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In this video, we discuss why AMC stock hasn't squeezed yet, specifically talking about hedge fund shorting and manipulation, the psychology of charts, and what we can expect to see before it squeezes.
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Good morning, krusty crew, oh, what is up what's up everybody, it's your boy, trey from trace trades. I think that's what they call me welcome back to the channel we're gon na go over. Why amc has not squeezed yet, and this has been a question - that's been talked about quite a bit. I think some people are getting impatient and it makes sense right this.

This battle has been going on for a freaking long time, we've gone through some trials and tribulations ever since late january. Right we got the setup back on what would have been i'd say. January 19th is when we first got a sign of why you know amc was a potential squeeze stock. It ran up to 25 bucks.

It dropped down to five dollars for a long time consolidated. It has been a freaking roller coaster of emotions, fear, uncertainty and doubt that has been spread by the news by xyz different sources and the apes who've been doing their dd their homework and will not give this thing up until it ends up squeezing. So we're going to talk about why this hasn't squeezed yet - and this is going to be our main bullet points that we go over here today. So i want to talk about the short ammunition, i'm going to kind of go over what i mean by this, because it's a very broad topic that has a lot of different moving pieces.

I want to talk about the psychology of charts and then i want to talk about how you're going to know that the stock is squeezing how you know that the game is over. They've kicked the can down the road as far as they can go and, and they have, they can't delay the inevitable anymore, and that's essentially what it is right. So think about it like this. If you knew the exact day that amc was gon na squeeze, even if it took five years, and you had that once in a lifetime opportunity to essentially hit the handle on a freaking jackpot spin and win a million dollars at the casino right, would you take That chance, would you wait the five years? That's essentially what this is, except we don't know the end day right.

This is about the best shot that you've got at a winning lottery ticket, probably in your entire life. This is the best odds that i've ever seen. You know my very short, 23 years of experience for a hand-held uh. You know lottery winning tickets, so let's just start off here and go through the videos so number.

One reason why this has not started to squeeze yet is because of short ammunition. Right can kicking. Now, what do i mean by this? Well if we come over here to the charts, i want to show you this. I want to show you or text right, so we can see that we have this first major run up from two dollars all the way up to 25..

This was a mini squeeze. I'd say this is a combination of gamma, squeezing which is the idea of call options that were previously out the money pushing themselves in the money because of price action, and these end up getting hedged for by market makers. Now, what does that mean? Delta hedging, or essentially hedging against the fact that you're expecting that these call options are going to be exercised, is the act of market makers purchasing stock from market value so that they have stock available for if people decide to exercise their options, this ends up driving Price up right, so we saw this first run up to 20 25 in the pre-market, by the way it says 20 on here, because it doesn't show pre-market or after hours. But i ran up to 25 bucks and that was a combination of a couple of shorts covering with gamma squeezing right and it ended up dropping back down.

So why do i bring this up? Why am i talking about short ammunition? Well back here we had 150 million total shares, whether we like it or not, amc stock did end up diluting some shares, so they had more shares to play with. Let's come over here to ortex and i'll show you what i'm talking about. So you can see that, according to ortex, we've got 100 utilization and this number dropped drastically after the massive squeeze. I mean look at this: it was 100 utilization and dropped all the way down to 68 utilization, which is an astronomical drop right.

This is because amc stock ended up diluting a pretty fair amount. They did in a smart way right. They did it back here, i would say uh somewhere in between these zones. It ended up running up to 25 bucks right.

They had to do what they had to dilute. However, the the consequence of that was that we saw that amc stock had more short opportunities right, there's more shorts to play with they. They were maybe able to get out of some of their naked short positions, and it made this very slow, long build up back to where we are now at 100 utilization and where we've been hanging for literally over a week now right. So since we had that shared dilution, we had more shares available to short positions.

They were able to play with more ammunition right. More available shares means more shares on loan, which we've already freaking scooped up man, i mean they have absolutely destroyed all the shares on loan and are holding almost all of them, which leads to more short interest. In fact, you look at the short interest rate now. 23.23 percent is actually higher than it was when we squeezed the first time, which is something that i think a lot of people aren't really talking about.

This is as squeezable as it's ever been, but this is still getting can kicked right there. They're short in this position, they're they're delaying the inevitable right now. This brings me into some of the more legal acts that are happening right, shorting stock in and of itself, not illegal. We see that you know clear as day the stock went from 20 down to five, because there was just not a lot of utilization they'd covered a lot of these shorts had covered positions, not all of them right.

That's why we still had 68 utilization, which means that 68 of all available shares for lending were out on loan. But that's not a maxed out right. It leaves them some leeway so that if they get a bad entry on their short position, they can double down. On the top double down on the top double down on the top over and over and over, which led them to here right, 100 utilization.

We saw that move up to 14. Now, look at this guys! Look at this. This is not an accident. 100 utilization drops down, you see it pop up to 14 bucks, we've been 100 utilization for over a week.

Now i can. I am certain i am 99 certain when i say the next move is going to be more violent than 14 bucks and it's going to continue this stair-stepping move to where we got to go, but nonetheless, i want to get into the legal acts right. Naked shorting ladders, algorithms aren't necessarily legal, but they are definitely abused in ious, and these are all a sort of short ammunition and when they're able to manipulate the stock price to keep it down. Even though this is not a sound and just short position to be held, so what is naked, shorting right, naked shorty could be thought of as this i'm gon na scroll down here and just draw it out really quick.

So if you have a single share of well, let's say we have 100 shares right, 100 shares of amc stock and all of these shares. These are all what are available for shorting right. These are all out on loan, they've already been lent out, and you have another hedge fund over here. We're going to call them.

Hedgie hedgie over here wants to short again right, but all a hundred shares are out on loan. So what happens is is uh. He can actually create a synthetic share, a share that does not exist and short it into the market, so he just creates out of nowhere. Another 100 shares and shorts it into the market.

Now i've gone over this a million times in case you're new to the channel. This creates a shift in supply and demand right if you increase supply, if we're supposed to have 400 million shares that are circulating on the market and all of a sudden, if you have you know you have a thousand of these right, a thousand of these hundred It adds up right. It shifts that that supply which decreases demand right. So let's say that this is high.

This is low. This is high. This is low right. This is supply right here now.

Every time that you shift supply over you decrease demand. Supply demand right that demand divergence, point, gets lower and lower and lower. So this is creating a synthetic selling pressure on the stock, because shares are not supposed to be circulating like this. I want to bring this up, because this is something that's been asked.

A million times i don't have an answer for you, but i'll give you my speculation is the share recount right. When is that going to happen? Has it happened? Adam aaron hasn't said anything amc hasn't said anything. However. They talked about a share recount in a proxy statement.

This is binded by the sec, it's a legally binding document and they said they're going to do a share recount right. So we haven't heard anything yet. Does this mean that it hasn't happened? No, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Maybe it means that maybe maybe it has it.

I don't know, but what i think has happened is they did the share recount and they haven't said anything yet. Why do you think they took the 500 million share authorization off the table? They had said that the only purpose for that 500 million authorization was for the long term, three years, five years, 10 years down the road. They would not take that off the table if they needed it in the short term right. So i don't think it's a coincidence that they took that 500 miniature authorization off the table and they they haven't, announced anything about the share recount yet and furthermore, i don't think it's a coincidence that they're talking about this 43 million share authorization either trying to take Advantage of short-term market uh opportunities - i mean think about this.

If they know the actual account on amc stock is higher than it's supposed to be. Maybe it's 500 million, maybe it's 700. Maybe it's a billion who freaking knows right. I've seen different numbers of different dd's.

No all of it's speculation, but we we can assume that it's higher than it's supposed to be just based on the way that this is traded in the past right. So if they think there's more shares circulating than it should be, and they can somehow crack down. On this and expose it that is going to astronomically move the stock price, which means that adam aaron and amc themselves will be able to take advantage of those 43 million shares strategically in a smart business way to to make money on the move up. When all those shares are exposed and forcibly covered right, so naked shoring is a way that they're able to kick.

This can down the road they have been naked, shorting the stock, i think for basically the entire last four months, which is why we've seen so much freaking ups and downs highs and lows swings and valleys. You know how it is right, so that's naked shorting ladder attacks right now. This is a project that takes place between two different hedge funds. Let's say that you've got two hedges over here hedge fund, a hedge fund b.

They will use algorithm trading and i've talked about this on my live streams before. But if you look at level twos on amc stock, you can see that they usually set up sent by sent by said, spreads across the level twos on the ask side right and what they'll do they'll do it on the bid side as well, is they'll buy And sell in very, very very small increments for one two three cent gains so that they can slowly ladder the stock down. It's essentially, you can think of it like this right. You've got hedge fund here, a hedge fund b hedge fund, a sells stock to hedge fund b, sells this stock right.

He sells 100 shares, maybe we'll say a thousand shares right sells it at 10. Hedge fund b uh will then come back and sell. These same shares at 9.99 back to hedge fund a and they will go back and forth like this in an algorithmic way to ladder down a stock price over and over and over and over until it ends up dropping it down five percent: six percent: seven percent. Ten percent and we've seen that happen day over day over day in amc stock.

I i can almost guarantee you that this happened when it ran up to 14 bucks momentum was astronomical, ridiculous, stupid momentum and it dropped off of very, very, very low volume. We've seen the numbers we've seen the statistics. We know that the majority of people who have bought amc are holding the the buying versus selling pressure is stupid. It's like 95 buying five percent selling, so the only possible way that this could be driving down is by a combination of short selling, naked short selling and ladder short selling right ladder, attacks short ladder, attacks, we've seen it happen over and over and over, and that's Why another reason why amc stock hasn't squeezed yet right? Last thing i want to talk about is: i will use.

This is a big big, big piece of this, and this ties into the supply and demand chain that i was talking about here just a second ago, but the ious creates synthetic selling pressure on the stock right. So, if we're supposed to have, let's just look at the total float on this total float, is 417 million shares right. So we're supposed to have 417 million shares, but you've got maybe two times as many shares out as they're supposed to be. Let's say: let's say it's: 850 million total right, which is entirely possible.

It's speculative right. Nobody knows, nobody knows the actual number of shares circulating, except for maybe amc and adam aaron, but you know you know speculatively speaking if there's 850 million shares that are actually circulating in ious right that is going to affect amc's stock price, it's going to keep it Down it's hard to make moves like that when there's when the shares that are out that shouldn't exist, think about it like this right likely, the apes are holding these ious and synthetic shares. Why do i say that right so there's a couple different ways that these come to be failure to delivers ftds, which are essentially call options expire in the money and they are not delivered right. They exercise their share their other options.

They don't get their actual shares. They get ious instead, this is one way that ious can circulate into retail investor hands. Another way right is, if you have hedge funds, that naked short into the market, every transaction is between two people right. So if they're selling the stock, somebody has to buy the stock and the people who are buying it primarily, are you and me, the apes, the retail investors right, which means that we are likely holding a lot of synthetic shares.

Iou shares - and this means that the majority of actual shares being held are probably out on loan being held by institutional investors or being held by the company itself right, and this is creating an immense immense immense amount of selling pressure. Now don't be wrong, don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong in the least bit right. This is not going to hurt us we're, not the ones that are going to pay for that, because this we held up our end of the deal right. We paid for stock and expectation that we get stock back.

This is going to come back into the hands of market makers, hedge funds, all the people who handle the transactions of the actual stock itself. They will get slapped. Hedge funds will get freaking clapped it's going to be bad, it's and that's. What's going to end up moving the stock, which brings me into my next point right.

I want to talk about psychology of charts. Why another reason why this hasn't squashed, yet now i've talked about white housing scores in terms of the shorting right, so the i would say this is ninety percent of it. Ninety percent of us hasn't exposed yet is because of hedge funds that are manipulating stock. Kicking the can down the road and waiting for their freaking last day on earth, they're dropping every last drop of blood onto the ground.

They want to be blood dry if they're going to get out of this freaking stock. Next is the psychology of charts, so i've got two boxes kind of zoned up right here right. I've got this zone right here in this zone right here, and it's no coincidence that both of these times were right before some pretty decent moves on the stock. Now, what do you see? That's in common right, you get about one two, three, four, five, six, seven straight days of nice, green upward trend, one two, three, four: five, six straight days of nice, green upward trend and as well, you have a nice bump in volume.

So, let's look at this right. You see a steady increase, i mean outside of one little asterisk and outlier right here and an increase in volume. You jumped up from 160 million to 249 million 179 62, 265, 434 391 and then the massive 1.2 billion day that'll go down in history forever right. Those are two things that i am looking for when i'm waiting for amc stock to squeeze and that's psychology of charts and i'll show you this as another example right six straight green days right here and a steady increase in volume, 128 million, 39, 165, 263, 33 And then 439 million on this day alone, you saw the entire float of the market.

The entire float of the stock circulate one time over and if apes haven't sold right if the majority of stock is being held by retail investors by apes. This leads me to believe that their ious synthetic shares naked shorts circulating in the market, more shares than should exist, and i don't think amc is stupid. I don't think they're dumb. I think they see this they're like holy toledo bop.

Second, this is a bunch of it's a bunch of it makes sense right. On this day alone, 439 million shares were traded either way, you see the exact same trend both times now. Human psychology is very, very, very simple. The psychology of charts is, is fear and greed people want to buy when a stock is running up, they get greedy, it's the fomo right and people want to sell when the stock is going down.

That is the basics of human psychology. Now think about it. Like this, if you were just a random ape who knew nothing about amc, because that's that's essentially what we're looking for right now, we we, as retail investors, who want amc stock to go up, have very saturated markets in amc stock right. The people who are in amc stock right now are probably pretty close to as much liquidity as they're going to push into the stock.

Maybe not right, i'm going to continue to add, i'm still going to get paid, but nonetheless you are looking at the retail investors who don't know anything about amc, so why would they take a buy and a stab at amc stock right now, if it's trading sideways, That the volume's low - it doesn't look very juicy right now when there's other stocks in the market, like microvision mara tcat. All these other stocks that have ran stupid stupid amounts over the last couple of months. Why would they? Why would they pick amc right now right and that's no day on amc, because i still think this is 100 squeezable, but i don't think that right now the chart set up the psychology of the charts. Is there right because people want to buy when the volume is slowly increasing they want to buy when the stock is slowly going up, they want to buy when all the indicators are lining up, you've got the 15 mm crossing over the 200 ema.

You've got really great bullish action. You see some shorts starting to cover right. People will hop into this. In my personal opinion, when everything is almost at its road end right, they're going to wait for that volume to start picking up get back in the 300 million.

The 400 million range - the 500 million range - maybe the billion range. I think the second time around. This is just an opinion, but i think the second time around we're going to crush this 1.2 billion volume number, because this happened on 150 million shares of total float. So i think that is gon na go out.

The window you're gon na see maybe two billion three billion four billion in total volume when this thing freaking squeezes, which leads me into my final point. How will you know when this is going to squeeze right? I think that's the question that everybody wants to know. How are you going to know? This is freaking game over there's, four things that i'm looking for right, i'm looking for volume, i'm looking for trend, i'm looking for news, and i want to look at the other stocks. So, let's dissect these one by one right volume.

We need the volume to go up. It is true that stocks can squeeze on low volume right it. It that's entirely true, but with amc stock i don't think that's the case and it's because we've got 417 million. Total shares outstanding.

You know not outstanding, but in the free float and then on top of that, i believe personally, there's a lot of naked short positions that have been sold into the market, meaning that a lot of us are holding ious synthetic shares that should not exist right, which Dilutes the actual price of the stock, it dilutes the demand. So in order to get that going, we need the volume to go up because there are likely a lot more than 417 million shares that are actually floating in the market right now. So i'm looking for 400 million 500 million, you know shares of total volume and it has to be a good majority green volume right. That's what i'm looking for to get this back into the momentum to swing back into that 14 range, which i think is ultimately going to lead us to the promised land right next thing i'm looking for is overall trend, so you want to see an uptrend, a Continuous one, two three four five: six, maybe like a whole straight week of good slow growth trading volume that is going to lead us to the promised land of getting some shorts to start covering their positions.

Right, that's the next thing and you can tie this into volume as well a slow growth and trend in total volume. You can see that this has happened two times as a guy who likes technical analysis, i pay attention to trends. I pay attention to history right. We can very very easily analyze this both times at amc has had their most major moves in the last four months.

The same thing happened: you had a straight week of nice, still slow, steady growth and a nice week of slow, steady growth in volume happened here happened here: right, slow, steady growth in volume, slow, steady growth in volume up to 14 bucks up to 11 bucks right. It's actually three times, we've seen it happen three times: slow growth in volume, slow growth in price, slow growth and volume, slow growth and price ran up to 14 bucks right we're looking for that again, and it's just not there. Yet we had a slow and steady setup for it right here right. We had this.

This slow one, two three four five six straight days right here and it just didn't end up paying out this time right. I personally believe that you're seeing a lot of shorts that are naked, showing the stock they're pushing this down as heavy as they can and it might take a week or two or three right to get back into that heavy momentum, but keep the macroscopic trend in Mind guys we're still setting those higher lows we're still setting those higher highs. This is squeezing up. This is making its freaking move, no matter how long it takes news is going to be the next piece and think abstractly.

When you think about news right, this doesn't need to be something as simple as amc releases, some stupid ridiculous article right i mean that could definitely be the catalyst. But what i mean by news is maybe this gets picked up on reddit? Maybe this gets trending on twitter again, maybe stock twist goes absolutely ape over amc stock. Nonetheless, you need some sort of catalyst that is going to drive momentum and keep it moving for a very long time. If you think back on, when this stock ran up to 25, the last time this was all anybody was talking about that in of itself that kind of hype, that kind of rumor that kind of catalyst was what drove it all the way up to 25, as It sits right now right if you're an average ape average retail investor who knew nothing about amc stock.

There's nothing. You have to dig really deep into the weeds. I mean think about this. All the dtcc filings all the dd that apes have done all the news that takes a lot of time to digest.

That's a lot of freaking research right, so at face value, you need a catalyst that is going to attract. It's got to be a sexy, freaking catalyst. That's going to get people excited to look at amc stock right, that's going to be the next thing that we're looking for, lastly, is other stocks. This is how you're going to know that it is freaking game time.

It is squeeze time i 100 believe this is going to happen again, you're going to see not just amc, not just gamestop, but a handful of other stocks are going to squeeze all at the same time. It happened back here when we scrolled up to 25 bucks. I remember it was: it was blackberry, nokia, amc, gamestop, aal, cos uh freaking, i think ctr had a good move. Naked had a good move.

Sundial had a good move. There were so many stocks. There was like 10 to 15 little micro cap stocks that were heavily shorted, that all had stupid, ridiculous, pushes or mini short squeezes and you're going to see that happen again, and that is when you're going to know that it is time for freaking ball. It is, it is time to set this thing up and to get moving, and that's what i'm looking for to see this thing, freaking squeeze, so that's kind of why mc stock hasn't squeezed.

Yet that's what i'm looking for for a news. You know for a catalyst to get this thing moving, and this is not a good cat. I'm gon na tell you right now. I've said it before i'll say it again: the day that this is a dead cat is when the media stops talking about this.

When the apes stop talking about this and that utilization drops all the way back down to previous levels and there's no freaking way, they're gon na make that happen right. Let's milk, these freaking hedgies dry, that's what i've got for you guys today. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like and consider subscribing blah blah blah. You know holy spiel catch you guys all later.

Thanks for watching my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, much love peace.

By Trey

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