind of got mixed in there. I couldn't handle this hulk hogan like uh muscularity either, but nonetheless, my take away from that is. He is saying, without a shadow of a doubt that two things he's saying the sec is not gon na. Do anything they're sitting on the sidelines of that we, as retail investors, think that they're going to protect us.

My response to that is very simple. I don't think it's out of the ordinary to expect the figurehead, the entity whose job is learning to protect investors, to do exactly that, to protect investors and for him to come out here with the cockiness to say. They're expecting this and it's not going to happen. It's funny.

It's irony, it's it's! It's! It's just hilarious! To watch right when that's really, i don't think out of the ordinary to expect in the first place, but you can come back and combat it by saying we don't need them right. This is going to get done. There's too many people making noise there's too many people that care, and that won't be quiet for this to just go over the sidelines for this not to make physical, tangible change, and i stand by that. The second statement is this: payment for order flow, dark, pool, abuse, naked short selling.

All these things were debunked and the most important and critical thing to say about that is. You cannot debunk something without providing evidence. They said they did not have evidence, but you have to provide evidence to debunk a claim like that. If this, then this is unlikely right, that doesn't mean it's not happening and the most important thing.

What i really hope happens. I am going to laugh so hard. So hard, i'm gon na make a video specifically talking about this moment. If this happens, i would love i'm not expecting it not on the least bit, but i would love to see the ssc come out with a secondary report, saying we are investigating something like dark pools, something like naked short selling, something like uh.

The bid and house spreads something like i don't know: freaking uh payment for overflow, anything any of the things that we as the apes have been talking about. It would make my day i would die laughing. I would literally make a video just 30 seconds of me sitting in my chair going. I would laugh so hard if that were to happen, because it just shows you how much these guys on mainstream media talk out of their ass.

This guy should not be taking. You should be taking that even with a grain of salt, not with a grain of pepper, he should be taken with a freaking like a grain of cat litter dude. I wouldn't even i don't anything he says: man wipe it because it is just a bunch of baloney and i'm gon na close it off with this back here he said: why would you buy game? Stop at 50. Look at it now right! You were wrong, it doesn't matter what your thesis is man, it does not matter.

If you think something's gon na happen, it doesn't even matter if i think you're right or, if i think, you're wrong. You just have to be right and you were wrong. He was wrong. He was flat out wrong.

Gamestop is doing well, amc is doing well. Both stocks have absolutely crushed shorts over the last 10 months. Amc is up over 1800 percent, or at least it was until today right. Maybe seventeen hundred percent gamestop up, probably just as much or more there's no argument here for what he has to say: there's nothing and there's more to come and when the date comes, when amc hits an all-time high.

I'm just gon na sit here in my chair. I'm gon na clap my hands and i'm gon na laugh. Knowing that apes were right, you guys are, i do not believe a morsel of my body. I don't believe in a morsel of it that the apes are wrong here and guys like this.

I see the comments where people like you're just giving this guy a platform, and i don't believe it like that. I believe in it as exposing fraudsters, because i think what he says is a bunch of baloney. I think he's just trying to tout his expertise and he's stroking his ego, just like he's stroking his freaking down right, trying to make himself feel like the big man and that's garbage. That's not it.

That's not american! That's not an american thing to do. Americans stand by each other and they help each other grow. They help each other, learn they educate. They bring others along with them.

That's my american dream. That's what i want to see. Why would you want to see the demise of millions of people right for what to stroke? Your ego doesn't make sense to me man. I want to see everybody win.

I want to see you guys win and that's ultimate. It comes down to that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah drop a like consider, subscribing whatever you want to do. My friends catch y'all in the next one, much love like taps and peace.

By Trey

23 thoughts on “This man must be stopped”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Roberto Gallegos says:

    The FBI needs to get involved not just the SEC. Believe me, if they where to get involved to collect evidence, checkmate.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Fox says:

    SEC is supposed to protect us, but I don't expect them to, because they are all connected to the big financial corps. They just recycle those goons, from the private sector to the gov and back again. Just look at Jay Clayton, Bill Hinman, and our newest boy Gary.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A Romero says:

    Marc Cohodes wants to debate Gasparino about about this. This is the same short-seller that was interviewed by Matt Kohrs recently. He is an ape ally. I tweeted Marc and Liz Claman from FoxBusiness. Amazingly, Marc responded and wants this to happen. Can we get support for this to get Liz’s attention? If not her, Charles Payne may want to do this. If this debate happens, it will be epic. Cohodes and Gasparino seem to not get along.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Big Dwicks says:

    Liz dissing Gasperino's muscle, that's a lip quiver for the ages

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark R says:

    Stroking his ego just like he’s stroking his …😂😂😂 Love you Trey!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NeutronX101 says:

    Its like saying the election wasn’t stolen when they shut down all investigations and swept everything under the rug snd how dare you even criticize the system when the DNC Literally paid off $200 million to dominion that made the voting machines, last minute software updates and yes the cote by mail biggest scam perpetuated on the American people. America the dictatorship.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NeutronX101 says:

    Wow that SEC report was a total JOKE🤡. If there was no squeeze why did the shorts were scrambling to cover? Why was their congressional hearings on some guy who made couple of million whereas the scum makes billions. Where are their congressional hearings. They (SEC and congress) want us to be poor forever. Thats why new SEC rules are to hurt the retail or what they say is “protect” retail from themselves. SEC makes me sick.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NeutronX101 says:

    The whole stock market is manipulated by the these scum. They own the SEC. They play the games while we peasants trying to survive off their scraps.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ace Ventura says:

    OH Charles, you silly sausage. lets go APES. Great video Trey thank you for the hard work. Have a great day apes.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars phoenix6969zero2 says:

    Nooooo, when that day comes, he will say its retails fault and we are thieves…. I'll take the blame while I rub a million dollars across my balls…. mmmm my fault

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AdamsCan 4u says:

    Gasparino is just exercising his right to try and divide us. We won’t let him win.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BaldSimian says:

    Can someone make a buffet style image but quote Payne “Who are you?” – Charles MF Payne

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sandra manning says:

    god could you imagine if we win and we get a better, more transparent stock market. everything that i learn from the stock market i teach my kiddos and i hope we win so that they can have a future that better than my idiot brain could never imagine. keep fighting charels. you're fighting for economic freedom, you're fighting for the little people which seems to be better than what most people are willing to do anymore. i know that the peacock news station is going to crucify us for what's gonna happen to the stock market but i hope we win and this fight changes the stock market and hopefully when all is said and done hopefully we're setting the foundation for an incredible future.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rasheed H. says:


  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Russell Lederman says:

    Great Pro-America quote. But, stop eating at Subway. They pay an America-Hater to represent their company. She was deliberately chosen! What????

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pascalle vd Watering says:

    No Darkpool abuse? hahahaha….. hahahah. yeah… hahahahahahaha.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Earl Nasty says:

    You guys can feel how you want pfof is a problem but dark pools are worst. At least with dark pools gone all trades most go through Lit exchanges All buying power Or selling power will be properly viewed by the price

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars paintflw says:

    Really like Payne's reason and demeanor in interviews,…. and can't stand Gasparino

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DUXF4N says:

    Gasparino, Rivera, Williams and Napolitano are the main reason I had to stop watching FNC.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bryan C says:

    He's like greenfeld. They are delusional and don't answer the question when asked. They avoid the obvious answer and create some stupid narrative to try and create doubt. Charles G and greenfeld need to be ignored as they are useless shills

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars aaron atinsky says:

    Love what you do Trey!!! Not selling until I see 5 to 7 digits! Don't care how long it takes! AMC has taught me patients pays!

    1997 Amazon was $1.50 now…$3,800+
    2019 Tesla was in the $40s
    1981 Berkshire Hathaway was $200/share…now close to $500,000.00/share.

    Just buying and Holding!!!

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MarkDaytrader says:

    All the meme stocks will continue to sell off, the only thing keeping them up is the long side of the trade by hedge funds alog’s and day traders. Retail has no firepower and will be buried like cat shit in a litter box. The fact the Apes actually think they can beat Wall street at their own corrupt game is laughable , Yes the Hedge guys got nailed with GME back in January and again in February , that was plain stupidity and greed on their part , they learned and adapted. Pretty much same for AMC .

    You people are way out of your league , there will not be an AMC short squeeze , shorts are not in the hole and losing money , they have been shorting since $60 and making a killing on options. All the dark pool , naked shorts etc etc is Bullshit used to influence naïve people who need something to hold on to along with their shares. The vast majority of people I see on Investment or other social media forums don’t really understand what’s going on . Trey I understand you have this You Tube and make good money from it , can’t blame you if I was younger and motivated I would do the same thing . However I know most of the people take what you say as gospel without having any understanding of what’s behind it .

    Ok this was a long rant .

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Mehrten says:

    well AMC is a burned out candle!!!!!! apes holding doesnt help the stock go up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus a lot of people sold AMC to put into DWAC and PHUN!!!!!!!! i think you need to move on from AMC bro!!!!! your channel is getting boring, we all here to invest and make money!!!!!! Not listen about one stock for 8 months everyday!!!!!

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