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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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Per usual, these amc videos guys i got ta start off with a meme. I got ta start off with some humor. This was tweeted at me. I absolutely love it.

It's uh, it's a picture of me cropped down from the picture of me sitting next to my or standing next to the house. I just bought and it's amc on the moon with a rocket ship. I absolutely love it. I had to share this with you guys to give a little bit of nice nice positive humor.

What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades, where we have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like your first by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our experts so take what i said with a grand salt. Let's get into the video today, we're going to be updating you guys on everything: ticker symbol, amc, amc, holding situation right. So this is obviously a company unless you've been living under a rock, which has been the highlight of pretty much everything everybody's talking about lately and uh.

We're gon na give you everything that we have to update on this stock. We're gon na look at the overall charts right as much as we can. We can finally predict a little bit of price action based on technical analysis now, which is good right, so we can give you that right, uh, so we're gon na look at the charts right. The one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart.

I've got different indicators, pulled up rsi relative strength index, anything over 70's overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold good indicator for momentum of bullish or bearish territory. The 200 damage as a purple trend line the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period and the 15-day ma is the moving average.

Some brokerage accounts call us the sma, the simple moving average. They are one in the same. This is a price action based evaluation trend line over a 15-day moving period, which gives us an idea of both microscopic and macroscopic price action based on these two indicators. So we're gon na look at this right.

We're gon na look at what the price session is. Looking like how what we can expect, maybe moving forward here, i've got some different news articles pulled up in the title of the video guys. As you already know, this is gon na be talking about the short interest and some crazy, crazy stuff. That's going on right! Now, with fintel, so we're gon na get into the video we've got a lot to talk about first off we're gon na start with the overall short interest that is being presented to us on the on the stock right.

So have you been keeping up with the channel? You know this is some crazy, crazy bs, because these numbers are not right, one of them's, not right. I don't think it's this one. I don't think this number is right. I'll tell you that right now, so we're gon na update this just to make sure that february 6th has not been released yet, and it does not look like that it has.

So what do you notice here i'll? Give you some time i'll give you some time if you've been watching the channel for a while, you know this number is different than what it was before. As of february 5th, this says we saw 59.4 million in total short volume comparatively to the overall market volume of 196 million right. This is 30. Okay, sure right, we can see they had 4.1 million total short shares available as of seven hours ago.

We can see that at times since last change, the short borrow fee rate was 4.51, which is how much they're paying annually to short the stock right now this number increases as as uh you know, the demand increases right, the risk increases, and then we see this. The previous 10 days of shorting, 30.23, 27.68, 27.79 26.37 right yeah, okay, those are pretty decent numbers. Anything over 10 short volume ratio is pretty significant, well check this out. This is some crazy bs.

I made this video yesterday february 7th. These are the exact same dates february 5th, 4th 3rd, 2nd 1st they're, all literally exactly half of what we saw previously 60.46 118.8 million. Look at this 59.4 million. 30.23 30.23 is exactly half of this number.

What's going on with fintel guys, oh my freaking god. Oh, my god, i've got a coder in my discord over the patreon right and he said trey. I can check this out and i can see that these are manually entered numbers. This is not coming from a system right.

There's somebody crunching these numbers into the website. Every single day so either a they made a mistake with this number, which i think is highly unlikely based on the price action you guys can see what's happening here, it's been ladder attacked, it's been shorter, like you would not believe right. It's been getting crushed. This does not happen from people taking profits which i'm going to be talking about later, but this has not happened from people taking profits.

A stock does not crash from people taking profits right. So that leads me to believe this. What's going on, i think that fintel is market, manipulating the stock. I shouldn't say market manipulating, manipulating the short interest on the stock.

Now i know what you're thinking i know what you're thinking, what are the odds of that there's? No way that's illegal. They can't do that well check this out. I've got something pulled up, but you're going to find very interesting check. This out, finra finds morgan stanley, two million dollars for short interest, reporting and short sale rule violations.

This was back in may 13. 2015.. Let's check this out the financial industry regulatory authority finra announced today that it has fined morgan stanley and cult llc, two million dollars for short interest, reporting and short sale rule violations that span a period of more than six years and for failing to implement the supervisory System reasonably designed to detect and prevent such violations. So, looking at this back in 2015, we can see that this kind of thing has happened before it happened with morgan stanley in call right, two million dollar fee - two million dollar fine - for this, so is it real? Is it possible you ask me, is it possible? I tell you yes, we've seen it happen, we've seen it happen, and these big companies guys they're gon na do whatever it takes to scare people out of their money, even if that means manipulating the numbers that are right in front of your eyes.

Right. That's insane! Look at this literally half of what it was before the chart is different. The numbers are different right. It makes no sense.

This makes absolutely no sense. We scroll down here to put call ratio right. We can take a peek at that. Maybe this is the same.

Thank god, it is, but i'll tell you what this is crazy crazy stuff. So we see there's more puts than calls, obviously by 1.76, which means about 176 times as much uh, which is very high. I mean you get you guys get the picture here. There's some manipulation happening right now with the numbers something is going on.

This is goofy. This is not a dead cat. Anybody that tells me this is a dead cat. I'm telling you what this is: not a dead cat, there's risk involved.

Yes, there's risk involved with the stock. I will admit that 100 there's nothing guaranteed about this. This is not called wall street guarantees. This is this is called wall street pets.

You can't afford to lose the money you put into this. I've said this time and time again, every single video, please please, please feed yourself: keep the roof over your head pay your bills. That is first and foremost important, but you can't tell me this is a dead cat, not when we see the the stock getting attacked. The way it is and i've got more to validate that people are holding the stock guys.

You've probably already seen this article, but we do need to look at this check this out. This was posted today february, 8th, robin hood has a new most held stock and it's not apple apple or tesla. Oh my freaking, god guys. This is the confirmation you need.

Robin hood has a large large portion of investors that get into the market right and a lot of them are young people like you and me right. I know that i've got a wide range of audience, but i do think the majority of people that watch this are between the age of maybe 16 and 30 right, i'm 23 years old and robin hood is infamous for for keeping those kinds of people right for Investors who are about that age group well check this out. Most investors aren't big fans of heightened periods of volatility, but that's not the case for millennial novice investors, as evidenced by online investing app robinhood. Last year, robin had picked up about 3 million new users.

That's notable given the average age of its users is only 31. robinhood's commission, free trades, yadda, yadda yadda, we're scroll down here check this out. Perhaps the one exception to this rule has been robin hood's most held stock. More often than not the most held stock on the platform has been a profitable and or innovative company that offers substantial long-term growth or value.

Don't pay attention to that as a bunch of crap, i think amc does have value and potential for growth, regardless of the squeeze situation which we'll get into later. For example, within the exception of a few days, tech kingpin apple has consistently been the most held robin at stock for months. Yadda yadda tesla motors is up there. Ford is up there but check this out.

Here's the stock that dethroned apple amc as of february 4th, is the most held stock amongst robin hood. That tells you everything you need to know. People may be selling this yet. Yes, there are people that are selling the stock, who are scared, but there are people that are holding the majority is holding.

That tells you everything you need to know about. What's going on in the market right now, my friends, i'm not pumping this, i'm not making a bs. You guys can read these articles for yourselves, i'm telling you i'm telling you the numbers. Are there the short interest? Is there the short volume? Is there? We have everything we need to see sitting right in front of our eyes that they're trying to trick you guys out of your shares, they're trying to get you to sell at the lowest possible point as investors and traders.

We are the only people on the planet that will buy something when it's overvalued and sell something when it's undervalued that doesn't make sense. This doesn't make sense. I'm telling you what, if i bought, if i bought a car for thirty thousand dollars, now keep in mind. This is a brand new car and i decided to sell the next day.

Someone offered me a thousand dollars. Why would i ever sell it for a thousand dollars? You get the point if you bought the stock, for let's say 20 bucks or maybe even bought it back here for six dollars right and you didn't sell here. Why would you sell it now at six dollars to break even why? If you didn't sell for twenty dollars, you didn't think the stock was worth twenty dollars at the time. You thought there was more upside, but now it's at six bucks.

You think it's still worth more. Why would you sell it unless you're in a financial situation where you need the money which i understand that is different? Everybody has different financial situations. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost, but if you are good, if you donate this money right now, you still believe in the cost. Why would you sell? Why would you sell? Why would you sell i'm telling you i'm telling you everything we need to see is in front of our eyes right in front of our eyes.

My friends check this out. There's one more article. I want to show you it's. This stock conversion allows china's wanted group to sell amc shares after retail trading frenzy.

This is posted on february, 8th at 1. 8 1 18 a.m, eastern standard time. Oh, why would they post this at just after midnight who's up at that time? Actually, my live stream. Today somebody made fun of me because they said trey you get up at 3 o'clock, which is true, but that's beside the point anyways.

Let's just read this: china's wanted group, the major shareholder on amc, entertainment holdings conducted a shared conversion to permit sales of its stock and the cinema operator. A target of the recent wall street bets retail frenzy amc said in an exchange filing wan na american entertainment awanda unit, converted its class b common stocks in amc to class a shares on february first, in order to permit sale of its common stock. They finally did not give details on the amount of stock converted to class a shares or say whether wanda had sold any shares in amc. China's wan na group, the major shareholder yada yada yada, one american entertainment, awanda unit, converted its class b unit stocks.

Amc shares touched 1725 on february. 1St amc shares plunged 41 the next day and the stock is now down 60. From its february first peak, the social media fueled trading frenzy has cooled over the few past few days as u.s financial regulators scrutinized gamestop's reddit, driven stock surge wanda, whose businesses range from real estate to entertainment bought a majority stake in amc in 2012 for 2.6 billion Dollars in what was then the largest overseas acquisition by a privately held chinese company in 2018, the once acquisitive uh chinese conglomerate, trimmed its exposure to the us cinema operator and tighter regulatory scrutiny by beijing over chinese companies overseas expansion. So there is rumors right.

There's people saying wanda sold their their stake in amc right. Did they sell their stake in afc? My answer to you very, very, very, very, very unlikely unless it was here. This is the only instance or maybe here right and it couldn't even be possible because they filed that on february 1st, which would have been here. This is the only place where that could possibly happen right where we see this huge, huge, huge sell-off.

But i find that extremely likely and i'll tell you why if they had even just a couple million dollars in shares right, let's say they had a couple hundred thousand shares. Maybe a million shares right. A couple million shares. You would see the stock price absolutely crash and i'm talking like down to two bucks like down to previous lows, two dollars if they sold all their shares that they owned than amc.

You are going to know you're going to know if, if wanda sells out of amc, because this stock is going to plummet to absolutely nothing and at that point i'll be honest with you. If this happens, this comes all the way back down to two dollars. At that point, the potential is much much much lower for a squeeze, but as it sits right now, the potential is still there. I still stand firm right.

We did see a little bit of a red day. It was negative, maybe five percent. On the day we did go down and activated the ssr and, if you're not familiar with what the ssr is i'll, just pull this up. For you really quick, the ssr or the short sale rule is activated when a stock drops 10 percent below its prior close.

The ssr remains out of stock for the rest of the trading day, so it triggered right. It stayed on for the rest of the trading day and remains on for the following training date as well. The sec made this rule to prevent short sellers, causing a stock to tank. Now this does not mean that uh amc is not shortable right; it just means it can only be shorted on the upticks, which makes it much much more difficult to crash the stock to latter attack, as we've seen happen here right.

This is a perfect example of a ladder attack you're, seeing a ladder all the way down here. This is not people selling the stock. This is short sellers. I 100 guarantee it everybody's still holding.

We can see that we see the proof you can talk to your friends at the discords. You can read the articles. This is the most health soccer crossroads of february. 4Th people are holding, these are shorts.

These are shorts. This is a ladder attack. This is a lighter attack, that's a ladder attack. We saw a little bit of a ladder attack here at market open right, and then it activated the ssr that happened right, people, people, people, let it be, what it was and it consolidated the rest of the day.

Currently, trading at six dollars and eight cents, it's a pretty rough day right, but everything that we need to see is right in front of our eyes. We can see that the fintel numbers have been changing. We can see that that's probably not supposed to happen right back. In 2015 we had uh finra, if i remember correctly, who who actually got fined um two thousand dollars we're gon na come over here.

Finra actually uh as i was finra find uh morgan stanley, two million dollars for reporting false numbers. So we can see that's possible right. Fintel could very easily be doing this. You guys can see the proof in the pudding right here february, 5th february 5th different numbers.

That's all i got to say you can see right in front of your eyes make that for what it is. Maybe you think i'm wrong right, but the numbers are the numbers. That's all i can say right. We can see that's happening.

We can see the numbers in front of our face. We can see that right. We can see they're trying to scare people out of their money by saying this wanda situation wanda sold all their shares right, not the case. This would be plummeted.

This stock will be back down to two dollars at that case. At that point right end game. We lost because if we shorted down to kingdom come there's, there's almost no coming back from that that at that point we lost i'll say that right now, but at this point we haven't lost, we haven't. I believe that i truly believe that, because there's still high short interest, there's still a lot of people shorting the stock right they're playing with fire they're still in the fire pit, eventually they're going to get freaking burned.

That's the truth! Right. We see this the most held stock in robin hood, which owns, i shouldn't say, owns but holds a lot of the investors and traders are specifically trading amc and gamestop, specifically people in that 31 years old or younger age group, who are more likely to get into This kind of stock right because of this nostalgia because of the sickest of the man sort of stigma. Right, we see everything about this that says hey. This is still a live ball.

This is still a live ball. This isn't a dead cat. This isn't a dead cat. We've got everything in front of our eyes to see this.

My friends, i'm telling you i'm telling you that right now, i'm gon na pull up uh, something that i think is significant. I want to show you this: the dissemination date. This has been asked by a lot of people so check this out. Last time we had a dissemination date.

This is marked in red right here on january 27th. This this was talking about the settlement date of january 15th. This is when we saw a huge push. A lot of volume right now, we've got february 9th the next dissemination date, which is going to be talking about the settlement of january 29th right.

So, if we follow this previous trend, what's going to happen very possible, we see another hard push on february 9th. Now, i'm not guaranteeing that's going to happen right, i'm just showing you there's some correlations, some trends in the chart. We see that there was a trend right, a first trend on january 27th, when the dissemination date came out, that it pushed really really hard. That may continue that trend may continue on february 9th, so keep that date on your radar that is tomorrow.

That's tomorrow, my friends, we could see a huge, huge push and guys i've showed you this a million times, but i'll show you one million billion billion more times. If i have to this uh this correlation between the amc situation, the gamestop situation and volkswagen check this out, you're not familiar with the volkswagen situation, what happened? Volkswagen was a huge squeeze. It was called the mother of all squeezes. The infinity squeeze the largest squeeze basically say squeeze one more time: anyways, it's the largest squeeze, basically in the history of the market.

It's it's known for that and what happened right so porsche porsche, wanted a larger stake. They wanted more say in the company and what they did so they kept investing in the company. They slowly pushed the price up over about a two year period of time. Hedge funds saw this.

They saw that and said. Why is it? Why is volkswagen trading so high we're gon na short it? This makes no sense. There's no financials to back this up. There's no news to back this up.

They shorted them and they got burned porsche crushed them. We saw this huge squeeze before it happened. What happened right it ran out to about 250 euros, came all the way back down to previous lows to about 100 euros and then pushed all the way to about 950 euros gamestop. I don't think this is a short squeeze.

I think this is a gamma squeeze right. You've got call options that are stacking on each other. It's a compounding effect that pushes the stock price up same thing happened with gamestop, though nonetheless amc coming back back down here, it's up to some previous lows. We haven't actually come back down all the way.

Yet right we haven't come back down all the way if you want to come back down all the way you're looking at about five bucks, if volkswagen did it right, this is a different situation entirely. We don't live in a vacuum. Obviously, but if volkswagen did it right, they came all the way back down to previous lows. The argument the shorts could cover.

That's not the case. It's i'm telling you right now. If it happened with volkswagen, it can happen here. It can we are in the we're in the valley we're in the valley of deaths.

Right now, my friends, scary times, i guarantee you the same sort of bs talk was happening back then there's no way. This is gon na squeeze the shorts already covered, get out of this stock you're gon na lose, you guys got burned, you guys got scuffed right, same talk, you're hearing right now, and they were the silly ones. I'm telling you that right now, right now, i'm not guarantee. This is going to happen.

There's nothing guaranteed about this, but the setup is there, the numbers are there, the possibility is there and i'm telling you i feel good about the possibility of a squeeze. If this happens, my friends i'm gon na give back to the gorilla gang like you would not believe. I'm gon na give out some free merch we're gon na have some gorilla gang shirts with some freaking diamond hands for everybody out there. That held this stock through and through right.

I i feel so confident i feel confident in this possibility, and i want to pass that down first and foremost, so with all that information being disseminated to you guys, let's look at the charts. What are we seeing? Well, today, we were down about five percent, as i'd mentioned, this is amc, as you can see here in the top left. I get people that say i like fidelity better, because you can see the ticker. The ticker is here in the top left of the screen.

If you do want to see that right so check that out, but we did see a little bit of a sell-off right, we dropped about. You, know 12 of the day activated the ssr and from there we consolidated not a lot of volume. We saw more volume. I think than we did the previous day we're gon na check out the daily chart, really quick, just to check now it's down a little bit, but we were up in the beginning of the day.

You know about consistent volume. We saw about 127 million total volume on the day now, if we come back here to the one month chart. What is this looking like? Well, we are we're holding up pretty well, we dropped a little bit lower, set a new, lower, lower low. We are kind of stare stepping down a little bit, i'm not going to bs you guys, i'm not going to bs.

You guys are a downward moving trend. We've got three touch points validated touch points which we signify as a validated level of either support or resistance. So we've got this decent level of support with one two, three, four, five, six seven different touch points. If it continues this trend, you're gon na see it probably touch down here at about five dollars and twenty nine cents.

It's possible it's possible right, but with the information that we saw right if it continues that dissemination date trend the last time it spiked, which is january 27th. If we look back here right january 27th, dissemination date, now we've got february 9th, which is tomorrow dissemination date. If it follows that same trend, we could very well see it happen and look at this the setup, the exact same, the only difference being we haven't seen a run up here in the after hours. Yet that's the difference.

We have that same consolidation. We have that same consolidation, we're seeing right now. The only difference we haven't run up. Yet the volume is not the same, so we're gon na need that volume to step up right.

We didn't actually have crazy volume until the day it. Actually it had that huge pump right, that's not crazy volume. Let's look at this on a daily chart. I want to show you guys this.

Let's check it out, look at this on a daily chart. Take a quick peek right before this huge pump. What were we looking at more volume than we have right now? I'm not gon na lie 391 million shares right, but nowhere near as much as this right a couple days back, we saw 265 million so the volume's down. Maybe it won't do this right, maybe maybe this will be the catalyst that starts that squeeze.

Nonetheless, i'm not saying it's going to happen tomorrow. I'm not saying that i'm saying tomorrow could be significant right. We have the numbers in front of us. We've got things that we can predict.

The charts are starting to normalize a little bit. We can predict where they're going to go. We can see trends that we need to push through right and a trim you need to push through is getting out of this downward moving channel. You've got this descending level of support.

We've got a descending level of resistance. We got one two three touch points, so how do we escape this? You need to push either in the after hours or as i was the after hours pre-market or the regular market hours above. What i would say is about 678 or the regular market hours about. You know: 660..

665.. You see it push over those levels. My friends, i think it's going to come with some nice push, it's going to come with some volatility, and we just need some volume to back it up, and things should be looking pretty good. Rsi has been oversold up the wazoo for who knows how freaking long now look at this guys.

This is insane. We've had one two, three four five, six seven days out of the last eight days where this has been in oversold territory in bearish territory. That trend is not going to last; it is not. This is not the sh the this is not the valley of death.

I said that earlier, but it'll come to an end, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Work we're coming to the turn. Eventually, it may not come tomorrow, it might not. This is a battle.

This is a stock that might take some time to play out fully. It could take weeks right, gamestop took about five weeks to play out, but nonetheless, i'm telling you patience. If you have true conviction in your cause, you look at this as a long-term play right. The ups and downs, the price is psychological.

That's how i'm viewing this right now the price is psychological. If i had sold out of microvision when i was down 3 000, i would have never experienced this. I would have never ever experienced this check this out, microvision trading at 15 and 50 cents. If i had sold out of this back when i was at the very lowest point, four dollars and fifty cents, i would have never ever ever experienced that a couple weeks later.

That's all it took a lot can happen right now in terms of where amc is right. We saw this huge run up on amc, we're probably about here we're probably about here bleeding right. It's been bleeding, but you're gon na find the bottom. The end will come.

You're gon na find this bottom, my friends, i really think that we are extremely close. I do not see this lasting much longer, and that is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this.

Lastly, i have an affiliate in the description box down below for weeble. Weeble is the brokerage platform you're watching me use right now. Is this version four for the desktop use my link to get two free stocks with a 100 deposit, i receive a free stock, great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, my friends, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos and be a part of the gorilla gang here at trey's trade.

So that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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    It's like being a Lions fan. An old Lions fan at that. Finally found away to make some money and not break my back and my stocks took off one morning and before my wife could leave I hit my day trade eligibilty. And by the time I took a screen shot saying unlimited trades ,it started dropping. As soon as a couple hundred dropped off I fell out of day trade status and they have been beating me down on every stock in my portfolio ever since. I'm down 10 grand and now they want to take the rest of it. HA HA bring it! 1400 shares and counting. I was doing good without WSB. no offense just saying they brought the right one into it. They better get my money! lol The 10 grand wasn't in WSB shorted stocks either. I had JAGX at .33 and CTRM at .19 so no one was even talking about them. I've had to shuffle every stock and sell crap I didn't want to just to HOLD this and I'm holding fine. Thanks for the show.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hyper131 says:

    I was eagerly waiting for your video today on AMC but trust me, i know you are exhausted with all of these videos. Of course, i will be waiting for the next one, but i'd say rest up. Spend time with the gf/wife, eat your favorite foods, come back fresh. The community will be here.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Wood says:

    Someone on MVIS on Webull comments said you were getting some hate lately. So just here to show some love.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chrohm says:

    thanks for validating what I was seeing when I held at my first 50% loss and just kept holding and averaging down

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joshua Grimvault says:

    I'm going to offer some food for thought to the Gorilla Gang. First this is my humble observation. I'm newer to trading. But I've always had a knack for conceptualizing the big picture and formatting strategies off of the data. I also have the "Be water " mindset in every aspect of my life. Not just my training.
    That being said I observed what I think could be a strategic bullish move by a firm.

    If you look at the candle stick chart it appears someone made a large buy soon after 4pm close in after hours. If someone was looking to buy big they had much cheaper opportunities earlier in the day. However with them waiting until after hours. They ensured the price closed at over a 10% drop for the second day in a row. This puts AMC on the Rule 201 uptick list for the following trading day (If I understand this correctly).
    To me…this indicates a possibility of a vested party setting up the potential for a big jump in price.
    I try to see every angle of any situation from all points of view, especially my opponents !!!
    This was just a small detail I noticed that I wanted to share to raise moral. When you can find real numbers they support holding strong. I use Ameritrade and in the tech analysis part on the traditional site. It showed the days to cover has also gone up to over 1 day.
    Take all that as you wish as it's just something that stuck out to me. But who knows…trying to see the calculation through so much chaos can be a daunting task. And I love a challenge !!
    Stay strong my friends you are not alone.
    I'm holding 700 shares and standing shoulder to shoulder with all of you.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeekTheGreatness says:

    It's not enough to hold right? We gotta keep buying to increase volume and price, right? Right? Right, guys?


  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DeadlyAssassins9 / BlazingCentury says:

    Since the recent SI seems to be higher than it was back when the „report due date“ was on jan29/feb 2nd, i think these numbers we have seen this week, will play out by the time the next dissemination date of the finra report on the 24th of February. Thus meaning it could potentially take us a bit longer to take off, however, with more fuel in the tank. Just my 2 cents and im obviously an ape who eats others apes boogers

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean Hamlin says:

    Bro we need to hear the positive Trey talk. Where are you at? Should we come check on you? Hedgers come kidnap you?

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chowdog Chowdog says:

    Naw broh this thing is gong to 3 or 4 dollars max. Hopefully it hits 2 then Im all in. It can hit 20 or more but over a year period.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trying To Live The Dream says:

    I just have one question, and one question only, Trey. After seeing the nonsense that went on today, do I go all in tomorrow? I know, I know, you're not a financial advisor, yadda-yadda and if you're wrong I can't sue you (nor would I…my decisions are on me.) Also, thank you for your service! I hit the little bell thingy so I can get the video second its uploaded.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Devon Gilbert says:

    I emailed fintel about their number changes and they said, “The resulting issues with short volume or due to programming error in implementing the new data streams. For a short window about 72 hours Dash Friday to Sunday Dash we mistakenly double counted short volume in a number of securities.”

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