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Ken Griffin Lied - The story unraveling from January until now, with the (hopeful) future felon, Ken Griffin.
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0:00 Ken Griffin Lying
0:20 Ken Griffin proved lying
1:52 Intro
2:03 The origin of Ken Griffin
4:20 The buy button
6:16 Leaked Robinhood Documents
8:10 Perjury and Ken G
8:32 Twitter scandal
10:20 My final thoughts
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I want to be perfectly clear: we had no role in robin hood's decision to limit trading in gamestop or any of the other meme stocks. I first learned of robin hood's trading instructions only after they were publicly announced. All of us is that so is that, so is that so kitty, the eve of the january 28, 2021 multi-broker stock, buying, freeze, shutting out investors and driving particular stocks down, and this is a chain of messages in which was leaked from robin hood, and so i Quote: god, i'm just too ready for this just fyi that dan and i are joining gym at 5pm on a call with citadel they reached out and want to speak this evening, and we believe they will make some demands. Unlimited pay for order flow across the board.

We won't agree anything but wanted to give you a heads up january 27th. Okay, maybe this would be a good time for me to chat with ken griffin, kenny g, my boy, the boy from bulgaria. You guys can mention that, and then we have a redacted name as anadora evidence that several very large firms are having really bad nights too. Everyone is, you, wouldn't believe the combo we had with citadel marked january 27 1825.

Who knows if it's eastern central pacific, china ooh, i have no idea but i'll tell you this right now right, that's the buying button being taken away. January 28th. You've got articles starting to come out. This is 100 premeditated conversation that took place, which proves to you the name and the title of this glorious video, the one that proves the apes were right all this time.

All these freaking, eight nine months, kenny griffin, was lying. Ken griffin lied, baby holy freaking crap. What is up everybody i'm going to trace trades river, you can talk fast and don't skip classical purpose by saying that i'm going to find your vision or expert so take what i say: the greatest self, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow girly gang - i want to walk you through the story of what you just watched take place, because this is something that's been writing itself over the period of months and months and months, transcribing all the way back to january 27Th, and where did this all originate from right? Well, you have gamestop and amc being the origination of the ape stocks.

I call them meme stocks, but i believe they are ape stocks baby, and this is him right here. His original thesis behind gamestop august 4th 2020.. Five reasons: gamestop stock is a roach, not a cigar, but a la warren buffet and could short squeeze, and this created a catapult of what would come to be known as wall street bets the beginning of the retail revolution, the beginning of the eight movement, the beginning Of a new breed of people within the stock market, the bulls the bears get them out of the way, because now you've got the freaking apes and now you've got wall street bets right, so wall street bets. You've got this huge freaking combination of millions of people across the country across the planet who all decide at the same time.

Hey we like the stock and they decided to go in and buy freaking gamestop right and from there. You had the next thing created, which was amc's community r amc stock and now you've got this brother and sister of freaking great communities, heavily short stocks of retail investors. Who are saying, hey, look, we like the stock, we want to buy the stock and we want to stick it to these freaking hedge funds out there who are betting against retail investors, betting against history, betting against culture, betting against the american people, and they came together For something that they believed it right, their brothers and sisters on the left and right justice against those who fight against the little guy and making some freaking noise, and so they did right. You come over here and you look at, for example, amc gamestop.

Let's pull up gamestop here, really quick and look at the daily candles right. What did you see happen? You saw a monstrous move up to almost 500 originating from 3.77 way back when roaring kitty made his first thesis for game, stop at 3.77 cents as a low, as you can see right here, 257. Even further back we're gon na use that august time frame, because that is when he made the video. So as of august, you could even say four or five bucks right.

Five dollar move all the way up to five hundred dollars, and then something really tragic happened. It affected both gamestop and amc and i'll pull up bmc here for you just so, you can see the exact same thing. Right. Amc made a move from 1.91 up to 25 bucks.

You had the tragedy, which was them taking away the buy button right now. I've got this article pulled up from you. This is uh dated back to january 28th, robin hood blocks, gamestop amc and more stocks from being purchased, and what was so terrible about this guys is. This was an instance in which the little guy was actually freaking.

Winning no joke! No! If answer butts the shorts out, there were getting absolutely smoked right. They were getting baffled. They couldn't do anything to stop the freaking storm that was slapping them in the face. They were caught with their pants down, pissing on the electric fence and all of a sudden someone freaking turned on that bad boy and they're going.

Oh, my god, they're getting smoked right and this happens. Robin hood begins this tsunami of i choked on my spit the tsunami of people turning off the buy button. Now, why is this important right think about this very simply, put supply and demand? If all that you have out, there is a crap ton of freaking chicken attendees, but there's no demand i.e, buying pressure right, you could think of demand as buying and supply as selling. If the only thing people can do is sell, something, you've got an excess amount of supply which would cause stocks to dump, and so they did right.

You see. Amc went from 20 to 36 cents in the actual market. Hours 25 of the pre-market high dumped hard down the next day to six dollars and 64 cents and just kept bouncing around bouncing around bouncing around bouncing around, but the meantime right. What did you actually have take place here? Where was the true criminality behind this entire thing? Well, this is the big problem.

Not only could retail only sell stock, the big guys at the top, the institutions could still buy and or sell stock, primarily short positions and scare, the piss out of any retail investor that was touching any of these securities and there's plenty of freaking documentation out there To back it up, but just to keep this video freaking, nice and short, that is what actually took place, and you can see this here just by looking at some of the freaking things that have happened right now. I'm going to show you this really quick right. This is where this is absolutely hilarious. This video, i just showed you with kenny griffin.

He went out in front of congress. This is a congressional hearing with him, some people from melvin capital, roaring kitty. They all had to go out and testify against what actually happened here with gamestop and amc back in freaking january. What happened was it collusion? Was it nefarious? Was there bad things that bad intention that took place? You had kenny griffin come out here and say: look we have nothing to do with that.

We've got no ties with robinhood. There's no reason for us to give a about what these guys are doing, but here you've got this right. I'm going to show you a story in three parts: these guys ken griffin and uh vlad, i would argue, and anyone who conspired with these freaking silly chickens. They lied under oath, and that is not a good thing.

I'm going to show you this plain and simple: you already saw the video you already heard him say exactly that, but upon being asked, if he had any contact with ceo of robin hood, he clearly stated. Let me be perfectly clear: absolutely not, and you see a completely contradictory story being told by vlad by gretchen howard by many people within the company of robin hood right. Maybe this would be a good time for me to chat with ken griffin and then down here. You have a retracted name and adorable evidence that several large firms are having a really bad night too.

Everyone is, you, wouldn't believe the combo. We have a citadel total mess the day before this whole buy button, thing actually came to fruition, and then you have this right. You've got the exact opposite thing being spoken about by freaking ken griffin, the ceo of citadel babies out security shield llc, whatever you want to call it baby, he was flat out whine, and this is what's really messed up about this, and this is where i want To see the next step of action, because that's a federal, offense right, 150 of federal offense, what he did was illegal and i tweeted this out for you. Ken griffin, lied to this the story, the plot dickens guys.

Oh, you just wait until we continue on the story, but it gets. It gets worse right, there's really bad consequences for an average everyday person for committing to something like this right. I'm going to show you this really quick. So here's an example: perjury in illinois is a class three felony right going in front of an oath lying about whatever you're talking about.

You would face five years in state prison, and this is just at the state level. It's not the federal level. I don't give a single crap about the fine, but an average everyday person doing this would face time in jail right, and that is absolutely huge and that's an important thing to note now. This is where things get really freaking crazy, retail.

Knowing all this knowing they were right for the last freaking, eight nine months being scoffed at by the mainstream media being scoffed at by all these big players saying get back on the floor, get back on the ground. Let us kick you like. The stupid dog. You are right, they were not having it and they got this hashtag trendy ken griffin line.

Regular people would be held accountable. He probably should be two right now. What actually happened after this? It got trending ken griffin, lied was trending number one on twitter and i took this early. It was up to twenty five thousand thirty thousand tweets.

Before i took the screenshot. I took it at thirteen point. Seven thousand and twitter changed it. Now, i'm not one for a tin, foil hat right, but look at this look at how they changed it.

Ken griffin was the number one training with 3 000 tweets. They wiped out. All the ken griffin live tweets that were trending on twitter, took it completely out of the picture and i'll tell you what there is a huge problem with what retail and what the little guy is fed on a day to day-to-day basis, and this is a perfect Freaking example: now i can't tell you whether or not kenny, griffin and siddal are tied with twitter. I do know they have a pretty decent holding in the stock, but what i can tell you is that is a pretty decent freaking amount of valid proof of suppression.

Of opinion of suppression of freedom of speech and the things that people actually want heard if this is something that should be heard and that's why i'm talking about it right now, because this is absolutely that sort of thing should not happen. That suppression should not happen right. You guys all the freaking apes out there, all the people, who've been diamond ball and ovary and freaking game, stopping amc for months and months and months and months right. This is validation that you are on to something you are freaking on to something.

This is the sort of stuff that is real right. These are the things that i hoped and prayed for. Freaking months would come to fruition real actual, tangible evidence and proof that the things we've been talking about are right. Now, i'm going to wrap it up with this.

I don't want to make this a super long video, but i want to say this right now: there's a lot of problems within the freaking stock market in the united states, a lot of problems, i think, there's huge freaking infiltration schemes and there's huge collusion schemes that Take place between mainstream media, major freaking institutions and hedge funds, like citadel, who is one of the top, if not the top freaking institution for payment for order flow for handling transactions in the stock market, they make up a massive amount of volume within the stock market. Right all these problems are out there in the open and people out here. Making noise on a day-to-day basis makes physical change. It busts freaking scams like this.

It busts frauds like this, it busts the guys who are actually stealing money from you. It's incredible. This is an action i like this is way more rewarding than any singular day that i've had with amc is seeing actual tangible evidence and proof that can hopefully bring us change moving forward into the stock market. I mean this is a beautiful, beautiful, freaking thing.

So if i'm gon na leave you any parting words guys, it's keep making noise right. No good change and anything in life comes without noise and it doesn't come without blood and there are people out there. Retail traders apes that sacrifice their own money when the buy button was taken away. Don't forget that there's real people out there who sacrificed time, who probably sacrificed relationships, who've, sacrificed money, who've sacrificed a lot of things to make this sort of change, and that's who you're fighting for you're fighting for that freaking guy right.

Don't forget that! That's what i've got for this absolutely monstrous glorious day in history, we're looking at freaking september 27th, four days after my sister's birthday, not that that matters, but that's uh! It's been a good day right. So that's what i've got for you guys! I'm gon na put out a different video here tomorrow, we'll talk about some other stuff, but nonetheless hope you guys enjoyed that like taps, always much love blah blah blah consider subscribing like whatever you want to do. I don't really care you guys. Do you catch on the next one peace out,.

By Trey

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  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jennifer Cooper says:

    He has an odd public persona, similar to Biden. They should both not speak publicly- so obvious, the lies and belief they are immune to accountability.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mighty Tiny says:

    Just looking at Griffin when he talked, it's so obvious that he's full of shit. It would make my day to see him in an orange jumpsuit but it's not gonna happen.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dually Licensed says:

    Mann (side look) yall so called apes are really looking at the wrong villain, SMH. Sadly the jokes on yall. Why cant yall just believe this man saying he had nothing to do with what RH did? No lie….No lie on my everything …I literally watched other day traders reveal their portfolio with their excel p&l and guys….these folks literally had millions….millions of shorts on AMC! Most of these folks I watched are from outside the US….a few from Canada. Just type in "portfolio reveal" and fast-forward these videos to scheme through….regular guys like yall who see opportunity and jumped in. The last guy I watched was over 1M shorted/shorting AMC….not once…not twice…but at least 4 times!

    Yall steady thinking these HF care about little stocks less than $50 AMC -which wasnt in the same set up as Gamestop

    Like, yall need to give this up. If u just wanna keep bringing in YT revenue – at least find truth and more info. Because, like on another video…sadly, there are real people who are looking for hope on their last 50.00 hoping for their luck to change. Its sad really sad for people to be pulled in on something that will never ever pay because, there's nothing here.

    People who shorted AMC is not the HF—what was shorted by HF was already paid loooooonnnggg time ago yall!!! I mean….this is excessive and low key mentally insanity. Sorry Apes. Fighting?? Teaming together for a cause?? Team work?? Building a army?? NO WHERE NEAR!!

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    TREY YOU ABSOLUTE SILVERBACK! I'll keep fighting with you my friend. Today was proof positive that the apes have drawn blood. Today was the first time they've shown cracks in their armor. We've gottem by the balls they know it we know it the birds effing know it!! I'm a little bit older than you are, Trey. My kids are going to have to go out into this world soon, and they're going to have to get their feet under them. I am holding for them. If I can help the movement that slays this dragon; well that's one less dragon to eat our kids while they find their way out there. I fight until we win, there's no other way. Worst case scenario I just keep being poor. I can do that. I've done it all my life. But KENNY BOY hasn't! We gottem!

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    Keep Making Noise, and HODL while doing so
    750 shares and buying more on Friday 👍

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 𖠌 says:

    The only problem is; they never actually show Griffin having a convo with Vlad though. So he probably can get out of that. And the lady said she was gonna talk to Citadel about the PFOF but never said anything after talking to them. The one COO from Robinhood said the most stuff when he said they were too big to shut them down, but in the papers I read, it just seems like they’re all involved of course, but if this is the only proof they have it’s not gonna hold water. They could argue they often talked to Citadel as they are a leading Market Maker, and there’s no actual evidence here of a conversation between Vlad and Kenny, without that, they got nothing. Personally, I absolutely believe Kenny talked to Vlad but it’s just not in this paperwork. We see all the puzzle pieces, and we see the puzzle box that we want to recreate that picture; but until those puzzle pieces all come together, Kenny G can always say he never ended up talking to Vlad as per his request. What do you do then? Unless they have his direct name on that device that’s messaging, he’ll always have plausible deniability.

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