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Well, that's pretty that's pretty decent huh! It ain't bad! Look at that 4.12 green day. Fourth, straight green day in a row baby green day: let's go what is up everybody going to trace trades, we freaking talk fast and don't skip class. I'm going to purpose by saying i'm going to find your advisor or expert so think what i say with some lemon peppa. Please, let's get into this video! So today, my friends, my family, my fellow girl, again we're going to have an update on ticker symbol.

Amc here and it's been a freaking beautiful ride in my previous video, i talked about sort of a trend. Continuation and a beautiful sort of this is the first time in a minute. We've had not choppy price action. We could see it some sort of trend starting to play out on the stock similar to when we have that 1450 test and break to bring us the momentum to 77 on amc.

This is actually a really beautiful thing, because trend is predictable, you can predict trend, and this is a clear-cut, picture-perfect trend that allows us to see the bullishness and that buyers are starting to step back into the stock. So we're gon na go over the vortex data, which is essentially the short interest overall in the overall stock right and then we're gon na go over the short sale volume percentage ratio. It shows you the amount of shore that is going into the stock in terms of relative volume, and i want to show you the institutional ownership, because that has been a pretty fascinating piece. I think it's a good reminder to see that there are some big whales out there buying this thing in the 30s uh and then finish off with technical analysis, so without further ado baby, let's get into this freaking video north texas data.

What do we have cooking up 17.93. Current short interest of free flow, which comes out to 91.68 million shares, relatively speaking, shares on loans, 109 million, which comes out to 21.48. This is based on the finra report that recently came out, giving you an idea of how many shorts are actually in the stock compared to the estimate that ortex has given out. I've said this a million times right the shares on loan and the short interest.

Whenever that gap gets larger, you can expect that the short interest is likely higher than is being projected, because these are based on algorithms, and we know the amount of shortening taking place in amc stock is extremely freaking high, so you've got currently like i said: 17.93 Small pullback - and i think this is an important thing to be able to mention, as well as the average days on loan who was actually covering quote unquote. You know some of the stock today 4.74 million shares, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. It was some of the newer short positions right. It was, i would argue, some of the more intelligent shorts and not these people who bought it up here in the uh, the 50s 60s, whatever who could be giving back their profits and getting clothes out of the stock like a bunch of silly chickens, see look At the average days on loan right 44 days total you look back 44 days ago, that's in the 50s and 60s.

These guys established short positions, some of these newer ones in the 50s and 60s. Well, if this you know the days on loan went up, but the short interest went down. It's pretty likely that whatever shorts covered positions today were net negative right, they lost money. Maybe they started shorting it at uh freaking.

I don't know. Let's look at the chart. 28 bucks - maybe they started at 30. Maybe they started 31 32 and you can see that it's starting to creep up it's at 37, which means some of these guys may be lost freaking.

I don't know 20 30. 40. Their overall short position didn't want to risk a margin, call, that's probably what you got rocking in terms of clientele. So a lot of these big boys.

The people have been in this for a long time that people who are really truly betting against you, they haven't done nothing and in the grand scheme of things 4.74 million share. Difference is nothing it's absolutely nothing. You have monstrous short interest. 85 percent of the exchange reported data is what ortex gives us.

That's. 17.93 utilization is also at 91.7, seven percent. You can think of this, essentially, as how many shares on loan are actually out on loan comparatively to the entire pie right. So if you've got 91.77 million or percent that comes out to 109 million total, so pretty pretty decently high did pull back here a little bit and we'll be able to show you that here, with the line, graph utilization has dropped down from a maximum value of 94 94.51 down to about 91.77, which is why you see that cost to borrow has gone down just a little bit to about three point: nine six percent maximum yesterday wasn't that ten percent plus range, but that's because utilization was a little bit higher.

It's about scarcity! Supply versus demand, how risky is it to hold that short position? How risky is it to hold the share on loan? The higher utilization goes, the more you can anticipate, there's pressure, building on the short positions, but remember the overall trend you see. The trend is going up. Right. Utilization was at 80 83 back here on uh what appears to be july 21st.

So it's gone up significantly right. You got ta. Look at the overall trend, the macroscopic picture, not the microscopic picture on amc stock on any given day. Short-Tail volume percentage ratio - this shows us yesterday's overall short volume comparatively and relatively to the overall amc market volume that ended up rocking on the day you see the 50 of that was shorted volume, 34 million shares and, i think, an interesting trend.

I want to show you this is what you have rocking at market open the last four days market over the last four days. You've seen this test in, in which you have either sellers or shorters, that try to push the stock price down, write a market open and it's rejected by buyers that step back into the stock. Remember half of the volume on amc yesterday was shorted volume. If you look at the overall price action, i mean, let's just pull up the daily candles.

We had a freaking solid day. I mean it ended up being green 6.6, despite the fact that there was such an imbalance in terms of long positions versus short positions being established in the stock. That's something to be proud of. That means that a lot of apes out there are slapping the ask they're they're, hitting those high those high overall ask prices and trying to push the stock price up, which is cool, and it's being projected in the overall technical analysis and in the chart.

Psychology that you're watching on every single given day, so that's a good thing to remember. I also want to show you, lastly, the amc, institutional ownership, because this is an important aspect that i think is kind of not talked about a whole lot, and this is uh. 31.35 percent or 157 million total institutional shares that are being held by the big whales out there right. This is coming from a 13 uh, mostly 13f.

You can see this down here. 13 ds, 13 a's. You've got some 13 f's, essentially just a financial statement that says: hey we've established a position or we've sold a position in this overall stock. You've got a lot of people who have recently filed new positions in amc.

You've got august 17th, which is today the 16th. A lot of 13 f's have come out right. You look back on the look at all these on the 16th man, i mean it's crazy. You've got some people who are buying massive amounts.

I mean 1.82 million shares at 33.44. You've got 110 000 here. You've got 250 000 here, 4.1 million here at 33.45, so a lot of big whales are buying at this 33 level, which to me, is another affirmation and confirmation that this is pretty likely near the end of its bear cycle and approaching its next bull cycle. Right.

Follow money follow money, it's important to see where money moves and money is moving at amc. A lot of money is moving into amc, so we're gon na finish this off with a technical analysis and give you a rundown of what is happening here. What you could potentially look at leading into tomorrow, i always tell you guys when i think i'm right when i'm wrong. I think this is one of the opportunities in which things did end up panning out the way that i thought they would, which is cool right.

It has this upside level of support that is respected. It has more than one test on this one, two, three four five different times, but it's tested this upside level of support and has rejected off of that level. That is a trend. That is something that is predictable.

That shows us that buyers are stepping in at a significant level to push the stock price back up, which i like to see now. What did you end up seeing today? This is by the textbook, a bull trap, setup, which means that you typically would see a microscopic. You know, at least on the hourly time frame, sort of pull back since it rejected off of that overall, 38. 74 level.

Now, what i would call this is somewhat of a false breakout, but, what's encouraging is that after it got a false breakout over that 37 level of uh resistance, 37.50 ish zone, it rebounded very nicely. It didn't even come back down to retest that upside level of support. It hung on beautifully, and it's actually trying to retest that here in the after hours, right now down just barely at .13 percent in the after hours down red 37-16. Close on the day, guys is really freaking solid, so leading into tomorrow.

What could you possibly expect? I think, just based on this overall trend that you have playing out right now, you're very likely going to see it continue until it gets this break over 37. So you can think of this essentially as a spring loading. This is a wedge formation in which, if you get a break over that 37 level of resistance, you're pretty likely going to zoom right past that into that 40 zone, where you've got that next overall level of resistance, then each psychological, five dollar barrier after that is The zone to watch for just based on the way that trend has played out in the past with amc stock. So what do you think will happen right? I think it's gon na play out pretty much the exact same as it did today.

You're gon na have a test of this upside level of support. It's happened five days in a row, one two, three four five times: it's done this, where it'll try to get pushed down immediately at market open buddy. You are just going crazy this this evening you got ta calm down buddy. What are you doing you silly goose, you silly freaking chicken, but anyways.

I think we're gon na get a re-test work. Shorts are gon na try to push the price back down immediate market open and then it's probably gon na get that nice bounce similar to what we've seen here in the past on this uh re-test of that 37 level of resistance. That's the bold case scenario worst case scenario is: if it tests this upside level of support a sixth time and rejects, in which case you're, trying to see some sort of bounce off of this signified level of support down here at about 33. Do i find that likely it's less likely by far by far more short-term bullish on the stock in the next one, two three days, then bearish, you better believe it i'll always come out straight i'll, say it.

I've done it a million times, but i think in the short term the stock might go down a little bit. I'll tell you. I think you had some some pretty bright days ahead of you right. I think uh.

I think you're gon na see this break. That 37 level of resistance in the near future in the next one, two three days, which will bring us to those next round barriers getting closer and closer and closer day by day, microscopically to the macroscopic goal, which is the growth of the apes, the making of Them and pep attendees the attendance of chicken church, the drinking of kraken kingdom and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. I don't spill drop it like this you're gon na remember catch you on the next one light zaps. Oh, i don't like clap, oh, that was kind of a hard tap that was weird all right whatever, but we give it a shot catch on the next one, much love and peace.


By Trey

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    Are the APE's still in control of the retail shares – YES!

    Does the Amount of Counterfeit shares number in the millions, billions or trillions? YES!
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