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AMC - In this video, I go over basic details of today's price action and clear up the rumor that I sold my position.
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What's up, what's up, what's up? What's up youtube? Oh man, it has been quite the day man i was freaking busy today, guys i'm excited to bring you what's up what is coming from tomorrow's uh videos, man we're getting chatting about that in a second. But what is up everybody over the trades trades? We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these given stocks like a purpose by saying that i'm not a financial, advisor and or expert. So it's taking me to say the green assault. Let's get into the video today, my friends we're giving you an update on ticker symbol, amc.

What else is new? This is the typical standard uh you know monday night as it would be, and we're just gon na be giving you a uh. It's gon na be a short update right. I'm not gon na dig into any sort of uh. You know dd today, i'm gon na give you guys.

I would say this would be a better hold the ground sort of situation here right, so we're gon na. Do that we're looking at some different numbers, we're looking at the technical analysis set up on this and uh? I want to talk about something else as well, which is the fact that i i had a chat today with big dos tv now, if you're not familiar with this channel, this is a guy that ended up bringing on to my personal uh. You know youtube live stream one day, so i'm just gon na pull up youtube and i'll show you his channel and he is gon na, be putting up a video talking about um exactly what we went over and it's going to be on daz tv podcast from What i know so just give me one sec to verify that big dogs vlogs here we go so big. Dos vlogs they're gon na be going live on this channel tomorrow.

So if you don't wan na check that out, it's gon na be available, we talk about emc, we talk about different stocks and it's going to be great uh, a great way to to connect to a different audience, so i'm very excited to see how that ends Up going, but i just didn't, i wanted to point that out right off the bat here, but nonetheless guys amc's price action today. What do we do? We are at 12.15, as of the pre-market close and you guys might be thinking yourselves holy freaking crap. Are we done? Are we done? Are we done? As i said again, as i said, get and my answer to you is simple: it's a big fat! No and i say that not even out of hype, but it's just because we've been through much much much much much worse than this. And if you look at the grand scheme picture, i want to point out the technical analysis side of things so that you can see exactly what i'm talking about right.

If we just drop a quick fibonacci retracement and look at how much we've actually pulled back, we've got a double con burn baby that we are still doing a-okay because from this run-up from from seven dollars down here, right, seven bucks up to 1487 at a peak. We pulled back to that 38.2 percent retracement and furthermore, what is awesome really freaking awesome is, i was worried about this and it ended up coming fruition. We got a balance off of this double top setup. This level of support right here now.

What is a double top? A double top is two points in which you have a level uh that a candle wick can't seem to push through right. We see that right here, it's actually a bull trap set up that we got to bounce off of which is sick. So we have this candle touch right here at about 11.94, a false break over with this candlewick right here, two false breaks and then a selloff right, and we got ta bounce off of that specific level of support right here that lines up exactly with a 38.2 Percent retracement, which is picture perfect, i'm very, very, very, very satisfied with that and in the long game, which is what i do believe we're playing here. It may take quite some time for us to play out.

I don't know if it's gon na happen tomorrow. Two weeks from now a month from now two months from now six months now i don't know how long this is going to take, but i will tell you is that this is an unraveling ball. It is. I use this analogy.

One time on andrew mo money's live stream and i think it's a great example right. So we've got this huge freaking boulder right here, chilling on the top of a hill. I'm going to draw this out for you, we're over here to microsoft, whiteboard, i'm going to tell you exactly what i'm talking about we're going over here to microsoft. Whiteboard, i'm going to show you uh this big boulder, and that is what amc uh represents right now.

So you've got a huge amount of short interest that gets doubled down on over and over and over and over and over and over right, and it continues to grow. You've got more lenders that are making share. Availability to you know short shorter, such as the hedge funds right, so amc uh situation right now. This is what you got right: big, freaking hill.

This is a big hill and down here you've got the church of the hedgie, the hedgy church, and we we are trying to crush edgy down here right. You got a big boulder that would do the trick big freaking boulder down here on the top on the top of the hill, and you can call this hill, the the boulder on the hill amc right. Well, how are you going to get this down here again? How are you going to push this, this 10 000 pound freaking boulder? It's not just the boulder, it's a rock! How are you gon na push this boulder down the hill to crush the hedgie house with one person you're, not right this one, joe schmall? 110D? 110. He does not equal enough manpower to push this down the hill now keep in mind that this boulder, as it sits here it just keeps getting bigger.

Obviously, boulders don't grow. We're going to pretend that we're going to pretend that it does. This boulder is getting bigger because there's more short volume in this cup - that's probably plowing up on this and now instead of weighing 10 000 pounds, it weighs 12 000 and then 14 thousand and then sixteen thousand in the meantime, edgy's beefing up their house down here. Hedgie is saying all right, while this boulder's growing, we see some risk here, so we're gon na beef up we're gon na we're gon na build ourselves a little fence right.

We got a fence chilling right here. We're gon na we're gon na put a freaking uh. You know flamethrower up here, we'll see, try and try and keep this from from happening uh. This is very.

This is maybe childlike illustration, but the point being as this boulder continues to grow, the short volume continues to stack. You've got higher amounts of utilization available, meaning that utilization rate goes down in the short term may appear as if a short squeeze is not possible, but in the long term, what it's doing is just having shorts double down on their positions. Right um, this boulder grows. Bigger now, with the boulder growing, bigger you're gon na need more force to push this down the hill, so with one one, one tendi you're, not gon na, be able to make it happen now to get out of this metaphor per se, you'd probably need something like A bulldozer right, a bulldozer, would have enough manpower to push it down the hill and a bulldozer here is going to represent, i would say, uh the the amount of capacity it's going to take for the man power to push that boulder down the hill.

Now that means a lot of insane buying uh. You need to hold physical, tangible shears of amc in order to have the manpower to push this down the hill, because you've got two things that play into the price action right. You've got physical, tangible shears, so just holding amc which drives price action, either up or down depending on how much is bought or sold. Then you've got options which force more price action because of uh.

You know gamma, squeezing and delta hedging, which is essentially, if you have a strike price at 14 right strike price of 14 bucks and the price starts to approach that 14. It's getting close. This is at 13.50 right, you're gon na have the market makers now start to hedge, for it, anticipating you're gon na break that 14 mark, so they'll buy enough shares to match those 14 strike call options. However, however many it may be so that uh they have.

The shares in the money uh they you know if they needed to exercise that right uh for people who are trying to exercise call options right, so they can. They can send those out to the rightful owners. Well, that'll drive price action up as well as this right here now. This combination, these two wombo combo freaking cooking with crisco bob saget holy toledo uh.

You know what it is. This would drive that boulder down the hill right. That's what it's gon na take you're gon na need this. This slow combination, maybe won't even take one bulldozer.

Maybe it takes months of these guys trying to make it happen right. You you try with one bulldozer. They can't get this boulder down the hill. You try with another one.

They still can't get this boulder down the hill right, but nonetheless that doesn't mean that we don't stop trying. I think something. That's very very interesting. Is this idea of failing forward, and that doesn't necessarily mean that you need to fail forward in the sense of losing money with the situation, but what i would say it means is: you want to fail forward in the sense that it's okay, if we make mistakes Along the journey to this end goal, because no loss is realized until it is actually sold everything that we have right now, whether it's a loss or gain, is a paper loss, meaning that you haven't.

You haven't actually realized that profit yet right and that's okay along the journey, as we continue to get where we're going. We find new ways to drive price action, new ways to drive these call options right. I'll tell you to be honest with you two and a half months ago. I had no idea what delta hedging was.

I had no idea what a gamma squeeze was and now we know this stuff and we can continue to drive this price action and get where we need to go. We know there's market manipulation, right market manipulation having the sense of where you've got different clearinghouses hedge funds that are using different tactics, i'm not going to dig into that. I'm not going to dig into that which would apply to today's price action. In my opinion, uh very heavily assured stock today, we'll get into the numbers here in a little bit, but we will eventually dry this up.

They cannot do this forever and we know they can't because we've seen that we are making progress, keep a macroscopic perspective guys. We are making progress. Look at this. We went from five bucks up to 14.87 - that is almost a 200 percent increase, that's monumental off of nowhere near as much volume as when we had this massive push way back here, where we saw 1.2 billion in total volume.

In a single day, so that is, we are really doing good things guys and that retracement is picture perfect right, we're still continuing to have co-opters expire in the money every single week week over week over week, we have more people that are buying and holding than Ever before, right we're starting to really eat up that total float. We've got hedge funds out there longing on the stock that are holding the fourth down trying to get us where we need to go so the grand scheme picture here. What am i saying with this huge? You know grand scheme, uh, terrible, terrible, what's going on in terms of uh this, this boulder down the hill? Well, as i mentioned, you push this boulder down the hill. The boulder represents amc's short squeeze potential right and down this hill.

You're gon na have pit stops right. This would be uh, you know, maybe a gas station gg, and then you have to push the hill. You know push it down the hill again and then again and then, if we push this down a little further right again, there's going to be steps. It's going to take time, you're not going to get down this freaking huge, huge hill.

All in one go because there's going to be pit stops along the way, there's going to be obstacles along the way. If i just say where we are right now, we've gone through one one. Little section of the hill we've destroyed this gas station right now we got the boulder sitting here right again and we got ta refuel. Those bulldozers get them ready to push that boulder down to the next stop, which is the next pit stop down here right to direct that next house to make some more progress to put a little more of a ding in their penny bank right? And it's just gon na take time and that's what we saw happen back here.

If we look at this run up right, that's a good step in the right direction that four day stretch where we went from five dollars up to. You know a high of 11. that was a step in the right direction. Pulled back made another good step of progress up to almost 15 bucks and now we're starting the next step.

We're reloading the piggy bank reloading the bulldozer, getting ready to make that next move. So please please, please guys don't sweat these down days. I know that we dropped 10. We triggered that ssr, the short sale rule, which is frustrating right.

It's tough when you're in the heat of the moment, but don't get emotional about it. I really - and i don't mean that in a disrespectful way at all, i mean this if you want to play this a long game right, if you want to diamond hand, this thing for a while you're gon na have to keep yourself mentally centered mentally focused. This is not a game for people. This is.

This is not the stock for you. If you don't want to hold this for a long period of time without an end date, you need to be mentally edged, you need to be mentally focused. You need to be able to handle emotional swings up and down ride the dopamine highs and be able to control those valleys of the the freaking shadow realm of death right. We do have that ssr in place today, which means that we drop 10 below the previous day's close now.

What do i mean by that in case you're not familiar with the ssr? What that means is the the previous day we closed at 1393, the low of the day today was 11.76, and we that means that we had a low 10 percent lower or more than the previous day's close, which triggers that short sale rule now. This is actually really important, because what it does is it prevents shorts from from shorting on the downtick. They can't slap the ask they have to slap the bid, they have to need to meet a buyer which prevents tomorrow the ability for them to manipulate the stock. As much they're not going to put up those crazy, huge short walls that don't let us push through price action, so tomorrow will be a great opportunity to make some purchases.

If you are looking to do so, we got that beautiful, beautiful bounce off that level of support right here at about 11.60 and some change right. So that's monumental. We are making good progress guys and to further validate that. I want to show you some different information that i have pulled up for you in case you're interested in checking that out.

So i do have an amc. Entertainment pulled up right here on ortex and what is this telling us? The utilization rate is sitting at 88.37 percent now. What does this mean? This is saying that, out of all the available endable shares don't get this confused or short interest. That's not what this is out of all the available lendable shares 88 of them are being held.

Now this doesn't tell you if there's more available shares for lending. My hypothesis is that when we dropped from 100 down to 84, what happened is you had more available shears for lending and if you went from a number - let's say you know, 50 million total shares and all of a sudden, you spike that up to about 70 Million but the same amount of shares is being held, 50 million was being held the entire time right. What would that tell us is that the utilization rate went up if they are still holding the same amount of short shares. As you see right here, right, that's significant! That's a bit! These are just ballpark numbers right.

I know that it used to be around that 50 million mark uh based off of just true uh, tangible physical short shares, not considering the i will ftds the synthetics. The phantom shares all that sort of stuff, but that's my hypothesis, that utilization rate went up. We had more availability for short positions which, inevitably, in the end, is going to drive a further and stronger short squeeze when this does end up coming to fruition. Right so you've got that in there in our back pocket.

If you look at stonk o tracker for amc, you want to check this out anytime. You can you want you, can just google, this uh amc, dot, crazy, it'll tell you when that ssr is in place right, the trigger price is 1254.. We close at 49. We've got 1.6 million shares available to borrow with a 1.3 short borrow fee rate, meaning that an annual interest rate of 1.3 is what we're sitting at right now.

I do anticipate that that is going to go up over time. Eventually. As of right now, we have two thousand eight hundred thirty four call afters expiring in the money on march 26th at thirteen dollars, you have eleven thousand seven hundred. Eighty two call options that are expiring in the money, which would be the next benchmark that we wan na get over to have more call ups expiring, the money to further push a gamma squeeze potential for the stock to have more hedging delta hedging that is taking Place by those those major clearing, houses and you'll see that you'll see them.

Do it more as we get closer to that friday date right, you might not see that that hedging or them purchasing shares from the actual market uh. Tomorrow, wednesday thursday they're, probably gon na wait, they they may not it'll depend on how far it drives up like if you go from 13 bucks to 14 bucks. Well at that point, yeah it's definitely their best interest to do so, but uh. My hypothesis is, you won't see that hedging take place until later.

In the week 3.865 million total etf shares available. If you want to check that out, there's more info down here as well. Throughout the day, we did bounce around a little bit the lowest point from what i remember this morning was 450 000 total short shares available sitting at 1.6 million. As of now with that 1.3 borrow fee rate, i do anticipate that's gon na go back up.

So don't be tripped up by that, as i mentioned uh, we do have likely more utilization available, there's probably more short shares available for borrowing which puts less pressure in the short term on shorts to have to cover which is gon na drop. That short, borrow fee rate right, so that's significant and important to keep the back of your mind you're. Looking at the total short volume today, you had 24 25.4 million compared to green volume of 40.5 million in total. Now, if we were to add that up, i'm just going to do some quick, uh, quick, calculus physics, quantum physics baby, we got ta make sure that uh the gorilla gang is is rocking with that math, because i know i am bad at math and i don't Want to make you guys have to work honestly, the point of me crunching these numbers - it probably would have taken way less time if you guys have just done it 65.9 million.

So if you were to take the 25 4 divided by 65 9, that gives you a total of 38 of the total market volume today being red volume. So that is significant. That's a huge, huge, huge amount of short volume which does paint the picture right that that lines up extremely extremely well, but the price action that we saw take place today, you saw an immediate bam bam bam. Just getting hammered at market open right dropped from 13 bucks all the way down to 1176, which is terrible.

I mean that was it was hard to watch and i understand that, but we made the bounce back. We triggered that ssr. We made a good recovery in the after hours. We are down right right, 12, 15 cents, but nonetheless keep a microscopic picture.

This pullback is healthy in the grand scheme of things. It's not the end of the world and uh. That's where we're sitting at right now. In terms of current price action, the last piece that i want to give you guys this has got nothing to do with amc itself, but it is maybe a piece of motivation is that i am not leaving right.

I've seen a lot of people and there's rumors going around everywhere with weeble stock twits reddit discord whatever it may be saying that i have sold some or part of my position or all my position as you guys can see. I haven't sold any of my position as it hits right now. It's all there and it's not going anywhere until i think that this reaches the true potential that it can, or the data proves me that this is. This is not going to happen right.

I'm not going anywhere, i'm not freaking, leaving as the old guy would say, you know what it is, but i really want to double down guys on the fact that if this is a stock that you can't handle the ups and downs, the emotional swings. Please please please step away because i do live streams every single day and i try to provide you guys opportunities to make money in other places and that's totally okay, if you want to do that right, i'll help you, in the best way that i can and They're, a great community of investors on youtube that can do the exact same thing. There's a great community of investors anywhere that you want to look right. All you've got all the resources you would need where you can get away from me.

If you want to do that, um and there's no shame in that right, i'm going to continue to hold, because i think this is going to squeeze. But it's going to be a bumpy road with a lot of emotional ups and downs. So just keep that, in the back of your mind, stay level headed, stay the course, my friends, we are making great progress and don't be scared by the price action that we had today right. It happens.

We've seen this before, we'll see it again. This is not the beginning. This is not the end, and this is going to be a freaking heck of a journey. I'll, tell you what my favorite part of anything in life has always been the journey.

It's always been about the journey and not the end goal, and i am enjoying the journey for all the ups and downs that are being presented to me so guys that was uh. That was quite a bit of you know, kind of roundabout information. I didn't want to dig into any sort of dd today to be honest with you: it's been a freaking long day. I've had a lot of stuff going on with medical appointments and uh and, like i said i had that interview with dawes today, so a little uncentered, but i did want to provide you guys data nonetheless, and how i'm feeling about today's price action.

Give you a brief rundown on technical analysis. Last thing that i will mention is we have that 15, ms starting to hook in towards that 2 rdma, this blue trend line and the purple trendline, which typically indicates an upcoming decreasement of volatility? So if i take a stab at what sort of price action we're going to have tomorrow, i would say and venture to guess that you're going to see a little bit of consolidation or a slow, bleed or a slow gain. I don't think it's gon na be an outstandingly crazy day unless we've got the volume to follow through with it, in which case, maybe i could be incorrect, but this based on the indicators that is typically what you see uh. Consequently, for this uh this setup that we have right now on the charts so um, that's what i've got for you guys today.

If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like if it doesn't support the channel and consider subscribing, please see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for the desktop great platform. It allows you to start training at 4am the pre-market.

If you use my link, you get two free stocks with 100 deposit i'll, receive a free stock, great support on the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested that it's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. I also have a link to the merch store if you want to check that out. It is in the description box pick yourself up a hoodie, a t-shirt, some mugs, a sticker whatever it may be, and then also a link to my personal discord, pay uh.

Five bucks a month for the patreon super cheap, keep it cheap for all the apes out there that freaking guru the gang that wants the rook rook rock with the freaking apes in the nation. Uh we've got a long-term, investing tax information swing trading day trading, scalping a lot of smart people in there. If you want to hop in there and be a part of the community is 100 available to you. That is, i have for you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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