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Chris Sain puts out weekly Penny Play's for a quick money flip on his channel, and in this video, we will discuss all of the weekly penny play's presented from a technical analysis perspective. We WILL establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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All right we're back we're back for the second episode of this series. The chris sane weekly penny plays series. So what we're gon na do today, guys so we're gon na talk about. The three penny plays that chris saint put out today on his on his uh youtube channel and tell you my favorites of the three of the chart.

Setups look and the whole nine yards, but i do want to preface by saying that uh there is a lot more risk involved in getting into any sort of stock right now with the extreme market volatility and the unpredictable unpredictability of what is happening today. So, let's get right into it. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades, we're gon na technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holder, sell opinions on these. Given stocks i'd like to preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i'm happy to say That not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me, you're the community make a couple people better off than they were before. That's all that i can ask for last. If you wouldn't mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this now today, we're gon na be giving you an update on the three plays that chris zane currently has out For his weekly penny plays and his rule of thumb, if you are not familiar, is one of two things either a you hold these stocks for between one to two weeks, and then you sell, depending on whether you're up or down or b.

This thing runs up between 20 to 50 percent. You take a profit, whatever comes first, his rule of thumb for his stop. Loss is. If you go down five to ten percent on your stock, you can sell out, take the small loss and then, if you do see a bottom, you can get back into the stock and repeat the process that he previously stated, which is a hold for one to Two weeks or until you're up 20 to 50 percent, whichever comes first so we're going to go over ticker symbol, gn us as well as ftft as well as ticker symbol z-o-m.

I will tell you what the charts look like on all three of these plays uh. What i think is probably the best play for you to get your money into what i think has the highest amount of potential and the whole nine yards. So let's just get right into the video. I do want to show you guys right now that i do not currently have a position in any of these stocks uh.

I am in the process of transferring over my account from fidelity over to weeble, but my current open position is in amc and once i do move over my positions, i will have amc bb, noke, clwd and snpw. I like zome a lot uh. Unfortunately, if you've been able to keep up with the channel, my brokerage account over at fidelity did close my positions against my consent, with what was going on with the sec, which is why i am transferring over here to um to weeble. But i will be reestablishing a position in zom, as i do very highly enjoy them as a company, and we will talk about that as well.

So let's come over to the stocks here and we're going to start off with genus and i'm going to try to keep this video, as short as i can just for the interest of time, but we are going to look at this first on a one month. Chart so let's look at genius on a one month chart. This is a one hour frequency, so each of these candles is worth one hour worth of trading and we're going to look at the overall action that we're seeing here. So let me just pull up a couple different indicators for you guys to see all right.

So let me walk you through the exact indicators that i use on my charts, so you guys are up to date with what i am talking about. The first thing is the rsi, the relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold we'll talk about what this means.

I have the 200 ema, which is this purple line right here, and this is the exponential moving average. This is just a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period that smooths things out tells you the overall trend of a stock. I do have the 14 day ma. I used to use the vama, but the ma is the next best thing, and this is the simple moving average or the moving average over a 14 day moving period, which is just an average valuation trend line and then the v wap over a 14 day moving Period and this is typically used as a level of support or resistance on a short term time frame, and you will see this more clearly once we change this over to the one day.

One minute frequency so we'll talk about these all mean give you both some bullish and bearish indicators. Levels of support, resistance, potential entry points, the whole nine yards. So let's get right into the video. So first thing off.

If we do talk about g news, this was one of these stocks that was targeted by wsb. They saw an extreme run-up over the last couple days. They were trading at 1.47 cents right here and stop peak of three dollars and six point six cents. So three dollars and six cents if you were able to get into the stock during that run up you double up your money, which is absolutely filthy.

That's beautiful! To see, i'm very happy for you if you did do so, but we're gon na talk to you about what this looks like right now, what we might potentially see over the next one to two weeks as that is christine's usual guidance with these penny plays so Right now, i'm going to level off at first some support and resistance levels, so we're going to come over here and draw a horizontal line, and we can see that this is a significant level right here right off the bat. So we do have a nice level of support sitting at a dollar and 63 cents, or so so. This is a good level of support and it does not look like. We've currently found a bottom on genus as of this one month, one hour frequency chart.

If we change this over to 30 minute, we can look and see if we saw any sort of bounce and we have not yet seen a bounce off of this chart. And if we do look over here at the indicators that i have the ema and the ma, which is the purple and the blue line, the blue line is still above the 200 ema. And if you had invested into this company back when we first saw the crossover right so we're gon na we're gon na hit, draw right here, come over to uh the rectangle. And if you had gotten in right here when this crossover first happened, you'd be looking at a pretty nice run up, you'd have gotten in at about a dollar 47 you'd have doubled up your money.

You could have gotten out rinse and repeated, but as it sits right now, i don't feel comfortable saying that you should buy into the stock immediately at market open on monday right. There is a potential that we do see this run up by, for some reason. Let's say wsb continues to pump this stock. It is a pretty heavily shorted stock, so there's a lot of short interest, which is typically the companies that they focus on, but there's no way to know for sure right.

If you do see that wsb is pumping this. It's trending across all discords and there is a way that you can predict this right. So if we come over here to stockpot, if you have stockbot - and you are part of a discord - you can type in exclamation point pop. This will show you the most popular and most talked about stocks across all discords in the last hour, and we can see the gme amc, fubo, noke, silver, bb, apple, dk, naked and tesla are currently the top ten, and if you see g news is trending on That list there's a good chance that this is being talked about across reddit and discords, and there is a high potential.

You see a run up, but just keep in mind, there's risk involved, and we can't predict that with charts. What we can see on the charts right now is genus has not found a bottom right. They're still bleeding they're still looking to find a level of support, and the next level of support that we had, which was already breached and broken down, was right here and if we get as many candle touches as we can we're. Looking at a dollar and 83 cents currently trading at 178.

now this might have been a false break, but i don't like to see these long wicks right here. That's typically a sign of some pretty weak buying pressure, so we've got one two, three, four: five: six. Seven different touch points here, including these even more so we did break down that dollar 83 level of support and the next level that we see here on the charts is at 1.61 cents. So that does seem like the safest entry point i'll watch to see.

If you see a bounce off of that dollar 61 range - and you should be able to find an entry point, if you do see that happen currently being oversold on the rsi, we want to always buy our plays, especially for swing opportunities. We want to buy them when they're as oversold as possible, and this is approaching 30 on the our side rather quickly. Now i'm not guaranteeing this happens, but we have not found a bottom yet, so it is likely that you continue to see this bleed a little bit unless there's a news, catalyst or a pump. That does come with g news, but that is my that's my two cents here is.

This is most likely going to be a pump. It's going to be very something very similar to what we saw here right, quick in quick out and that's what you're going to be looking for with genius. In my opinion, based on what we've seen on the charts and the current trends, so watch for a bounce off a dollar 61 that does seem like the best possible entry point or a bounce off of the 200 ema. This could be a acting level of support.

Based on some previous price things that we've seen in the past, so i do anticipate you'll see something like this. Let's say that you see it bounce uh off of that level, which would be about a dollar sixty-eight, and then you see a pretty strong candlewick uh confirmation saying: okay, uh, we see a large white bar. This is a wide bar candle for your information. Just so you know it's a it's a big jump from a this, so this is a good bounce right.

We see a bleed, comes down wide range candle bar, that's typically, a sign of a reversal right. This did not play out in this instance, but more often than not it will. So if you see a wide bar candle that bounces off either the m8, the 200 ema or this level of support, i would enter the trade at that point so anywhere between 1.61 and a dollar 67. If you see the bounce is the best opportunity now, where should you exit your trade right well, based on previous price action? We know that we have a level of resistance - that's pretty strong right about here at two dollars and twenty three cents.

If you got into the dollar sixty one you're looking at you know forty percent run up, or so that's that meets chris's guidelines. At that point, you can feel pretty comfortable exiting your trade if you see a bounce back downward or if you see a push above, we do know there's another level of resistance at 269 and the all-time high is three dollars and six cents. So, if you're looking for that 20 to 50 percent run-up, the safest bet is to get it at a dollar. Sixty-One watch for that bounce off of 223 unless it does push in which case you can continue to ride it up, but that would be the best case scenario here for g news and to be honest with you, this chart setup is not great at the moment, But if you're looking at a one to two week horizon, we could very easily see it just watch the next couple days of price action.

Look for that bounce, either off of the 200 ema or this level of support at a dollar 61.. Now the next play that he has for us is ftft. I've been asked so many times about ftft trey. What do you think of this - and i did cover this in the past - just based on the fact that chris saint does like this play, but we're going to come over here to the one month chart and change it over to the 30 minute frequency and just Look at the price action that we currents currently see on this, and this finally has had some form of uh of a bounce and that's good.

We do see a bounce here and off of about i'm gon na drop that level right around here at 4.29. So that looks good. This is oversold. The rsi here was 24.

We did see a nice bounce came back up right. This is coming off of some pretty high highs. 8.58 cents is the high here in the last you know about a month or so so this does have a lot of upside a lot of decent potential. If you're looking for an entry point on ftft uh, i'm not entirely guaranteeing you that we're gon na see that bounce, because we do have some confirmation that this might enter bullish territory.

We see that the the uh 14 day ma has crossed over the 200 ema. The light blue line crossing over the purple line - it is pretty much coincided parallel with the 200 dma right now, so this could go either way, but uh more likely. You are going to see that this does begin to push upwards now, keep in mind that ftft is going to pretty heavily coincide with uh, what's happening with bitcoin. So, let's just read a quick summary future fintech group incorporated is a china-based company, mainly engaged in the research development and application of blockchain technology.

The main business of the company includes a shopping platform chain cloud mall, which is based on blockchain technology, an online cross-border e-commerce platform, a blockchain-based application incubator and a digital payment system in the application and development of blockchain-based e-commerce technology and financial technology. The company is also involved in the production and sale of fruit juice concentrates and fruit beverages. That's interesting. I didn't know that, but just based on charts alone we do have.

This could go either way. This could go up or this could go down if this does go down. That's going to present you with a better buying opportunity. We prefer to buy this when it's being oversold right, currently trading on the rsi 49, just a hair below neutral just a little bit.

So if you can see another bounce, a double bounce, which i call it george w that's a double bottom. Typically, a bullish indicator uh and you can get it at 429. That's your best case scenario here: uh. If you are not looking to get 429 you're looking to ride the momentum up uh, it is currently trading below the 200 ema, which is also a good entry point.

If you buy us below the 200 ema, that's not a bad time to get in also trading below the 14 m8. So that is a pretty solid entry point. Overall, we look. We look to bias, not when the momentum is extremely high.

Don't catch yourself buying on the on the peaks don't buy on the rips, buy on the dips and sell the rips? That's my opinion personally and then, if we look at some levels of uh resistance right levels that we know exists well, you can see right now that we have a touch point here. A touch point here, a touch point here and two here. So that's five touch points pretty respected level of resistance, so if you're able to get at 429 and exit at 592, if you do see a bounce that should net you about a 15 to 20 return which would meet the guidelines of chris zane's weekly penny plays Of a 20 to 50 run-up or one to two weeks, whichever comes first, if you do see a push through that level, the next level of resistance that i see pretty clear as day is right here at about six dollars and 27 cents, and this would net You a little bit better of a return right, uh we're looking at maybe another five percent or so 10 at the best and that'd be a pretty solid that'd, be a pretty solid weekly penny play. You can't complain whatsoever with that, but just keep in mind that, because of what's happening in the market, i do anticipate and predict and speculate we've seen.

This bleed because people are taking profits from ftft based on other plays in the market, such as amc, gme, bb noke that are having these really crazy pumps and dumps so uh just keep that in the back of your mind, uh i'll, tell you what my favorite Of the three so far is, but this does have a better setup slightly than zome, because we do see a bounce here right. So we do have a predictable bottom, just based on these wide range candle bars that came after that bounce, and i do like that. Uh, quite a bit so just to recap: if you can get into 429, that's pretty solid! Otherwise, if this does hold up pretty well right here, we do have quite a few candle wicks at four dollars and 84 uh. That is also a solid entry point, but i'd look for a bounce.

If you see a bounce off of 44 to test it again see a wide range candle bar enter your trade at that point and look for a swing up to 592 or 627 uh. Either way you're gon na do pretty well and obviously, if it re-tests previous highs, it's got a lot of buying pressure. A lot of momentum, heavy volume that is following you're gon na do pretty well there as well volume, is down compared to what we've seen in the past right uh. I think this is bleeding a little bit just based on current events, but that is how that looks on the charts now zone.

We'll cover zone really quick and we're going to look at this on the one month chart and just take a quick peek at the price action. So zoma is actually a play that i think, is a good mid to long term play. But for the sake of what chris zane is putting out, we will cover this in the sense of a quick in and out kind of play where you get that 20 to 50 run up and if you're looking for an entry point here. What are we seeing? Well, we do know that we have a couple candle, wicks touching right here at 84.5 cents and in this video, if i recall correctly, he said if you see this touch 80 to 85 cents.

That is a good entry point and i 100 agree with him. He must know his thing about charts. He must have a basic understanding, because we do have one two three different touch points and we did have a break above this level previously and then a little bit of hovering followed by another break. So that is typically a pretty good indicator, uh that this is a respected level and i do think you're not likely to see this dip below 84.5 cents, and i can very easily see this retesting some.

I don't want to say previous highs, but at the very least a dollar in the next uh in the next couple weeks or so one or two weeks, because it has done it already right. We tested 84.5 cents and then the same day. We saw a high of a dollar three, so at that point, if you've gotten into 84.5 cents and you'd exited at a dollar, three you'd have seen about a 20 to 30 run-up. That means chris's guidelines, so um right off the bat we do know.

That is a respected level. We can see that a dollar and three cents we've got one. Two, three uh, four, five, six, almost seven eight different touch points. So if you enter your trade at 84 cents, i don't think 80 cents is pretty realistic.

We only have one candle wick that comes down here to about 81 cents, so that's not as realistic as 84.5. But if you are able to enter your trade at 84.5 cents and exit somewhere in that dollar, three range and if you see a push above a dollar three ride it because momentum with zom is pretty heavy uh. But we're i'm not guaranteeing you that you're going to see this do what it needs to do right. The market is unpredictable right now, a lot of stocks are bleeding.

Most of our normal plays are getting beat up because people are taking profits to get into these. These wsb plays the ones that are attacking the hedge funds right uh, but if this does find a bottom, you do see some buying pressure. There's risk involved probably a little bit more than we've seen in the past, with all three of these plays right, because it's not as predictable but based on the charts alone. Uh, we do see that respectable levels, so 84.5 is a good level.

We do have a pretty large gap between the 14 vomit and 200 ema. It is closing down a little bit right now. It has been bleeding, but we do try to buy as close to the 30 on the rsi as we can - and this is pretty rapidly approaching - that right we're at 43 right now on the rsi, so the risk is not super high. We see this respected level.

We see it bounce off that respected level and i think there's some pretty solid potential there. So, in order of my favorites on the three plays, i am going to have zome as my number one, based on chart setup alone, followed by ftft, based on chart setup alone. We do have that known bottom out, bounce, a good entry point and my last and least favorite is easily genus. We have not found the bottom of this play yet this is not predictable.

Yet just based on what we see you know there is potential that uh. This continues to bleed for a little while, if we change this over the 30 minute chart, the 200 ema is slightly higher. You might see it bounce there, but more realistic is going to be this one hour chart, in which case the 200 ema is actually trading below what we see here as a known level of support and uh. There's there's just more risk involved here because we have not found a bottom.

So if you're gon na get in the genus watch for a couple days of price action watch to see some sort of trend reversal, because we have not seen it yet. That is pretty ugly red candles and we do see quite a bit of weak buying pressure. Second favorite ftft we have a known bounce. This is coming up.

Volume is still relatively low to compare what we've seen in the past. We are looking for an increase in volume, as volume drives. Volatility and volatility drives higher price valuations um. So this is my second favorite but easily.

My favorite of the three is zone. Volume is down we're gon na be looking for an increase in volume uh. It's it's got the lowest overall price, so the most run-up potential based on price at the end of the day, one share is one share and if you can get in a 100 shares into zone and watch, it run from 84.5 cents up to a dollar two. The the potential is higher and the the overall increase in price is not as much uh.

So if you've got 100 shares and let's say, ftft, you're gon na need to see more of a run-up, which is just not as possible. You know, based on what the volume is looking like and especially genus um. I think all three of these have potential, but you know genus is definitely the ugliest of them all a lot of red volume. This does look like a pretty picture, perfect pump and dump uh.

I can see them doing something here in the future, but just based on the charts right now. That's my sole predictor uh genus does not look like it has a lot of potential currently, and that is what i've got for the video. So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing.

If you like to see more content like this and lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble, which is the platform that i'm using right. Now. It is a great brokerage account that allows you to trade in the extended hours, starting at 4am, cst uh. If you use my link i'll receive for you, you'll receive four free stocks uh with 100 deposit two, once you open the account and two once you deposit and get your hundred dollars verified, i will receive one free stock great way to support the channel.

If you're not interested, that's totally fine, i don't care my friends, honest to god, i'm just glad that you're taking the time to watch my videos. So that's what i have for you guys today, uh mad respect to chris sane, who i consider to be my favorite finance and investing youtuber out there uh. That is what i have for the video. If you enjoyed it, i'm happy to hear that and i'll see you all next time.

My friends, peace.

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